Beautiful Buick: 1970 Buick Electra 225 Custom

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This is a 1970 Buick Electra 225 Custom and it’s in Troutman, North Carolina. It’s listed on eBay with a current bid of $5,900 and the reserve isn’t met. I wonder what this beauty will go for? $7,500? More? This beautiful car is in amazing condition and it comes with a ton of paperwork and records. There may be more photos of the paperwork than the actual car. Disclaimer: the seller says that this car has been repainted once, from looking at the receipt in the mountain of paperwork that comes with the car, so it isn’t 100% original.

061616 Barn Finds - 1970 Buick Electra 225 - 2

This great looking car is listed by a dealer, so the lack of quality photos is somewhat puzzling, to say the least. Maybe they have found that great cars sell themselves whether the photos are good or not. I think that’s the case here, this one is a winner. Look at that sexy profile! This is a third-generation Buick Electra, and although it may be my least favorite body style for the Electra, there is no bad body style for these cars, in my opinion, even the later models. There are basically just two exterior photos, which again.. whew.. but from what is shown looks fantastic! This is a two-door hardtop, it would have been great to have included a photo of it with the windows down, not to mention at least one of the other side. Here’s a photo of a 1970 Electra 225 Limited with the windows down.

061616 Barn Finds - 1970 Buick Electra 225 - 3

I always prefer a brocade interior for GM, or any, cars from this era. This interior looks great but I think it’d be hot, hot, hot sitting on those smooth, vinyl seats in North Carolina. There is no mention of this being leather, so I’m just assuming that it’s vinyl, I could be wrong. It looks like there may be some fading and possibly peeling of the dash in this photo.

061616 Barn Finds - 1970 Buick Electra 225 - 4

This is a clean engine, not to mention potent! 370 horsepower potent! That’s a 455, as you can see and this car will undoubtedly lay rubber for quite a distance, if that’s what turns you on (I know that it does for me!). My dad had a 1970 Olds 98 with a 455 and it was fast, at least for 1970 and for an almost two-and-a-half-ton car, like this one is, too. If this car sells for not much more than the current bid price it’ll be a great buy. Nice ones like this are few and far between and being a two-door hardtop makes it even more desirable. Are you a Buick Electra 225 fan or do you prefer one of the other big, luxury GM models from 1970? What do you think this car will sell for?

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  1. Joe Nose

    While this body style does nothing for me, it reminds me of my grandfather’s 1970 Lesabre HT which was identical firewall-forward. What a great car that was, and with a more economical 350 4v. First car I took to college.

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  2. Bill

    What will keep this car from hitting a high price is the color scheme. That interior is hideous. Too bad.

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    • Racer417

      Our family had a Buick dealership from the mid-60s until 2006. I was a lot-boy/car washer during school vacations in that era. This color combination (I agree-it’s ugly) sold very well. Lots of golds, browns, and other earth tones in the ’67-75 pallette. They were as popular as the current silver/gray/black shades you see on most cars today.

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  3. PaulG

    Great torque: 510 ft. lb!

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  4. nessy

    I always liked this era Buick Electra, Oldsmobile 98 and the Cadillacs with the Olds 98 being my first pick. The 69 Electra, 98 and Cadillac all had a better looking front end than the 70 models. The sedans also looked better than the coupes.

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  5. angliagt

    They named this 225 because they were 225 inches long (really).
    I had a ’72 Lesabre with the 455 in it,Great for a big car.Got about the same
    mileage as a 350,but they run forever.
    The 455 emblem on the fender seemed to scare off potential
    buyers – you’d see people walk up to it,& suddenly walk the other way after
    seeing them.

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  6. DirtyHarry

    As they say: “there is no replacement for displacement.” That big motor moves these cars around. There is also no replacement for the long wheelbase which provides such a great smooth ride. Buy this car and help make America great again.

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  7. Rick

    Back in the early 80s I acquired a 70 Deuce-and-a-Quarter 2 dr. identical to this one, even had the same black vinyl top and black interior, except it was Turquoise. Was clean as a pin w/ low miles, so I had it repainted the original color in acrylic enamel with catalyst, they put 6 quarts of paint on the car, anyhow it turned out amazing, looked just stunning, got compliments everywhere I went. Was a pleasure to drive too, only downside it only got 10-12 mpg and needed premium, this was during times when gas wasn’t cheap. But it would sure boil the hides if you wanted to (and I did).

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  8. Matt

    I had a72 in late 80’s lowered it front painted “grille an bumper”with flames on the front hood and fenders with spun aluminum disk hub caps car was in red primer and folks would come look at it where ever I went. Loved that car, I was in my late teens and I was 2nd Owner. That car I learned how to paint on

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  9. Joe

    Buick Wildcats were way cooler, more desireable and faster. Only a 7 year production run, low annual prodution, The “Banker’s Sports Car”. Values moving up very fast now, highest among Buicks of the era. Long forgotten but treasured by their owners. Full size cars don’t get any cooler or better built than this.

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  10. Wayne

    Get rid of the laced on steering wheel cover, or maybe it’s hiding something.

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    • Mark Lister

      Hi Wayne, The wheel isn’t cracked like most of them , I left that cover on because I thought it was a neat blast from the past, I haven’t seen one of them in years .. Most likely they are no longer made with today’s wheels being more comfortable then the old plastic ones..

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  11. Mark Lister

    I’m the dealer that owns this Buick, I apoligize for the lack of pics and will try to add more tomorrow to my website if ebay gives me a hard time about editing the auction.I just had my hip replaced and walking is very difficult ,not an excuse for bad pics though.. This car runs and rides beautifully and yes, it comes with a mountain of paperwork and documentation from the day it was new. I found the paint receipt after I listed it. There are more pics on my website thanks for taking the time to write about my car, I’m a huge fan of your website and will pass any cool finds on to you guys ! Thank you ! Mark Lister. Lister Motorsports ,Troutman NC

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  12. Prowler

    Nothing like a late 60’s early 70’s gm. big block land yacht smoke machine…most were one wheeled wonders but would they roast the bias plys
    In high school my friends mom had a 2 door Olds 98 with a 455 that he would get to drive to school every so often….one afternoon after school let out we turned the air on put on the appropriate radio station…put in drive and put it to the mat…it shifted thru 3 gears and when it was over we put down 725 ft of rubber…one wheel only (verified by the 100′ tape from the track team)
    We decided to put that rear tire on the front afterwards

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  13. Roselandpete

    The 69 225 is my fave but this doesn’t look bad for a car with 132k miles.

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  14. Oldcarsarecool

    Love the extensive documentation and paperwork ! Great car . . .

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  15. Mark Lister

    Two videos have been added to the ebay listing and a bunch of pics have been added to my website. Thanks guys

    Mark Lister

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  16. Charles

    This looks like a great old Buick! One uncle owned 50% of a Buick dealership during the days when this car was new. I got to drive a few of his demonstrators, some before getting my license… He would always order a 225 or a Limited and drive it for a couple of months, then swap and get another new one. Usually when I got the chance to drive is when he had too much vodka and OJ. These huge beast were wonderful highway cruisers. It was a different back than and a great time to be a kid!

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