1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo With 18,678 Original Miles!

It doesn’t matter at what point in history you might be, there will always be a focus on retro items and eras. In the 1970s, people tended to fixate on the 1950s, while in the 1980s, it was all about the 1960s. Today, people seem to have the desire to rewind the clock to the 1970s, and this 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo could allow a new lucky one to do that. It is a spotless survivor with a genuine 18,678 miles on the clock. It is looking for a new home, so the owner has listed it for sale here on eBay. The Chevy is located in New Port Richey, Florida, and while the owner has set a BIN of $23,500, there is the option to make an offer. Barn Finder Larry D used his eagle eye to spot this one, so thank you for that, Larry.

The Cranberry Red Monte Carlo presents as well as you might expect for any car with less than 19,000 miles on the clock. The seller is the car’s second owner, and it seems that both individuals have treated the car with respect and kindness. The paint shines beautifully for a vehicle from this era, while the panels are laser straight. There is no evidence of dings, dents, or blemishes, while the chrome is equally impressive. Rust is not an issue to consider with this classic. The seller says that every square inch of steel in the Monte Carlo is original, and it is all in a sound state. The glass appears flawless, while the Chevy rolls on a set of wide Rallye wheels complete with new tires from BF Goodrich.

The owner claims that this Monte Carlo has a genuine 18,678 miles showing on its odometer. When you look at the interior condition, this claim seems pretty plausible. There is no evidence of wear or damage to the upholstery. The dash and pad are free from cracks and other issues, while the same is true of the carpet and console. The owner supplies some great photos, and I have my doubts that the rear seat has ever been sat in. The car isn’t loaded with optional extras, but air conditioning and an AM/FM radio are not bad things to have at your disposal on those longer Summer journeys.

The Monte Carlo is a numbers-matching car that features a 350ci V8 and a 3-speed Turbo Hydramatic transmission. It also comes equipped with power steering and power front disc brakes. With 250hp on tap, the Chevy should be capable of galloping through the ¼ mile in around 16.6 seconds. The engine bay presents as well as you might expect for a car with less than 19,000 miles on the clock. The owner doesn’t indicate whether he holds evidence to verify this, but with the huge collection of paperwork included in the sale, it is possible. The documentation includes all of the original dealer paperwork, along with the Protect-O-Plate. The engine bay doesn’t flatter to deceive because the owner says that the Monte Carlo runs and drives perfectly.

This 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo is now 51-years-old, and its condition is nothing short of astounding. Think about some of the cars that you see in new car dealerships today, and try to imagine whether anyone is likely to get excited about a 2021 Toyota Camry in 51-years. Somehow, I doubt it. This classic will get plenty of attention and positive comments, and I know that if I had to choose between the Chevy and the Camry, it would be no contest. I’d pick the Chevy. What about you?

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  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    This looks like a no-brainer, almost too good to be true. Doesn’t need a 454 or 402, the 350 is more than adequate to enjoy.

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  2. Jim J

    It looks like a high rider…

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    • bone

      Im thinking the car is now riding on 15 inch rims

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      • bikefixr

        It had 15’s from the factory.

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    • Dave Fodroci

      I didn’t know they made those in 4wd!😆

  3. Poppy

    Beautiful car but not buying the mileage claim. The air filter looks like it’s got more than that on it. The cowl vent screen is MIA, as is the original air cleaner. The replaced headlights, aftermarket coolant overflow, rubber splice in the steel fuel line to the carb, only remnants of the Frigidaire sticker on the compressor, arm rest base and center dash vent “chrome” look iffy from a distance. Where are the headrests? Weren’t they standard by ’70?

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    • Don Eladio

      I knew it wouldn’t take long for one of the armchair mileage experts to chime in. Were you really interested in buying it or, did you just feel like writing today?

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      • T.R. Jones jr

        That’s where a serious, knowledgeable potential buyer takes the trip to inspect the car.

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      • Bill Pressler

        I can never, for the life of me, understand comments like yours. This is all about information. You’d prefer people who genuinely know these cars to NOT say something? It’s a service. If I were serious about a car and didn’t know the details, I’d appreciate someone mentioning them. Good grief.

