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1969 Ford Good Humor Ice Cream Truck

A hot summer’s day only gets better after the distant tunes of an ice cream truck become apparent. We scrambled for money and rode on our bikes to catch and purchase a cool delightful treat. Well with this 1969 Ford, you can be the ice cream man that brings that happiness to the masses. With a clean and crisp appearance, this Good Humor truck is ready to roll and dispense tasty treats. Offered for a whopping $65,000, the seller does mention that this is one of a few classic vehicles that generate income. Check out this sweet classic here on eBay out of Madison, Connecticut.

Although not quite as tidy as the exterior, the engine compartment could stand some detailing and general cleaning up. It appears that there is some grey primer over-spray on the inner fenders, as well as on the radiator and radiator support. The engine looks untouched and as it left the factory minus the air cleaner and a few other minor details. The brake lines look to have been troublesome at some point as one line out of the master cylinder has 2 flair connections not even 3” apart. Also, some of the wiring looks a bit sub-par, as there appears to be a few butt splices in the yellow wiring on the driver inner fender. Granted all of this could be tidied up and improved upon.

Basic and to the point, the diamond plate interior is clean, but the steering wheel sure could stand a good scrubbing. The seat looks to be in fair shape, as does the gauge cluster.

White seems to be a never-ending battle against dirt, but this ice cream truck is quite clean. All of the Good Humor signage is clean and clear with no visible damage. There is no visible rust on this Ford and the only appearance issue I see is the rear end of this truck. I am assuming dust and dirt has collected where condensation occurs on this truck. Also, some of the hardware may be starting to rust, to which I would immediately fix that issue. Once that was cleared up, you would be everyone’s best friend at the classic car shows and swap meets! Would you moonlight as a swap meet ice cream man?


  1. Avatar photo Vance

    Who amongst us would love driving this and selling ice cream if only for a week? I wouldn’t want to do this for a living but it would be fun for a week. I think of of Eddie Murphy in Delirious every time I see an icream truck. Kids chasing the truck, making them run a little farther. It would be pretty cool.

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  2. Avatar photo rustylink

    I’m thinking Cheech is the owner if he’s asking $65 Large.

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  3. Avatar photo Keith

    What in the world would one do with this truck and for 65k?! Must be a seller posting a midnight posting while smoking herbs in one of those states that legalizing recreational herb toking I mean smoking.

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  4. Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

    Yea Rusty 65 large is a lot of Bomb Pops and popsicles! I have seen some nice ones here for a Heck of a lot less, some 10k or less in good shape. Good luck to this guy looking for that kind of coin.



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  5. Avatar photo Ikey Heyman

    I tried to talk my wife into the concept of buying an ice cream truck – it didn’t go well.

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  6. Avatar photo Miguel

    Maybe the whole Good Humor company comes with the truck.

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  7. Avatar photo Jimmy

    I could see taking it to car shows and selling ice cream but not for that much $$$, it would take quite a few years of car shows to get your investment back.

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  8. Avatar photo Lroy

    Where I used to waste time on hot summer afternoons, the ice cream truck sold beer and pot, along with the typical ice cream treats What could someone do with this time machine?

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  9. Avatar photo John C

    When I was five yrs old living in Los Angles. My mom gave me $1 for my birthday.

    The only thing that made my heart skip a beat as much as Good Humor truck was the Helms Bakery truck. When I heard the GH Jingle, I yelled, “mom, mom, I need a quarter of my dollar.”

    Then I heard the whistle of the Helms Bakery truck. “Mom, mom, I need quarter of my dollar.”

    Then the kids were all going to the little local store for chocolate Life Savers(yes they had them). “Mom, mom I need a quarter of my dollar.”

    “Mom, mom, I need a quarter” she stopped me right there and said, “how many times you going to spend this dollar?” Parental advice that never left me.
    She had made her point to a five yr old.

    Well it seems that price is based on demand, product and rareity. So $65,000 which sounds high may not be as crazy as it sounds. But granted does seems high, but very few are for sale as well as Helms Trucks.

