1969 Super Cobra Jet Find!


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Super Cobra Jet. Three words that will excite any follower of the blue oval! This 1969 Ford Mustang has been fully documented as a original Mach 1 “R code” 428 Super Cobra Jet car and comes complete with a Marti report. Thanks to reader Chris S. who turned us on to this great find! Ironically for Chevy fans, it’s located in Bel Air, Maryland and is listed for auction here on eBay. There’s a buy-it-now price as well. You’d better hurry, because there are only two days left as I write!


Someone has already gone through a lot of trouble to acquire most of the unique parts to this rare Mustang. The only items that included but not absolutely correct are the transmission, which is a C6 rather than the special SCJ transmission, and while the engine is a SCJ, it is not the original numbers matching engine.


While not being perfect by any means, the body shell is much more solid than a lot of 69-70’s I’ve seen on the market lately, and since you can get a brand new complete body shell, it won’t be hard to fix anything that needs fixing. And if you gasped at the price when you clicked on that link, you’ve never had major rust replacement done by a professional restoration shop. I don’t think this high-powered pony needs a reshell, though.


As you can see from this shot, you will need to do some floor work, but nothing that is tremendously difficult. I worry when a car is partially stripped like this that fasteners and small parts get lost–it would be worth inquiring to the seller if you are serious about purchasing how they have stored small components.


Even the vulnerable parts under here don’t look too bad. I’d want to blast them to make sure, and some localized repair might be needed. Mustang experts, please chime in here!


I’m assuming these pictures were taken long before the one above. The interior isn’t too bad, actually, although the one small crack on the passenger side of the dash is a shame! I’m guessing, though, that most folks that would buy this car would want to restore it properly, and to get the level of finish you’d want, that would require replacing a lot. To me, that’s a shame, because as the saying goes, they are only original once.


Here’s the engine at the heart of the car. Again, there’s a little confusion here as in another picture, the seller shows bare pistons and connecting rods. Is the engine put back together already? It would be nice to have some clarity, especially at the dollar figures we are talking about for a find like this. Who knows, maybe the seller is a Barn Finds reader and can enlighten us? Or if you have any information, please add it in the comments.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Bob's your uncle

    21,500 Buy It Now for that? More like Buy It Never. It’s not a good sign that the first word that came to mind after looking at the photos was “crunchy”.

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  2. Van

    There are so many special option mustangs you need a play book.
    On Barrett Jackson a mirror in the glove box is worth 10 grand.
    The only one in green with ashtray delete ooh baby I’ll pay one hundred grand for that.
    I like mustangs but 69 and 70 must be boss 429 or 302 or keep it to yourself. Just think of a dog rolling over and adding that special aroma and that will be my comment.

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  3. Bill

    I don’t care what it is. Without the original motor, it’s a parts car.

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    • Trey

      Of course not! That engine code in the VIN means nothing!

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      A parts car??? I don’t think so. Would you part out a COPO Camaro or a hemi Cuda because the original engine was missing? A car of this rarity would have to be a major wreck or rust bucket to be parted out. And even then the VIN would live on.

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    • Keith

      Seriously? Wow…..that’s narrow.

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  4. Rancho Bella

    14″ wheels………..gobs of weight up front to make it plow. Overrated

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  5. piper62j

    Oh Baby!! Oh Baby!!.. Wait a minute.. $21,500??? Non matching #’s?? Needing 15k – 20k worth of work???
    I’ll pass..
    I had one of these.. 69 427 CJ… Should have kept it.. Sold it to some twinkie in Bridgwater MA and he wrecked it..

    Nice find.. Nice car.. Bad price.

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      Piper I hope that is just a typo on your part with the 427 CJ and you actually meant 428 CJ. Ford did offer a 427 engine, actually 2 different ones, but neither one was called a CJ. 1968 was the last year that Ford put a 427 in any car from the factory, and that was only available in a Mercury Cougar.

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  6. JW

    Would be a hell of a car when finished BUT to high on the BIN price, it will take more than that to get it restored. I love the 69/70 Stangs but not for that money & work PASS !!!

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  7. Ty

    looking at the original floor color appears to be a original candy-apple red car. in the area it is located I am sure it will need some unseen rust repair but appears to be worth saving. Original numbers are important but overrated, we would be absolutely shocked if we really knew how many re-stamps were out there. Having the correct parts and date codes is very important for resale value. Yes the price of restorable cars are generally to high compared to their already restored brethren but I’ve seen many so called fully restored cars that needed redone. It really depends on if you want to pay for someone else’s labor or if you choose to do it yourself. You generally will not save money in the long run by restoring the car yourself but sometimes money alone is not the motivation. Bringing something of historical value that you cherish back to life can be rewarding.

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    • Jerry Clopton

      I have the original c-6 R code transmission for this car , it’s all original and never been rebuilt , it’s got cherry red fluid and I’m sure it works perfect , it was also a barn find .I would be interested in selling it

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  8. racer99

    At 75 views per hour the price is going to go up — but how high is the question. As mentioned above, Barrett-Jackson insanity can blow some of these prices way above what they reasonably should be.

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  9. Steve

    Why would anyone paint an original red car white???

    Im not a Mustang expert, but his BIN price seems too high for such a project which is not Numbers matching…

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    • Keith

      That’s a good question Steve. I’m currently working on a 67 which was originally Candy Apple Red with RED interior. Someone switched ALL of it over to black at some point, and I thought how weird my car must have originally looked in Candy Apple Red with Red interior.

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  10. William Mayer

    My Grandfather and I have been looking for one of these for a bit. He sold his and regretted it. I’m not very knowledgable about them but the Marti report says it came with a C6 tranny. I know that the tranny and engine aren’t original but they seem era correct. How much does that hurt the value if everything else about the car is sorted?

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      The SCJ C6 is different from a regular C6. How much does not having the original engine and trans hurt the value? I think that would really depend upon the perspective buyer. To the buyer who is looking for an all original numbers matching car it will matter a lot. To other buyers it may not mean so much.

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      • William Mayer

        Thanks CATHOUSE! kinda of a dumb question, I know. How hard would it be to find a SCJ C6 tranny and what do you think the price cap would be for it?

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      • CATHOUSE

        I am not super up on all the differences. As I recall most of them are internal. Visible from the outside would be the different letter on the servo and a cast iron tailshaft. I am not real up the current value of these parts as I rarely deal with hipo parts. The parts are out there though, just do a search on ebay and you will see what they are going for. Anyone else who can add to this please feel free to do so. And correct me if needed.

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  11. Jeff

    Factory red SCJ R-code Mach… I think it will bring the BIN personally.

    Non 4-speed might hurt it a bit, the NOM motor doesn’t bother me as a long time Mustang owner since it has the original type motor and correct SCJ parts with it.

    There just aren’t cars like this available in project form often these days. Twenty years ago they were plentiful in this condition but not anymore.

    I’d consider it if I was in the market.

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  12. Rocco

    I think the 428CJ came with bolt and nut connecting rods(as pictured in ad), and the 428SCJ came with cap-screw connecting rods. I think this is a 428CJ motor, or police interceptor motor.

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  13. piper62j

    You’re right Cathouse.. Working on cars most of my life has left my hands and fingers senseless.. Must have fat fingered the 7 vs the 8.. And of course, scim reading does not match proof reading..
    Thanks for the info..

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    • Van

      “Senseless, I resemble that. Hay Moe.”

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      You’re welcome Piper. I am getting to know that feeling, or more like loss of feeling, in the fingers. Trying to reach into a tight spot and getting a nut started is not as easy as it used to be for me too.

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