        BTW, the sills on these cars were painted black, so the red is a respray, and the steering wheel was woodgrained on these cars and this one isn’t.

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    • Jcjc

      Agree, this looks reconditioned. Stance is wrong. Seats are missing the headrests, but if you enlarge the pics, slots for them aren’t visible.

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    • bone

      Dome light switches are painted over too – there’s your sign that there’s been some repainting going on

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    • Rick in Oregon

      I am always dubious of these incredibly low mileage claims, a 5 digit odometer gives anyone the opportunity to make these wild ass claims and the herd mentality follows suit. I have personally run across so very low mile cars in my 45 years of participating in the car hobby, and most typically they are decayed barnfinds that failed early in their life and were shelved or sitting in a museum. A regular passenger car like this (because thats really all it is) does not sit for vast periods of time without decay……….

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    • Daleone3

      OH MY GOD! The Frigidaire sticker is not in tact…..hard pass. Thank you Mileage Nazi for your expert assessment on adhesives and their life span as it relates to mileage. Never ceases to amaze me how people come out of the woodwork to find the littlest things. If you are a buyer, call the guy and ask him your questions but the amount of nit picking that goes on any time a low mileage car comes up is starting to get stale. Maybe there is a car corral you can visit this week end and provide a guest lecture on A/C Stickers.

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      • Bill Pressler

        The car is being promoted as something it most-assuredly is not. It’s a nice car, but to promote it as otherwise is not right and it’s only logical those that know these things would and should point them out to the prospective buyers looking on here.

        Your attitude makes me scratch my head. A little thin-skinned much? Is it because you can’t or don’t recognize the things mentioned here? It’s all for information sake–nothing more, nothing less.

        That said, it’s still a nice car, just not what it’s represented as.

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    • Keith

      That air cleaner is not the original one that came on this car. Could have been on anything so that is why I am guessing it looks like it is dirty. Nice car but do not believe the milage is 19k.

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    • Matthew Telliga

      Re: “chrome” dash vents. I owned a ‘75 Monte Carlo with 29,000 miles on it and I had touch up all the plastic chrome, it just disappears over time. There really isn’t any wear on them, you position them and leave them alone.
      I’m not disputing what you’re saying, I’m just saying don’t judge it on the plastic chrome

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    • Mike

      This Monte looks very familiar. Have seen it before in Alpharetta, GA. Looked in amazing condition, until I saw it several months later. Sadly, It had been in a major front-end accident. Saw it, again several months later, and the damage has been repaired.
      There aren’t that many of these, in red, for this to be another car.

  4. Billyray

    I buy the mileage claim. 50 years takes a toll even on ultra low mileage cars. Headrests were mandated in 1969. However, maybe those seats are tall enough to not require them.

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    • Steve R

      All 69-72 A-body’s came with headrests, even those with bucket seats. The headrests are often left out to save money when seats are reupholstered since they are expensive, around $150 not including replacing any of the hardware and decorative trim that are used to attach them to the seat.

      Steve R

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      • JoeNYWF64

        I believe ’69 camaros(& firebirds?) made before 1/1/69 had front seats with no headrests std, tho they were an option.
        Not sure if this applied to any other ’69 car made by the big four Aug-Dec 1968.

        I’m guessing this monte has wrong offshore consolidated replacement big block springs – does make for ez oil changes, etc. tho. I prefer these smaller wheel center caps.
        Engine is missing a pcv valve & associated hose.

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      • Curt Lemay

        Fancy new seat covers or not, head rests prevent whiplashed necks. That is more important then cheaper nice looking seats. If you are going to redo something, do it right. So you don’t believe the mileage claims either, as to new seat covers? Refurbed or not, a great looking car in its present condition, but why try to present it as something it is not? Myself, I would prefer a refurbed car as I know the parts are going to be newer and more reliable. Just my two cents worth. People should spend less time worrying about “originality” and more about presentation and reliability. If something is going into a museum, fine, but for the rest of us, are not cars meant to drive? I am afraid, our old adversary, “the investor” has shown up again to spoil the party.