    But last I checked Helms Trucks were a bit cheaper and a bit more plentiful.

    The question is how much are your memories worth?

    The condition of truck seems overall decent. But seriously like all vehicles on BF you need to closely inspect, to avoid nightmares.

    Would I like to have it? Oh yea. But I’d be all in at $25,000.

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    • Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

      That sounds closer to doable. Looking at that truck just makes me smile. Once the generation that chased these trucks passes to the ice cream truck in the sky, the only memories people will have of ice cream trucks will be the old GMC van with hand painted graphics driven by a shifty eyed, vaguely foreign looking man with days old beard growth with a strange sounding buzzer and not a bell.

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      • Avatar photo r s

        Ice cream trucks… home delivery milkmen… pay telephones… portable stereos & walkmans…candy cigarettes…

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  10. Avatar photo whmracer99

    There was a concourse style restoration that sold at Barrett-Jackson for $100K but there were also trucks in similar condition to this one that sold at B-J for less than half of that. Assume that the engine compartment is an indicator of what else lies underneath the pretty exterior so $65K seems like a reach but you won’t get it unless you ask. The market will tell him if his asking price is right or wrong.

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  11. Avatar photo GearHead Engineer

    Pretty sure this same truck has been on the local CL for years. I don’t remember the price being that outrageous but I haven’t been interested enough to pay much attention. Looks like a rather poor amateur restoration that needs a lot to be truly nice.

    I like old trucks, and I love ice cream. But I have no use for an old ice cream truck. Not even for 1/10 of this ridiculous asking price.

    – John

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  12. Avatar photo 71NovaGuy

    There was one of these on the show field at the Hershey AACA Fall Meet for a few years selling Good Humor ice cream. A constant line of 7-10 people deep all afternoon paid $3.50 a piece for their favorite treat. The smile on my Dad’s face when he bit into his almond crunch bar was priceless…

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  13. Avatar photo Ben T. Spanner

    I must have grown up in a poor neighborhood. How poor? Ice cream was sold from foot powered tricycles with front mounted insulated boxes. They were single speed and built for durability. They mostly stayed in the city park system which was the flattest land around.

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    • Avatar photo r s

      Wally Cleaver got a job doing that same thing on Leave It To Beaver, from about 1960.

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  14. Avatar photo James Martin

    Hey ladies I’ve got the big stick. Look out what this guy is smoking it will turn you into a lizzard

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  15. Avatar photo Comet

    I think this truck was showcased on “Chasing classic cars”. I also think that show is shot in Connecticut.

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  16. Avatar photo Robert White

    Back in Toronto in & around 1968 North York I witnessed The Good Humor truck hit a neighbourhood kid running across the street corner to catch the truck before it had a chance to stop. Ergo, the Good Humor Ice Cream truck was banished from the neighbourhood forever more.

    I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the Good Humor Company went bankrupt due to lawsuits over all the kids they ran over back in the day.


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    • Avatar photo r s

      It’s actually a surprising story. The most trucks they ever had in their fleet was 2000 and that was in the 1950’s. By the early 70’s they had only 1200 trucks. Labor unions and the price of gas drove up their expenses and they got out of the street-truck business 40 years ago and just became a distributor to stores etc. The company at one point did try out swing-arm stop signs like school buses have (to improve safety for the kids) but they have never been bankrupt and today are owned by UniLever brands.

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  17. Avatar photo David Miraglia

    We had good humor trucks just like this one in Brooklyn in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Always got my Chocolate Eclair bar from a truck like this.
    Brings back memories.

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  18. Avatar photo zackman

    Back in ’62, 63, in Detroit (or rather Farmington, MI.) saw these trucks every day (probably late 50’s, early ’60’s models). Chocolate eclairs, drumsticks, Dreamsicles, Pushups…. I can taste em’ now. I’ve always thought what fun it would be to own one….. but at this price I think the memory will do just fine…..

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  19. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    Just like the ice cream, the price is a dream. Ended: Dec 01, 2018 , 3:36PM
    Starting bid:US $65,000.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 0 bids ]

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