Daily Driver: 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pack

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It can be frustrating to spot the classic of your dreams only to face a seller unwilling to allow in-person inspections. That makes this 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A a breath of fresh air, with its owner actively encouraging it. That suggests they have nothing to hide, with the car’s desirable original paint shade adding to its appeal. The T/A is listed here on eBay in Fountain Valley, California. They set a BIN of $73,500 with the option to make an offer. Considering the car’s condition, I’m unsurprised that eighty-four people are watching the listing.

Some paint shades can be subtle and restrained, but I’m pretty sure neither word has ever been used to describe Plum Crazy. That is the color gracing this Challenger’s panels, and the Fender Tag confirms it is correct for this car. The paint retains a pleasing shine with no significant flaws or defects. Expecting perfection is unrealistic because the seller currently utilizes this T/A as a daily driver. If I were to pick any classic for such duties, there’s little doubt this one would make each journey a pleasant and memorable experience. The panels are straight, with tight and consistent gaps. However, the best news is a by-product of this car’s life in a dry climate. This beauty is rock-solid, meaning the new owner won’t face the nightmare of rust repairs. A bulge is under the Black vinyl on the passenger side C-Pillar requires investigation, but that’s the only significant visible flaw. Otherwise, the stripes look crisp, the trim and glass are clean, and there are no signs of physical damage to the Rallye wheels.

The theme of tidy presentation continues when we open the doors and examine this Challenger’s interior. The Black vinyl surfaces are free from problems, as are the carpet, dash, and console. Luxury touches include lashings of faux woodgrain that haven’t succumbed to the common issues of lifting and fading. The driver peers through the wheels at a Rallye gauge cluster with a factory tach. The seller added a Sony CD player with Jensen speakers neatly mounted in the dash pad. The CD player installation is slightly untidy, but addressing that shortcoming would be a rewarding task for the new owner to tackle. Otherwise, the interior has no apparent needs.

By 1970, almost every manufacturer seemed determined to make their mark in the highly competitive Trans Am Series. Dodge was no exception, releasing the Challenger T/A as a homologation special. The company utilized a de-stroked version of its 340ci V8 for competition purposes but retained its original capacity for roadgoing vehicles. They ensured the 340 was never left breathless courtesy of its legendary Six-Pack induction system. This car’s original owner ordered it with an A-727 TorqueFlite transmission and power steering. Standard equipment on the T/A extended to power front disc brakes, a unique exhaust with the outlets forward of the rear wheel openings, a 3.23 Sure Grip rear end, and upgraded suspension. Dodge quoted power and torque figures of 290hp and 345 ft/lbs, although many knowledgeable individuals place both figures considerably higher. It allowed the T/A to storm the ¼-mile in 14.8 seconds, but that figure deserves to be put into context. The 1970 Mustang Boss 302 took 15 seconds to complete the same journey, although the Camaro Z28, with its slightly larger engine, took 14.1 seconds. I would love to tell you this Challenger is numbers-matching, but its original engine disappeared at some point. However, the seller located a correct T/A engine block to slot into its place. They say the Challenger runs and drives well, and since they currently use it as a daily driver, that claim seems credible.

Although it isn’t perfect or 100% original, this 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A is a tidy driver guaranteed to draw crowds. The company produced 2,399 examples of the 1970 T/A, with 1,410 buyers selecting the A-727 option. The loss of its original engine is a blow, but the seller’s determination to locate and install a correct replacement is admirable. That will impact its potential value, but its significance is unclear. Hagerty list a #3 value of $86,000, with a #2 car climbing into six-figure territory. We recently featured a numbers-matching example on Barn Finds Auctions, with that car selling for $82,000. With those thoughts in mind, the BIN figure on this gem looks pretty competitive. Is that enough to tempt you to perform the in-person inspection the seller encourages?

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  1. Howie

    Is purple the new red?

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    • JohnfromSC

      At this price I doubt you could find a T/A in this condition with fully matching #s. The car is priced to the market. T/As and AARs are very special cars made for only six weeks. Not six weeks every model year, for six weeks in 1970, period. If this is too rich for someone’s blood, they can always find a regular 340 car and beef it up to somewhat emulate performance of a T/A and save $20K.

      These are the ultimate Mopar small block cars. There was a time not so long ago when a ’63 Corvette split window matching #s was a $75K car. Now, think $150K for 2+ condition. Similarly, these are gaining attention with 2+ condition AARs over $100K and T/As following close behind. If Stelantis ends ICE and goes all electric on the current Challenger, expect these to take another bump up. And I can’t imagine where they will go if the current Challenger ceases production all together.

      Note to seller, please clean the white letter tires!

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  2. Maggy

    At this price I would want a #’s car as it is an investment as much as a toy. You never know what life will deal you and a #’s car will always bring more $ when you may need it the most. Beautiful car in a awesome color. 4 speed w/ pistol grip would make it really cool though.

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    • Big Bear 🇺🇸

      Maggy.. you are correct about the price. Not the original block but I wonder if the 6-pak original? When the engine was built I hope it was to the 6-pak set up. Special camshaft from Chrysler was installed. Also I noticed the gas filler area plenty of gas ran down the quarter panel. What I like about this TA it has 6-way seat. I had that on my 70 Challenger RT it was cool. Also rallye dash was a option. Most came with standard dash. Yeah it would be nice to had that Pistol grip 😄. And it looks like 82,000+ miles. Very nice survivor I would drive almost every day. 🐻🇺🇸

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  3. cccruisers

    “…it isn’t perfect and it isn’t original, but…” But it’s still $73,000. Prices remain insane.

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  4. bobhess bobhessMember

    That purple color sure looks better on these cars than it did on my ’32 Ford coupe before we put a blue color on it. Nice car. Pricey but nice.

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  5. Robert Holt

    I agree with y’all, it’s what I would deem an ‘entry-level’ car, based on the facts that it A) hasn’t been restored, B) isn’t #’s matching, and C) is screaming for A… but it’s just not entry level priced, and I would guess that you’ll be investing nearly half again the asking price for said restoration, unless you get someone famous to do it, say Mr Worman, for example…boy would I love to see what he’d do with this peach… when I win the lottery, I’m paying that man a visit!

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  6. timothy r herrod

    Nice if it is a daily driver, back in the early 90’s a guy in St. Joe delivered pizzas in a brown TA, Dominos I believe

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  7. George Mattar

    JohnfromSC is correct. 63 Corvette coupes are cheap today at $125,000. I follow auction prices every day as I am semi retired and have owned muscle cars and Corvettes for 50 years. Just five years ago, rhe best T/As and AARs struggled to reach $50,000. I now work for Chrysler. Guess what? Stellanis is dead set on killing the Hemi and 3.6 V6. What you will get is a total POS Fiat made straight six with a turbo. That is reality.

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  8. Robert Liivoja

    I have always liked Challengers and Cudas. Having said that, the prices are ridiculous.
    For this kind of money I would have a fairly new, better handling, faster and nicer Corvette parked in my garage.
    No disrespect to Mopar fanatics, but really?

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