1970 Ford Mustang SCJ 428 Drag Pack Mach 1 of 1

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The terms “one-off” or “one-of-one” get thrown around quite a bit to describe a unique item. Whether you are referring to sports cards, handmade crafts, or vehicles, a true “one-of-one” can be pretty special. This 1970 Ford Mustang is described by the seller as one of those unicorns and they have the documentation to prove it. It can be found for sale here on eBay with a current bid of $18,600.  The car is being offered at no reserve, so the highest bidder will win it! Take a look at this true Mach 1 of 1.

If you want to know your classic Ford’s history, the main authority is Kevin Marti of Marti Auto Works. The Arizona-based expert has access to volumes of paperwork from Ford detailing build data for numerous cars and trucks. If you have a Mustang like this one, a Marti Report can be an invaluable tool. The report for this car indicates some of the following: Of the nearly 200,000 Mustangs built in 1970, only about 41,000 were Mach 1’s. Of those cars, a little over 6% had the 428 Cobra Jet engine option checked. Not surprisingly, less than half of the 428 cars had automatic transmissions. Of those cars, only 125 were white and only 81 had Black Knit Vinyl Mach 1 Bucket Seats. Less than 10% of those cars (only 8) had the Super Cobra Jet engine. Of those 8 cars, 2 had sport slats and only one (this car) was produced from the factory with a rear deck spoiler. That makes this car a true one-of-one.

Unfortunately, the original 428 is gone. In its place is a 351 Cleveland and the seller says the rear end has been swapped also.

The car has a 70s street machine vibe with the raked stance and big-n-little tires. As you can see the passenger side has been dinged up a bit. Hopefully, this car will see the street again soon. What do you think of this car?

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  1. Tom71MustangsMember

    Intriguing. I’d imagine the Auto transmission will take some flack (though not from me!), but this is a really interesting find. It sure would be cool to hear it’s story- can you imagine rolling out of the Dealership in this one on Day1!?!?

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  2. greg

    So everything that makes this car a “1 of 1” is missing. Just a rusted 70 mustang. Looks savable but need tons of money and will never be original. Why do people make it seem like one of one is special, and then missing the parts that make it special.

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    • Winfield Wilson

      I see what you mean, greg; now it’s just one of 41,000 again. If it were anything but a Mustang, it would’ve already been down at Pick ‘n Pull.

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  3. Butch

    That’s not a Cleveland but a Windsor

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    • BleedNRed

      That’s like adding insult to injury…

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  4. Papa Bear

    Looks like a Windsor engine

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  5. Rick

    That car has a 351 Windsor, not a Cleveland. A Cleveland has a vertical thermostat housing and much wider valve covers.

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      The seller is obviously not a Ford person since they do not know the difference between a 351W and a 351C. Plus if they knew their Ford products they would know that a C6 that was on a 428 will not bolt up to the back of any small block Ford engine. So if the transmission in this car is bolted to that engine there is no way it can be the original transmission.

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  6. James Quinn

    The useless ugly wing makes this a one of one. I’d rather have the other that didn’t order the wing.

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  7. 8banger 8bangerMember

    How deflating to expect the WOW factor, only to open the hood….sigh.

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    • CadmanlsMember

      All the good stuff is missing, big block doubt the C6 is in there and rear diff is gone. A shell of its former self.

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      • Terry Bowman

        I’m sure the title has some value. Finding the parts to make it what it is will add to the value over the title, but never can be called, “Original” unless those parts are found. I’m sure the mustang where the parts are may be found. It was not just a motor swap, being all that needed changing to make it a small block. Would be nice to see it back on the road again.

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  8. CCFisher

    Having a 1-of-1 early Mustang isn’t really that big of a deal. My 1968 convertible is one of 6 built with the same drivetrain and colors. It is the only one of those six with a paint stripe. So, my car is 1-of-1, but given the number of options available for Mustangs, it’s likely that the other 5 with the same drivetrain and colors are 1-of-1, also.

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  9. RoughDiamond

    The way Marti Auto Works breaks things down in terms of colors and options, they can make virtually any car 1 of 1.

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  10. dfayette

    Not a Cleveland. Just a rusty 70 Mustang at this point, but someone will pay to get it. Too bad. Not me at that price.

