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1969 Maserati Ghibli Project


Restoring any car can be a time consuming and expensive venture, hence the reason there are so many unfinished projects on the market. The previous owner of this 1969 Maserati Ghibli had it for over 30 years and at some point decided to have it restored. Before the project was started, they changed their mind and undertake the task themselves. It has yet to be completed, but includes most of the parts needed to finish the job. Find it here on eBay where bidding starts at $10k.


The interior has been stripped and the floors look to be in good condition. A new professionally crafted tan leather interior comes with the car and just needs to be installed. The dash will need work before the rest of the interior can go back in though.


The engine was pulled from the car for a rebuild, but was never finished. Most of the parts may be included, but putting this 4.7 liter V8 back together is going to take some major work. You had better have a good service manual or previous experience with Maser mechanicals.


Taking on this Italian project is going to take considerable time and money, but hopefully there aren’t any surprises that could make finishing it too costly. There were only 1,150 of these built, so with any luck, someone will save it.


  1. Horse Radish

    I think you were on to it in your description.
    With only 1,150 made and this being handed over in buckets and boxes YOU can be ASURE to get some surprises..
    At this point you would need more than books. You would need a rusty parts car or a flood victim car just as a template.
    Given all that and a seemingly dry car, what else could possibly go wrong ?
    Nothing a ‘little’ money couldn’t fix, right ?

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  2. scot

    ~ in my vision this is Giugiaro’s transcendent icon. the opportunity won’t come around again soon.

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  3. Bill

    Another lazy restoration project. Most of them end after disassembly like this one did.

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  4. jim

    a lot of other unfinished projects in the background in some of the pictures. plus same seller as a E type up on ebay also. a nice find if you need parts for another project.

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  5. haig haleblian

    I was very interested until….Looks to be a slush box! I owned one of these 30 years ago. Great car, made all the right noises at full click and as gorgeous as Sophia Loren. But as an automatic I’ll move on.

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  6. cardog

    If you are going to go this far and restore it source the parts and change it over to a manual.It’s not like you are starting with a gorgeous fresh new example.

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  7. cardog

    Ps. I wonder about the Fulvia in the background?

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  8. RogueInLA


    Ditto what cardog said, I’m not familiar with these tho, would it be a major PITA to find a manual and adapt the car to it, or does modifying it ruin any future value? (even if you save the pieces to put it back)

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    • scot

      ~ complicated question @ Rogue !!!
      without PPI i’d never advocate selling off the original parts.
      but i bet i’m not the only dreamer who would imagine C-7(/8?) underpinnings below the Ghibli silhouette. yes or no?
      . and besides;
      “The V8-powered Ghibli debuted at the 1966 Turin Motor Show and proved to be the most popular Maserati vehicle since the automaker withdrew from racing in the 1950s, outselling its two biggest rivals, the Ferrari Daytona and the Lamborghini Miura.”
      ~ sez wiki .
      !sezwiki! -!
      bringing this car back from the brink or pushing it over? HMMM..
      damn, show the complete story, k?. every . stinking . photo .

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  9. Brent

    The ad states:

    “This particular example is partially disassembled but is a mostly complete car.”

    And then goes on to state:

    ” Feel free to inquire with us about completing the restoration in our shop if interested, as we recently completed another and have many hard to find parts in storage.”

    Gee, I wonder where those “hard to find parts” actually came from? Sounds like a hostage taking in the making.

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  10. twwokc

    Take a deep breath and jump in. Your time and money will be worth it in the long run.

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  11. Dolphin Member

    Lots of time/effort/money needed for this one. I don’t like the look of the underside of that rear quarter, the one with all the overspray. Bring a magnet and a probe when you examine that area. The engine was totally torn down but not reassembled….Why? Not a good sign. The auto transmission is not going to be a plus for most prospective owners. The nicely redone interior is nice, but redoing the leather would not have been my first priority. Knowing that the rest of the car can be saved at a cost that’s less than the car’s value when finished would have been important to know before diving into this.

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