1969 Pontiac GTO For $1,700!

1969 GTO Project

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Sounds exciting doesn’t it? The price tag may make this GTO tempting, but this isn’t a project for the average Joe. This one was left at the seller’s shop so it includes a mechanics lien title and not much else. Just about everything is missing except for the body. Even it isn’t all there. Someone with a lot of ambition and perhaps a big parts stash might be able to bring it back to life though. It’s located in Massapequa, New York and is listed here on eBay for $1,700. Do you think there’s still hope for this old goat?

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  1. Rick

    This GTO is in rough shape for sure and because it was abandoned at a auto reair nshop It may definitely have a lean title, but I’m pretty sure you mean it comes with a mechanic’s LIEN title

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    • Van

      Is it possible to track down the original title?
      I would think if you check with the correct state it should be listed through the DMV?

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    • Jesse JesseAuthor

      Yes Rick, LIEN title. It was late when I wrote this. Thanks for catching that!

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  2. Paul R

    Buy it right, add a glass front and put it on the drag strip.
    Many cars too rough for a street restore have been saved as drag cars.

    My Daughter and I put a rust bucket 70 Z-28 on the track. Bought the car when she was 16, we built it with an old school solid roller 355 small block 12.5 to 1 , a glide and 9 inch ford rear with 5.13 gears.
    She is 20 years old now, sets the valve lash herself, and running a deadly reaction time running 6:40’s in the 1/8th mile on a 10 inch tire and wanting to go faster! I see an altered in her future, all 115 pounds of her.

    Never give up,, not all kids are just racing on X-Box or other video games and she has a true appreciation for old cars, unlike her brothers do.

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    • grant

      Paul, that is hella cool!, as we said back in the day. I would think that a certain amount of rust repair was still needed, just for safety’s sake.

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  3. Paul R

    It has a certified cage and frame connectors, about 2 gallons of bondo in the body. Needs about 5 more gallons to make it look good! Told daughter the more rust and bondo, the lighter and faster the car is.
    It’s neat to see any young person in this day and time that knows old cars, and can tell the difference between a 67, 68 and 69 Camaro, or any other old muscle car.

    The drag strip does keep many of old cars somewhat original not capable of street use anymore alive for people to see….

    Females, or at least my daughter make great drag racers. Oil pressure and RPM’s is all she has been taught to worry about.
    Her 60 foot times are incredible. She can row the gears on a 4 speed car also, makes dad proud!

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  4. JW

    I agree if say you have a rust bucket or smashed up Tempest / Lemans / GTO laying around swap out what you need to this car and go racing.

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  5. piper62j

    Is there a crusher nearby? Send this one.. Parts car at best..

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    • TomMember


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  6. Mr. Bond

    Being a little naive about titling, isn’t it possible to have the lien lifted and get clear title?

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  7. Mark S

    I can see where that front frame section and all the steering, suspension and engine mounting points would be worth saving to fit into a restomod. Helps you keep the older stuff looking stock on the outside while being modernized mechanically. This was a common practice in the 70’s and 80’s when making hot rods out of pre ww2 cars. They were fantastic, everything just bolted up from the tail shaft housing on the trans right up to the rad support. Many Nova’s and Ventura’s were sacrificed to this cause. You could unbolt the subsection front off a Nova, strip off the fenders, grille and bumper and weld it into a vintage car. If I had this GTO that is what I’d do and scrape the rest except for maybe that rear axle assemble. There would be no concern about total after that either. This actually a good find. To bad it’s not north of the 49th.

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