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  11. Rw

    Dinged up right side hahahaha,these cars where at every concert , field party,etc , back in the day, dinged up haha.

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  12. OldSchool Muscle

    Add another one to the dumpster ….Junk these people pawning off today..paying for a name with out the parts SHEEEESH!!!!!

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  13. Brad

    No one is asking for your negative comments. If you don’t like the car, move on. To a Mustang collector, this car can be restored and brought back to original specs. Yes, they’re only original once. There are many collectors that would love to have it, as is to restore, or buy it restored. Obviously those who don’t like Mustangs are the ones hating on it. I’ll wait for you inane remarks.

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    • Brad

      You already proved you’re an ignorant asshat by what you wrote. You don’t know me. You are what’s wrong with this country. Hate begets hate. Grow up, and get a life.

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  14. Poncho

    Poor car had a rough life before someone ripped it’s soul out. Perhaps the original engine could be tracked down and bought back. Purchase price would have to be right to do that though. Body will need some work (= money) to bring it back. Can you even get the Sport Slats (Rear window louvers) aftermarket?

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    • robert semrad

      Yes, you can….I did on my restored 70 fastback….

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  15. Mikey

    Why point out that “1 of 1” gets “thrown around quite a bit” and then commit the same offense? Quite a few Mustangs are 1 of 1 if you take into account the interior and other options. My Boss 351 is 1 of 1 according to Kevin Marti because it was ordered with Deluxe Seat Belts. But really it’s 1 of 1,806 B1’s produced. At best, this is 1 of 1,130 that came with a 428 & Auto Trans.
    Still rare by Mustang standards…But NOT 1 of 1!

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  16. Steve Heckenberg

    I feel bad for the original owner who got swindled out of the high dollar power train and gave him a plain 351 Windsor 2 barrel with probably a FMX trans and a basic rear end probably all out of a Van!. Scammed bad!

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  17. J. Max

    Just say the car isn’t what it suppose to be at the beginning. It’s a waste thinking you’re reading about something cool just to find out it’s completely the opposite because it’s been gutted.


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  18. JCH841

    Good start to a retro-mod. There I said something nice.

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  19. Howie

    So where are the slats and rear deck spoiler? No center console?

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  20. 87 Rag

    1 of none
    I am a Ford guy but this is just a ole wore out Mustang now !!

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  21. Marshall

    As I was reading this article, I saw the original parts were gone. So now this is just one more plain old 1970 Mustang Mach 1. It is no longer a 1 of 1, sadly, yet the owner is probably hopeful to get 1 of 1 money for it. If I were to look for one of these, I would pass, since I would want it to actually have the motor, trans set-up that made it a 1 of 1.

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  22. Steve

    So True, for a good example of a 1 of 1 my 67 390 Ranchero is the only 1 with a certain size of tires that were put on. So who cares. But maybe that one person.lol

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  23. JBD

    351W -2V and may not be period correct for ‘’69/70. Marti and base are only parts worth starting over from…

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  24. PRA4SNW

    Looks like an Arnie Cunningham restoration. Start with shiny hubcaps and hope that the car will do the rest.

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  25. PRA4SNW

    SOLD for $25,700.

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  26. Harrison Pulliam

    Wow, wonder why so many Mustang haters are looking at a mustang forum or sales spot ? Must be a lot of Chevy guys that own or wish to own a Corvair someday, I’m 87 and have owned a Mustang parts and restoration shop since My first mustang in 1977, ” MUSTANG AND MUSCLE PARTS” in Oakdale Ca. I can’t do much work on them now but still own a dozen cars and, I think all Mustangs are or, can be beautiful again, I also own a 1970, R code 428 Super Cobra Jet, now just a rolling body with most interior, mine was borne with an am/8 track radio, rear spoiler, (which I like), also rear window slats, a 428 SCJ engine with oil cooler, a C6 auto and a 4.30 Detroit Locker rear end, I also own most or all good original Fo-Mo-Co parts to restore this beautiful car to near original condition, though last owner (before 1980) put a 351W engine and trans. probably due to not being able to get needed gas at that time. If you don’t want to see all Mustangs, quit looking here and go back to your Chebby Corvair wed sites.

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    • J.Max

      This is barn finds so….

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