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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 Barn Find!

This 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS has been sitting in this shed for more than 20-years. The owner states that its rust issues are minor, but that it is a classic that is essentially sound. The time has come for it to head to a new home where it can be returned to its former glory. The Chevelle is located in Houston, Texas, and has been listed for sale here on Facebook. If you feel up to this challenge, all you need to do is hand over $8,000, and this one is all yours.

Life in isolation hasn’t been a bed of roses for the Chevelle. This damage to the front fender was inflicted when someone hit it while it was parked. The rest of the panels look like they might be reasonable, although there are a few dings and dents to address. The Cranberry Red paint is looking about as baked as you might expect from a Texas classic, while a lot of the trim and chrome will need to be restored or replaced.

The owner identifies a single rust problem in the passenger side rear quarter panel and claims that the floors are in good condition. This shot of the driver’s quarter is a bit of a head-scratcher because there is plenty of evidence of welding and Bondo. The presence of it in the lower section of the panel suggests that there may have been some prior rust repairs. The more that I look at this car, the more I believe that a personal inspection would be justified.

The owner states that the Chevelle’s interior is in good condition and needs little more than a deep clean. I agree with him on the latter statement, because it’s pretty dirty in there. The carpet will probably need to be replaced, but the upholstery seems to be okay. There is a tach attached to the steering column and an aftermarket stereo in place of the original radio. However, the rest of the interior looks to be unmolested. Bucket seats and a console are a nice touch, and it looks like the Chevelle also scores air conditioning and a remote driver’s mirror.

The dash looks as good as the owner claims and would seem to need little more than a good clean. The seller doesn’t provide any clear engine photos, but we know that the vehicle isn’t a numbers-matching classic. There is a 396ci V8 under the hood, but it is of 1967-vintage. This big block is backed by an automatic transmission, while power front disc brakes should bring proceedings to a halt effectively. The 396 doesn’t run, but it is said to be a good motor. It seems to be missing a few vital components, including plug wires, and a carburetor. If it has been sitting for more than two decades, then there will almost certainly be plenty of other tasks to be completed before the engine kicks back into life. Depending on the specifications of the 396, the buyer should be expecting to have access to at least 325hp once the motor has been returned to good health.

The fact that it appears to have spent so many years in Texas should auger well for this 1970 Chevelle SS. However, if I were in the market, I would want to inspect the vehicle before I committed to buying it. Replacing the quarter panels on a Chevelle of this vintage is a common occurrence, but I would want to ensure that the car was structurally sound. The evidence of welding and Bondo that we can see in the photos is a concern because it does make me wonder what might be lurking below the surface. If there are no problems there, then this has the potential to be a satisfying restoration project. Given the sorts of prices, Chevelle’s of this vintage continue to command, it could be well worth the asking price.


  1. Avatar photo Classic Steel

    When the dust is cleared its still a NOM car repaired with much cash infused.

    I say refurbish it and drop a four speed in it 👍

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  2. Avatar photo CraigR

    as my dog would say… ruff.

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  3. Avatar photo John

    The ’70 Chevelle SS is my all-time dream car. But instead of the stock carbureted 396ci engine, I’d put a bored and stroked 496ci Chevy with Holley Terminator EFI setup.

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  4. Avatar photo Comet

    A few dings and dents to address? Yeah, you could say that.

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  5. Avatar photo Kelly Waldrop

    Only needs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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  6. Avatar photo Dave Mathers

    THAT’s not going to buff out!! LOL

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  7. Avatar photo John

    That poor car. Sitting all that time. If I had the money to buy and rebuild her, I would. Without hesitation. The ’70 Chevrolet Chevelle is one of my all-time favorites. That says a lot, seeing as how I’m 17 years old.

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  8. Avatar photo DuesenbergDino

    So 2 new quarters, deck lid, 2 fenders, 1 smashed 1 covered in rust, may as well add 2 doors to the list. Possibly rebuild/replace engine and on and on. I’m looking at a $1000 long term project car.

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    • Avatar photo DON

      Looking at the rear window area and quarter, I’d throw in a new trunk floor too

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  9. Avatar photo Joe

    Was that in a part of Houston that was flooded?

    You would have to be crazy to buy this without a good in person inspection.

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  10. Avatar photo Phlathead Phil

    Must be “FLOODED CAR WEEK” here on B.F. 🤮

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  11. Avatar photo Gray Wolf

    Looks like Betty Crocker had a cake icing class on the left side! The spatula was kind of rough!!

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  12. Avatar photo Jack Member

    The grill and rear bumper might not be real SS items. It does have an SS steering wheel in rough condition.

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  13. Avatar photo George Mattar

    Not much any good left. These cars will be worthless 10 to 15 years from now. Another dreamer who thinks he has a rare car.

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    • Avatar photo Gray Wolf

      That’s where you are wrong Skippy! Maybe not this car, but the muscle cards are bringing in the money! Look at what happened to the p/u trucks, station wagons, and yes, the stepchild 4-door! Just sayin!!

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  14. Avatar photo Neal Cook

    Well, send it to Fantom Works in Va.,Pay Dan $80k to restore, and you have a beautiful non matching #’s chevelle worth $25k

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  15. Avatar photo John

    I like how it says, “there is a small rust problem,” when in the photo where the is viewed from behind, there is a LOT of rust. “Small rust Problem.” I like that.

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  16. Avatar photo Kevin Kendall

    Rougher than 10 days in jail

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  17. Avatar photo John

    Am I the only one who noticed the C10 in the background of the first photo?

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