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Ram Air 390: 1970 AMC Javelin SST

After a slight update for the 1970 model year, AMC’s Javelin still ran the gamut from a sporty looking car with a six-cylinder to an all-out muscle car with a big V8. This 1970 AMC Javelin SST is the latter and it can be found here on eBay. It’s located in Manahawkin, New Jersey and there is an unmet opening bid price of $7,500 and no reserve after that.

Apart from such a shallow observation as this car being a fantastic shade of Golden Lime green, it looks like a pretty nice car overall. Vinyl tops typically don’t go over well in Barn Finds land but I like them, especially the half-top on this car. It goes well with the black stripe on each side. Hey, I used to be an architect, I can’t help looking at designs and shapes and colors and things like that. That’s the original 50-year-old paint, by the way. The Ram Air hood is also a great design feature but also functional.

The Javelin was made for the 1968 through 1974 model years and it seems like 1970 was the sweet spot for many carmakers. It wouldn’t be long at all before real power went away and didn’t appear again for another decade or two, or longer in some cases. Over 31,000 Javelins were made in 1970 and believe it or not, AMC sold almost 50,000 Gremlins and almost 80,000 Hornets that same year! I know.

This car needs a fair amount of work as you can tell and we haven’t even gotten to see inside yet, or under the hood. The interior should be a straightforward restoration and you can see that this car has an automatic, which in this case should be a Borg-Warner three-speed automatic. A 4-speed manual would have given a few of us the chills but hey, it is what it is. The underside looks pretty solid but treating that surface rust would be one of the first things on my to-do list.

The underside surface rust would be second on my list after figuring out the original 390 cubic-inch 325-horsepower engine that has been taken out but comes with the sale. With 420 ft-lb of torque, this car would do Jay Leno proud in a burnout contest. It also has factory air-conditioning, a factory tach, power steering and power disc brakes and this sure looks like a great winter project. Hagerty is at $10,700 for a #4 fair condition car which, of course, wouldn’t have its engine out so maybe the seller is on track with their opening bid? What do you think a fair price is for this Javelin SST?


  1. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I love this car and the color. Get that 390 rebuilt and stuffed back in there, and this little car is gonna scream. Nice to see something different for a change.

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  2. Bultaco

    This would be a good one to rebuild the mechanicals, treat and fix any rust sympathetically, touch up the original paint, retaining as much as possible, and install and interior kit. There’s a lot of it that’s original and looks good, at least in the pics.

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  3. Uncle Ard

    Worked for my local American Motors dealer in ’74. Drove a Gremlin. We had a purple Javelin on the showroom. Can’t remember who bought it. It may be a barn find here in Alva, OK.

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  4. That AMC Guy

    It was more than a slight update for 1970 under the skin since that was the year that AMC finally abandoned its antiquated trunnion front suspension company-wide in favor of full ball joints.

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    • GB Bari

      I bought a lime gold 1970 Javelin SST 360 brand new in August 1970. Had the full black vinyl top and the unique racing stripes on either side. Corduroy green interior. Wheel trim was the upgrade brushed aluminum trim rings with the chrome hub covers. I drove it for three years and it ran well, although the third year it kept eating coolant despite not leaking and wasn’t in the oil or getting into the combustion chamber. So we never figured out why it kept needing coolant. But I had installed Thrush Outsiders exhaust pipes with internal glass pack mufflers. Looked and sounded awesome. Added Gabriel air shocks, high profile rear tires…. very cool look in that time period. Traded the car on a used ‘70 429cid Thunderbird in ‘73. Big mistake. Should have kept the Javelin.

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      • Steve Clinton

        I wish you could post a picture. It sounds like a good ‘un!

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  5. Steve Clinton

    Looks like the driver ate too many bean burritos!

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  6. John

    Well to begin with the passenger side rear quarter panel is toast! Completely rusted through. That will need replacing. The front fender on the same side will also need replacing. This one is not just a simple paint touch up. In order to to it right this would need a complete frame off restore.

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  7. David Bailey

    In my opinion(I owned a 360 Mark Donahue Javelin), one of the best looking muscle cars of all time. Holds its own vs. classic Mustang and Camaros/Trans Ams.

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  8. John Egner

    I owned a 1969 Javelin from 77 until 93, had a warmed over 390, auto, 3:54 posi. Ran good and surprised a few other cars late at night.

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  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Auction Ended.
    No takers at $7,500.

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  10. AMCFAN

    The Good Year tires are circa early 1990’s which date how long it most likely been off the road. Keep that in mind when thoughts of “throwing the motor back in” I just done one and plan on $3000 and sweat equity for the long idle chassis,It will need everything under there.

    The car is wearing SST emblems however does not have the Rim Blow steering wheel. The seat covers look either changed or from a base. The door trim tag that would tell you it’s DNA is also missing. No reason this should be missing unless previous crash damage.

    Wheels are AMC but not correct for 1970. Seller is clever not to show under the hood or complete engine parts. He has other AMC’s too. Under hood pics do not show Ram Air hardware or the air cleaner assembly. Missing would be an additional $2000. Without seeing it in person you would also want to look at the grille. Breaks and cracks are bad. You cannot buy nos. If you are lucky you might be shelling out several thousand for one if needed. You would also need to verify it is in fact a Twin Grip rear. Not always was a 390 car optioned with one. Consider it a plus if it in place.

    This however may still be worthwhile if the price is right. The 1970 Gen III 390 is a major plus if not junk. You have to wonder why it was removed so long ago.

    The 1970 Javelin is a one year only and many consider the best of the first gen Javelin. It is. The suspension has been upgraded from the factory. As a personal observation. Nothing compares to looking over the Ram Air hood.

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    • Don p

      My dad bought one, brand new, same colour combo as this but had a 360. Had the steering wheel horn as well. This is the first one I have seen with that colour combo.

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