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      • Bill Pressler


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      • KARL

        The upholstery doesn’t look right either, 18k and you have to reupholster the seats and repaint the car ? No way .

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    • Jcjc

      These seats are supposed to have head restraints. Mandatory in all cars starting in 69 as stated in the post above. This car looks seriously wrong to me without them. These cars weren’t available with the high-back seats, which technically had the restraint built in. GM made high-back seats for F bodies starting in 70 then for collonades starting in 73 and Apollo and Omega around this time, maybe Nova too.

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  5. Arby

    Sittin’ pretty high – did they have a 4×4 option back then?

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    • Dave

      Low cars and trucks look really good on the side of the road after plowing a raised manhole cover or other road debris. Seen it, covered it. We are Farmer’s.

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  6. Ken

    Yes you could get a 4×4 but they only sold one 1 of 1

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  7. Dave Clark

    Seems to be missing the PCV valve and hose too. Looks like the 350 had a quick repaint…

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      If you look closely, you can see overspray on some of the engine components, possibly just to dress up the valve covers.

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  8. Carl

    I had a 74 that I had to replace springs due to the front breaking two coils off. Did all four and it looked much like this for months until the springs took a set. I heard all the 4×4 jokes.

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  9. Rex Fox

    This is the best Monte Carlo body style; a very pretty car, especially without a vinyl roof.

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  10. Lance Platt

    First year beautifully styled Monte Carlo in the personal luxury size and style of the GM sister division Grand Prix. Awesome color..shows well. Floor mounted automatic transmission and bucket seats to check off two more boxes. Curious if the air conditioning was changed over to the more environmentally friendly refrigerant. Mileage is hard to accurately document after a half century and the mechanicals will need checked out but the overall appearance of the car is car show ready. A great Barn Find!

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    • John S Dressler

      I’m doubting that the refrigerant has been changed over. It still has the original Frigidaire compressor and as I learned when I changed the refrigerant in my 70 SuperSport to R-134, that refrigerant operates under higher pressure so the refrigerant just pushes past the lower pressure R-12 seals in the original Frigidaire compressor.

      The only fix for that if you want to keep as much of the original engine architecture as you can as I did, is to send your original compressor to a place in Texas that rebuilds them with the high-pressure R-134 seals. Unless this was done, the system is likely still R-12 and the refrigerant is probably long gone.

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  11. JoeNYWF64

    The headrests on cars of the ’60s & ’70s & even some later on IMO were of questionable safety value because the adjustable ones were rarely adjusted to the proper height, coming nowhere near the back of one’s head – i bet many people did not even know they raised up! & few seats had an adjustable entire back portion. & for ex, the DELUX “high back” bucket seats on the ’74-77 firebirds were SHORTER(too short IMO) than the std tuck & roll seats.
    & the most ridiculous headrests were on some big GM cars of the ’70s with bench seats where they were mounted as far OUTBOARD as possible – not evenly lined up with your head! lol & were as short as possible too.
    Have you seen the safe but way UGLY headrests on many modern cars? – some are at an angle pointing FORWARDS at maybe a 25 or 30 degree angle!

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  12. MH

    I dont believe the miles either…. its either been clocked… or has rolled over..
    too many small items missing…interior doesnt look right…lots of comments above tend to the assumption that this is not an 18000 mile car… I just dont
    buy it…

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  13. Jim

    For that kind of money if I was in the market I would go give that car a close look. I like it ,even if the mileage is incorrect.

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  14. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Adam, Where do you see that the seller is specifically claiming that these miles are original?
    I do not see that statement anywhere in the text of the ad.
    I did not watch the videos, so maybe there?

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  15. Sam Shive

    I had a 70 Impala that was a frame off resto. When we installed the new springs it sat just like this, But a little more NOSE HIGH. Turns out they were springs for a BIG BLOCK. Took them back out and installed the right ones and she settled down real nice, This has to many Nickle / Dime things wrong to make me wanna believe it’s only a 18 thousand mile car.

