1970 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 4-Speed Project

On February 26, 1970, Chevrolet introduced its brand-new iteration of the Camaro. While it was a radical departure, appearance-wise, from its predecessor, underneath it was basically the same car. The ’70 model year was abbreviated (February to July) but Chevrolet still managed to knock out almost 125,000 copies. Found here on eBay is one of those, an SS model with a current bid of $7,100, 22 bids pending, and located in Hurricane, West Virginia.

The 1970 SS model mirrored the ’69 model performance-wise with a standard 350 CI, 300 HP engine known as the L48. There were 396 CI engines available but they are considerably less common. This example has the preferred M-20 four-speed wide-ratio transmission with the requisite twelve bolt differential. No reference is made as to whether or not this is a running specimen. The seller states that it has been off the road since 1982 so I’m thinking probably not. He adds that it is all original but clearly the valve covers aren’t, they are Mickey Thompson after-market replacements.

The interior is in a state of disarray. While the images aren’t clear it is very dusty, the passenger seat looks to be upside down, the passenger-side door card has a problem and the console is missing though the seller states that he has it. Also of note is a hole in the backseat, left side floor pan. It will take a complete disassembly of this interior to get a good read on what’s there and what’s not.

The body has some problems, disappearing quarter panels. The seller indicates that he has replacement quarters plus outer wheelhouses as well as a trunk lid so the necessary parts, at minimum, to effect restoration are present but again, what else besides the photographically obvious is needed? There is no discussion regarding the underside but with this much topside corrosion, I‘d suggest a very thorough inspection.

One of the images (the lead image) shows Chevrolet rally wheels installed but other images reveal the original SS wheels so I’m not sure if it is a right side – left side juxtaposition or he changed the wheels out between photo shoots. The seller also allows that he has a set of Z28 wheels too that are available too but I know they are a different size than what came standard on an SS. Speaking of extra wheels, the seller claims $3,000 in additional parts go with the sale and alludes to fuel lines, a fuel tank, a Z28 intake manifold, brake lines, seat covers, emergency (parking brake) cable, weather stripping and a master cylinder. So, there is more to this SS than is immediately revealed in the visual listing, a listing that is a bit of a mind-run so lining up questions and inquiring in advance would probably be prudent.

This will be a workable project on a collectible and desirable muscle car. Some prefer the ’70 because it is the last year before power started to fade due to the Clean Air Act and its requirements. There’s a lot to take on here, however, and there is always the unknown that will reveal itself mid-project. Are you up for the challenge?


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  1. Classic Steel

    Interesting as the for sale window sign was 6500. and now 7100. (Needs more to cover EBay high listing costs)

    The sad part is it was on a trailer but no sub frame pictures or rear rails under trunk shots. Its either on purpose or forgetfulness 😜🤔

    Pluses + four speed and engine look original

    Negatives – the rust could “rock you like the Hurricane” town in WV
    — Interior is toast

    I like the 70 model after the favorite 1969 model 👍👀

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    • Paul Z

      The phone number on the trailer is a western PA area code. There phone number in the eBay description is a 304 WV area code. My guess for what it’s worth, he bought it off the guy that had it in the trailer and it’s flipping it. Just a guess tho.

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  2. Rhett

    Neat car, interesting options. Pay someone to fix that rust, and you’ll be underwater faster than a Venetian frogman.

    Had a customer way back when that had the same car in red – SS350 4 spd. There was a lot to like about that car, and I’ve come to find out there’s a lot of components that are 70 only…

    While you mention that the 70 is basically the same as a 69 underneath, there’s one MAJOR difference. The 70 F-Body was the first application of some different thinking on front end suspension and steering geometry that was a game changer. That “logic” found it’s way on to B/C-bodies for 71, and A-bodies for 73 (would have shown up in 72 if not for some strike delays). I’ve had pre/post versions of all, and the difference in handling and stability is remarkable.

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  3. Keith Foster

    Can you say rust? But hey, it’s a ’70 Camaro from the rust belt. My first car was a ’70 Camaro, same color, most of the same options, but a low power 250/350 with TH350. I sold it in ’80 with just about the same amount of rust as this one, for I too am from the rust belt.

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  4. jerry z

    It’s amazing how a nice set of wheels/tires offsets the rest of the car! Never owned a flat nose 2nd gen but its always on the bucket list.

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  5. Terry Bowman

    My sisters first car was one of these. 350 4-speed, same color and had the short spoiler. I could lay a black line through all 4 gears. I think it was a RS and maybe not a posi, because I think it was only line. Been a long time ago, as I was only 18 at the time. Sure do miss the good ol’e days.

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  6. TimM

    I own a 70 with a 396 and a four speed!! One of my cars that is a blast to drive!! Got most of my interior parts from OPG!! They had just about everything!! Great car with lots of potential!!

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  7. Howard A Member

    Coming from Wisconsin, this is exactly how I remember 90% of these Camaros. They were driven hard, killed actually, and became winter beaters, even though, they were terrible in the snow. As usual, I’m flabbergasted a rust bucket like this is going for $7 grand. What’s next?

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  8. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    I think you could find a better ’70 Camaro to restore rather than this rust bucket. It does have a reasonably desirable engine and trans but not much else going for it. They made a lot of them so if you really want one you could probably do better. The cost of repairing all that rust plus a complete interior won’t be cheap. The engine might need a rebuild, too.

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  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Sold for $7,700.

  10. michael may

    I have a 70 camaro project that runs for $3500

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