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1970 Ford Bronco: Worth the Work?


The Ford Bronco is a conundrum to me. Examples like this 1970 model here on craigslist appear to be a massive project, but the price seems fair at only $2,000 OBO. It doesn’t even look all that rusty and comes with plenty of spare parts. However, a quick scan of eBay shows restored versions are not cheap, with one Bronco listed with an asking price of $25,000 and another one that’s had a frame-on restoration heading to the upper teens with the reserve unmet. Heck, I even remember Gas Monkey Garage restoring one with dollar signs in their eyes. Now, I’m not asking this question from an investment perspective but rather if they’re worth it to drive once they’ve been gone through a pricy restoration. I see a few parked at the beach every summer and it looks like a lot of fun to cruise with the roof cap off, but I’m not sure I’d want to pay $10,000 or more for the privilege. So do you think this one would be fun enough to justify restoring it? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Chuck F. for the find.


  1. Avatar photo Chris in Nashville

    In a heart beat I would restore it if I had the chance!

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  2. Avatar photo Todd Zuercher

    I only saw one photo in the CL ad listed but what I saw looked pretty decent. $2000 isn’t all that bad in today’s market. Most of us modify them quite a bit to make them more fun to drive. I’ve been driving mine since 1981 and love it. Only a few more thousand miles and I’ll have 350,000 miles on the odometer.

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  3. Avatar photo Richard

    From what I can see this one is not all ate up with rust which is rare….gotta put a floor shift or automatic in it though…damned column shift is a pain in the woods

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  4. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Absolutely worth it. These are so rare. Like any 4 wheel drive, most of these saw salt and plow duty, and not many remain. No one says it has to look like the auction ones, where they are spotless. These motors are a dime a dozen, and while not much for the highway, around a farm or run into town, pull a trailer into the woods, can’t be beat.

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  5. Avatar photo Alex

    My brother is looking for one of these and I saw this ad late last night(I’m less than an hour from it). I sent it to him this morning, but this one won’t last the day now. It’s a good price for what’s there. Absolutely worth restoring! I learned to drive a manual in a 71 that my buddy’s dad used to keep as a toy. He would also bring it out for parades and other fun stuff. Last time I talked to him he was mid-restoration, I can’t believe the money these are bringing now. If it were me I’d probably be looking for a Scout instead. It’s tough to find them around here without serious rot, but they’re a good bit cheaper (for now).

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  6. Avatar photo STEEL CRAZY

    Sold two days ago! Would have bought that over the phone , that is the best deal I have seen on one of these in a long time. Stuff goes fast.

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  7. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    Well I hope the new owner is happy with it. He’s in for some work as that thing’s rustier than a bet-wetter’s mattress springs. But there’s lots of aftermarket parts available so that shouldn’t be that difficult. I watched a resto-mod on Trucks TV some years ago now. I’d have simply rebuilt what was there instead of all that wild and crazy driveline and wheels. But Stacey showed us all what could be done with one, including taking it out in the boonies…

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  8. Avatar photo Rancho Bella

    I do stock (early only) Broncos. There was an easy 2K worth in parts.
    Between ’66 and ’77 over 225,000 Broncos were manufactured.

    The upside to the early Bronco is the suppliers. Darn near everything is made for the vehicle. The Bronco, unlike most old vehicles, crosses over all age groups. At Bronco gatherings you’ll see owners from 16 to 80.
    I’ve never done any cars that are so popular within these demographics. Old Mustangs and Camero’s pale in comparison as to popularity.

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  9. Avatar photo chad

    “…Old Mustangs and Camero’s pale in comparison as to popularity…”
    I’d say almost identical but I’m not a restorer, flipper or even a mechanic.

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  10. Avatar photo Dallas

    I would buy it today if it would let me

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