1969 Ford Thunderbird: Cheap Driver?

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Larry H spotted this one family 1969 Thunderbird on eBay. The owner says it sat in a barn after their great aunt passed, then was revived by a second cousin and given to the seller’s mother who never drove it. It then made it’s way into the seller’s hands, but now they are moving and can’t bring it with. The odometer shows just 69,000 miles. The sale includes all service records, so perhaps this could be verified. It runs great but it has minor rust and a list of things that don’t work: A/C, rear windows, windshield wipers, radio, and the clock. There are the usual nicks and scratches in the paint and it’s had a (cheap?) repaint at some point according to the overspray. The interior looks great, though, doesn’t it? It’s located in Tucker, Georgia and listed here on eBay with bidding at $3,500. If it’s as good as it looks, this could be a cheap driver and with that 429 and 360 HP it might even be fun to drive. There are lots of go fast bits that could encourage it along even better, perhaps some suspension parts or better brakes to make it drive and stop better, and some sportier looking wheels… What do you think?

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  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Shame – a lot of tanks got the El cheapo resprays – pity no one bothered paying for a detail instead

  2. randy

    Come a little closer………… I really like these cars, I had a 4dr that got sold too soon and too cheap. The 429 runs well esp with an RV cam in it. The blinkers are sequential like the cougars and Shelby’s. The headlight doors on mine did not stay shut so I propped them shut with R-12 cans, perfect fit. When it got dark I just pulled them out, and they hid behind the headlights. I like how the rear seat on the 2 dr wraps around like a couch.

  3. Kenzo

    I’d rather have the 49/50 Ford in the back ground or the 57 Ford on the street, or the Chevy P/U behind it.
    I wonder who Louise is?
    All in all could be a fun cruiser if a person could afford the fuel bill.

  4. pontiactivist

    I like these and this one would be a nice driver. No clue what the value of these are but if you consider driving it as part of the value I think this could be a decent deal. Would want to do a personal inspection though. Where there is overspray there is most likely something hidden under the paint. Accident damage, Ohio rust, Florida rust, parking lot damage? Who knows. But usually there is some reason to repaint a car other than to just shine it up again. I’ve been painting for over 25 years and I have seen very few completely repainted that didn’t need something prior to paint.

  5. don

    the whole story sounds fake, the car is clearly on a car lot. good price thou, not sure about the bench seat.

    • randy

      I was going to mention the bench seat as well, but forgot. My 4 door had leather buckets with elctronic adjustments on them.

  6. justin

    These cars are great! There are not too many left as the owners would literately drive the wheels off of them. Nice to see one that has survived!

  7. ben

    I agree with Justin. My Aunt had one that was Red with black interior. The body lines are so elegant with the comforts of home. It floated down the road as if on a cloud and was gorgeous doing it! Too bad that these cars get passed by when a nice one like this as they are great performers with the 429 engine.

  8. don

    someone got a good buy for 3600 bucks.

  9. krash

    always loved the looks….

    a neighbor had one (new) back in late 60’s… I used to deliver newspapers after school and would always stop to take a peak at what this family had sitting in their driveway…a mid 60’s Riviera, the T-Bird two door, a 60’s Corvette…all in the same deep green color..but I was drawn to the T Bird….mainly for its interior…very cool…

    Lousy customers….always had to chase them for my weekly payment….
    The woman would come to the door on “collection day” and give me the third degree instead of just forking over the dough…I’d be looking at the high end furnishings and the Steinway Grand Piano directly behind her, yet she’d grind me over @$1.00. for six days of newspapers (plus delivery) Then she take her sweet time retrieving the money from her purse. Wrestling that dollar from her bejeweled paw was like trying to take a pint of blood out of a vampires hands…

    Despised the owner, but loved that car…

    Like 1
  10. George Morrison

    Looking at those headlights it appears to have some ground issues, probably what’s going on with the other things that don’t work…. nice car though I wouldn’t mind having it

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