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1970 Ford F-250: 4 Doors And 4-Speeds


I don’t usually get too excited about trucks. While I certainly appreciate them, there are so many on the roads that it’s rare to come across one that’s all that unique. Well, this potentially cheap 1970 Ford F-250 here on eBay has me singing a different tune, as it’s a mixture of unusual configurations both from previous owners and the factory. The 4-door cab, manual transmission and 2-wheel drive all combine to create a bit of an odd bird, while the step-side bed and 1/2 ton suspension further the notion that this is an F-250 that stands apart. The seller has listed it to free up some money to cover the costs of a divorce, so snagging this early quad-cab would help a guy out while putting a project in your garage. Although it has a reserve, my fingers are crossed that it’s no higher than $1K.


  1. Howard A Member

    Well, apparently, it has to be a F-250, as the crew cab was only available with the 250 & 350. (Wiki)These were very popular with construction companies and families pulling campers. I’d think it would have been a big job to convert the suspension to 1/2 ton, ( and not sure why you’d do that) and I doubt that box is original either. ( held on with a ratchet strap) I’ve owned and driven many of this vintage trucks, and they are great trucks. Thirsty, but great.

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  2. JW

    Yes these were great old trucks and thirsty is a understatement on fuel consumption BUT at 35 to 40 cents a gallon who cared. If his reserve is no higher than 2K then it would be a nice project for a cruise night daily driver, otherwise if a lot higher forget it.JMO

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  3. randy

    I’d love to have it, if it was original. 5 lug wheels makes the frame and suspemsion 1/2 ton. He’ll get his price I’d imagine. These were great trucks, I have a few myself.

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  4. Mike

    US $2,950.00 and still going!
    [ 32 bids ]

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  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    They say it’s a ’70? Sure looks like a ’68 to me. ’70 had a different grille and the steering wheel was a lot different as well…

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    • Karl

      It’s probably pieced together from several different trucks. It’s a six-pack on a half-ton chassis, and the grille is white–which in ’67-’69 indicated a six-cylinder–while the headlight bezels are chrome. Ford didn’t mix those together–the chrome front end came only with V8s, IIRC, and the truck is definitely a V8.
      I would guess that this is a Dr. Frankenstein project that the mad scientist has taken as far as he can with his wrenching abilities and/or budget, and now he’s offering it to the world as “95% complete” (how many times have you seen that on EB or CL), without mentioning that the last 5% is like the last 5% of climbing Everest.
      It’s actually pretty clever, but the worry I would have is that the heavy 4-door cab is going to be too heavy for the light half-ton chassis. Ford didn’t offer it that way for a reason, and the reason is probably not that they were too dumb to think of it.

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  6. Myron

    Guessing it’s been put together from several donor trucks on a half ton chassis. Interesting combination. I wouldn’t worry too much about the weight of the cab, as the shorter box would be the weight difference, and the cab weight is spread further due to length. I would want to see pictures of how it is mounted, though. None of the original body mount points would be in use due to a wider body and the length. That alone could be a real nightmare if not done with safety in mind. FYI, please stop calling this a step side. That is a Chevy term. On a Ford it’s called a flareside.

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