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Neon Green 1970 AMC AMX Barn Find

1970 AMC AMX

I’ve always been a fan of the AMC AMX, I actually still remember the first time I saw one! It was bright orange with wide slicks in the back and incredible exhaust note. This one isn’t orange, but is still on the bright side! It’s faded now, but at one time this was one good looking machine! The seller claims it is a barn find, it looks like a garage to me, and that it has had a few upgrades done to the 360 V8. If you’d like to give this AMX a new lease on life, you can find it here on eBay in Punta Gorda, Florida with a BIN of $10k and the option to make an offer.

1970 AMX

This AMX has a lot going for it, plus plenty of issues. One of my favorite things about AMC was their wild color pallet, and I’m loving this shade of green. The seller is keen to point out that 1970 was the lowest production for the AMX. There were a total of 4,116 of these built in ’70. I’m usually a fan of manual gearboxes, but in the case of this car the automatic is a plus. Only 747 were equipped with the 360 and an automatic!

1970 AMC AMX rear window

The seller doesn’t provide any images of the inside or engine. They state that the engine a Holley carb, Edelbrock high rise intake, MSD ignition and Hooker headers. The 360 wasn’t the most powerful engine available in the AMX, that title is reserved for the 390, but it still produced about 290 horsepower. Add in the Go Package and you gained a couple extra ponies, better brakes and an improved suspension. As you can kind of tell from this photo, there are boxes of parts in the interior as mentioned by the seller. What all is there though, we don’t know. I’m a bit worried about the car being in a coastal town in Florida. Rust is likely to be an issue, so be sure to get it inspected! So do you have an fond memories of the AMX to share?


  1. Avatar photo Doyler

    Missing link, I think… :)

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  2. Avatar photo PaulG

    Nice car, best year of the AMX. A 4 speed would make this even better…
    Here’s the link:

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  3. Avatar photo piper62j

    Hoooo Boy..!! All you AMC guys have got to be hanging on by your thumbnails on this one.. Nice car with lots of potential. Very stylish and IMHO somewhat ahead of its’ time…

    All the best on this one.. Hope one of the BF guys grabs it..

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  4. Avatar photo Steve

    That hue you speak of is “Big Bad Green” of the Big Bad colors marketing campaign in 70. You could all get them in the Javelin line also.
    Being an AMC guy I don’t care for the grill on the 70 AMX but to each his own. This is a bargain at 10k. Buy it and I can almost guarantee you will be the only one at the cruise night with one. Instant popularity!

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    • Avatar photo Mike H.

      Steve – I agree. All (3) years of the 2 seat AMX were quite similar, but to me the 1969 model offered the best in appearance and function. I never cared for the grillework of the 1970, nor the big, flat dashboard coated in fake plasti-wood. Still, I’ve owned one of each of the years and they were all fine cars that were exceptionally fun to drive once you got past the dated chassis design.

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  5. Avatar photo MH

    Very nice car I would love to have. Not many around.

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  6. Avatar photo GearHead Engineering

    I love these! My sister’s first car was a ’68 Javelin with a 290. She used to let me drive it around with my buddies when I was 14. Good times…

    High school friend had an AMX, although I can’t remember the year. It was the 2 seater so ’68-’70. 390 and lots of fun. Somebody drove into it while it was parked on the side of the road and they wrote it off. They weren’t worth much in the early ’80s. Too bad.

    I’m surprised no one commented on the other items in this garage!

    – John

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  7. Avatar photo JW

    Wow used to live in Port Charlotte just across the Charlotte Bay from Punta Gorda worked for a Rental Store over their. A lot of nice musclecars in that town and this is a sweet deal for someone, wish it were me but I’m upgrading our Mach1 at this time so the money is a issue. I hope someone who appreciates these AMX’s especially the 70 model grabs this as I sure would if the cash was available. Great find and a super good deal IMO !!!

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  8. Avatar photo Gary I

    Plenty of room on the finished end at $10,000 for a nice starting point. I am surprised this hasn’t been snatched up already. Good looking project, great car for Barn Finds fans, looks like a car anybody can restore.

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  9. Avatar photo Craig

    Back in the day a co-worker had a ’69 AMX, yellow with a black stripe down the middle, 4 spd. 390″ nice car, I had a ’69 Road Runner, 383″ 4 Spd. both cars as stock as they rolled off the assembly line, we would have drag races at lunchtime , somehow I never managed to lose to him, EVER ! it was fun,,,,,,,,,,,,, ran the car with that 4 spd. until I blew the clutch and put an automatic in it, the car was even quicker in the 1/4 ,,,,,,,,,,, Good times, great memories,

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    • Avatar photo DorsoDoug

      Are you flipping the bird in that pic?!

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      • Avatar photo krash

        ..are you asking Craig if he’s selling his Road Runner… or extending a digit..?

        ..your question can be taken either way

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  10. Avatar photo Mike

    The best AMX I ever saw had been turned into a Dirt Track Modify that ran at a local dirt Track. I worked for about 6 years on a Vega than Chevette, Modify and would see the AMX whenever the owner of it could afford to race it. I was a nice racecar. It was bright Orange, I had some pictures of it I need to find my old scrap book and look them over again.

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  11. Avatar photo Oingo

    70 was the first year for ball joints a major consideration for handling and maintenance.

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