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  16. scottymac

    Gotta disagree with you, Curt Lemay. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones, but I bet plenty of people here have had that rebuilt alternator or starter go bad after six months, taken it back to A-Z or O’R, and gone through three more before finding a good one. “…parts are going to be newer and more reliable…(?)” Not in my case. To me, that’s why low mile original parts would be preferable, even Chevy ones. I’m with you, Bill Pressler.

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  17. Justin Member

    Nice looking car except for the raised look. Is the color correct since it might have been repainted except for the cowl section for some reason. The engine has been definitely repainted and did that high flow air cleaner come on a 2 barrel 250 hp 350 cu in engine?

    This car is very nice, but may be reconditioned/restored and people should admit that rather passing it off as 18K original miles.

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  18. Paul Murphy

    These 1st generation Montes make beautiful convertibles,, My 72 was burnt orange metallic, looked the same as this one, but color pictures are deceiving. nice car but ,they should have skipped the cheap touch -ups…

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  19. chrlsful

    all the 3rd’n 4th gen (’73/83) Chevelle Malibu Classics I like – el camino, laguna, wagons…almost all motors i6, bent6 and bent8; 250 – 350 ( not 200, or the diesel) AND ahma ford guy !

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  20. James

    Always liked that body style, buy it and drive it

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  21. Jay McCarthy

    I think I’m going to start a GoFundMe page, I want this Monte Carlo

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  22. Neil Achatz

    Looks like a chevelle deck lid to me or somebody took the Monte crest off and filled the holes. maybe the deck lid lid was rusted and neede replacing???

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    • Paul Murphy

      Same deck lid, dash pad, windshield, cowl chrome trim etc. etc.

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    • Mike Mesite

      Neil, the 70 model didn’t come with an emblem. The 71 did, and the 72 also came with an emblem, and chrome trim plate under the emblem.

  23. Stang 2

    Regardless to ALL YOU GUYS: The car is worth what he is asking. END OF STORY.

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    • Bill Pressler

      Sellers shouldn’t say “original miles” (or in other cases, “all original”) if they really don’t know. End of story.

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        As I mentioned earlier, I can’t find an instance where the seller claims that these miles are original.
        The only reference I can fin is something that Adam said in his write-up.

        Please show me where the seller says “all original” when referring to mileage.

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    • Keith

      Glad to here you are happy with his price Mr. Stang 2 any i am sure everybody else is too.

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  24. Steve.l

    I never said anything about miles. Lol I just said it’s worth it. Buy it or dont buy it. End of story.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Steve.I: My reply was in reference to the folks posting comments that the seller is claiming that this car is original miles when I don’t see that being specifically mentioned at all.

      The only one that I can see that mentions miles as being original is Adam’s story headline.

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      • Steve.l

        PRA4 Understand, It’s a very nice car. Just some people just might not know enough of what they have or about the history of it before they speak. Reguardless

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      • Steve.l

        PRA4 Understand, It’s a very nice car. Just some people just might not know enough of what they have or about the history of it before they speak. Reguardless. Lol sorry I meant I understand

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  25. Steve.l

    PRA4 Understand, It’s a very nice car. Just some people just might not know enough of what they have or about the history of it before they speak. Reguardless. Lol sorry I meant I understand

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  26. Steve.l

    Lol sorry PRA4 I meant I understand.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Steve.I: I think I understand what you mean – LOL, just kidding.
      I agree with you. Anytime when your dealing with a classic car dealership, it is going to pay off to do as much investigation about the place and the car as possible.

      It may be an original and beautiful car, or lipstick on a pig.

  27. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Auction ended without a buyer.

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  28. Justin Member

    If this car is original I wonder if the dual exhausts were an option on this 250 hp 350 with a two barrel carb in 1970. Dual exhausts were an option for some early years and I would have thought this car would have had a single exhaust.

    Was the 396/454 air cleaner added when duals were installed? There seem to be no underside pictures for some reason.

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