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1970 Mustang Boss 302 Barn Racer

This 1970 Ford Boss 302 was raced until ’76s and was in storage off and on until 1997 when it was parked in a barn. After being pulled from the barn, the seller cleaned it up and did a mechanical refresh to the engine and drivetrain. It’s currently in Romeo, Michigan, but can also be found here on eBay without a reserve, but with the starting bid at $30,000.

The engine has recently been rebuilt, but still retains many of the Holman and Moody components that were added to the car back when it was built for racing. The engine is a Holman & Moody blueprinted block and is ready for the track. The seller doesn’t state how much power this V8 is putting out, but it should be more than enough for street use. The parts necessary to make this Boss street legal were sold off long ago, but the seller is including the necessary replacement parts from a ’69 Mustang Fastback.

The interior is already set up for racing with a full role cage, racing seat with harness, fire extinguisher, custom dash, and a Hurst shifter. It has been stripped of all unessential parts, except the door panels. We noticed some rust on the floor and the transmission tunnel appears to have been modified. Any ideas why the transmission tunnel would have been modified?

The seller admits that they lack this car’s documentation, but they are in contact with the original owner and have photos of it from 20 years ago. Valuing this car is going to be difficult, as it lacks its original engine, but includes a long list of Holman & Moody parts. What would you be willing to pay for this Boss Racer?


  1. Your Name

    Floor pan was cut out so u could pull the top tranny/bell housing bolts faster.

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  2. Jason

    I would love for someone to please tell me why this guy thinks it’s worth 30 large.
    I mean come on , the dash , interior and everything else is been motified, I have a 1970 boss 429 in my barn that is all original, it’s covered in 2 inches of dust so it really ticks me off seein this, and believe me I know what mine is worth, I stopped drivin it in 1981

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    • russell

      Why is your car covered in dust? This is a rare car. I wuld think you would have it better protected. Just aking …

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  3. Bill Kenney

    I remember a similar racing only Mustang in that era in WV that was set up for quick engine changes between the 302 and a 427. He ‘d enter both classes in SCCA events.

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  4. William Robinson

    Is it me or does the driver side rocker and quarter look off. The rocker looks bubbled out and the quarter looks pushed forward and squished in the door. Or is it just the pic, or maybe my eyes.

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  5. Mark E

    It’s really strange to me to see a car in full race trim like that but then it has the door panels AND window cranks (and probably glass too)!!

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  6. Jeff

    Nice toy, ok body, set-up engine, no interior, non-orig. Maybe 12K for a week-end track warrior.

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  7. Dan Farrell

    If it was truly built to race, wouldn’t the doors be welded shut?

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    • Chris

      Plenty of racecars out there that don’t have to have the doors welded shut.
      Perhaps the trans hump was altered to accomadate a different gearbox?

      It’s a road race car, so a five speed is a logical choice.

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  8. Rancho Bella

    It is a G code, according to the Ebay ad. It should stay a track car as rust free B2’s with correct parts (expensive) can be purchased for mid forties.

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  9. Chris

    I’ve heard that one of the barn storage mistakes is to cover a car with a waterproof cover as the moisture comes up fro the floor. As for dust, you’d have to tape all the joints, openings and vents to keep it out. Better just a tight weave cotton dust cover. And park it over a plastic sheet to keep the moisture off the bottom of the car. I’d like to see a post here on the best way for long term car storage.

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  10. Jason

    I bought it brand new in 1969, I do have it covered up with a car cover, but it has 2 inches of dust on the cover, If it were up to my boys it would be out and on the road, but it’s mint and when I’m ready to retire I will , and take my wife to cruise night again, I’m told everyday I’m crazy for not drivin it, but it’s my pride and joy, and someday I ride again

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    • Russell

      Excellent! My concerns are without merit. :)

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  11. erikj

    jason atlease run the poor thing once in a while. Ive bought so many neat cars through the years from well meaning owners that stored them covered in a garage.anything rubber ghoes bad,tank andcarbs get mucked up and god forbid rodents move in. I just bought a 66 sportfury(featured recently on barnfinds)ran and drove when it was parked 20 years agoin a garage.All of the above was true not to mention the engine was locked up. The engine finely freed up after soaking ,but it appers to have very little cmopresion .
    Long story short When you store a vehicle ,unless its in a temp controled enviroment and run once in a while Thing go to hell in a heartbeat. pull that cover off and see what goin on
    dont try to start it unless you know what your doin. i m sure that engine is stuck.I dont like to rain on antones parade but ive seen it tomany times. Glad you still have it though

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  12. Jason

    You know, all I said was is this car even worth 30. And that mine is sittin in my barn since 1980, of course I understand everyone’s concerns, but I bought this car 4678 bucks later and now I wouldn’t sell it for less than 60 grand it has 42340 Kim on it, you wanna talk about a barn find , there you go , I’m proud of my boss, and I know how to store it, not very many people can say they have a boss 427 , red with black strips, but I can, I’m 59 years of age and one day will ride again , thank you all for the advice

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    • erikj

      jason, I think if you where to post some pics of your boss mustang Me and a bunch of other barn find followers would be THRILLED!!!!!!! Only at car shows ive seen two. One was a dark green with black int. Orig owner,the other was a med blue that im not sure if it was real.( the little nascar plac on the fire wall was not there.Opps there was a trird. Back in the early 80s i worked for a fast oil change speedy-lube. One sat. im in the pit working and i hear very loud rumbling car pull up out side.By the time its turn to drive over the pit it would not start-wepushed it in.My god as it rolledpast i could not belive what i saw. The guy up top called down to me saying the heads where like 12″ wide and hemi heads.i looked across from the other bay and realized it was a69 boss 429.It was in race trim. I talked to the owner just got it and was having us change all the oils It was stored in a local warehouse since 1976. Then i did not know what a boss 429 was ,but through the years do know, what a treat to have a storie to tell like that. again it would be a pleasure to see a real barn find like yours.

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      • Jeff

        Neat story, from what I know the BOSS429 was a de-tuned NASCAR engine Ford used in production. It was conservatively rated at 375h.p., the very rare BOSS351 was 330h.p. and the popular BOSS302 was 290h.p. the BOSS302 h.p. rating by Chiltons has been widely disputed over the years, people in the know say its more like 375-400h.p. It is known Chiltons skewed the h.p. rating for insurability by young owners, conspiracy with the builders???????

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  13. whiskey runner

    wow jason..you bought a new, very expensive, high performance 429 mustang when you were 16. drove it for 10 years and managed not to wreck or wear it out..then have the sense to park it in a barn in pristine condition.. i guess i was too hard on my cars. when i was a teen and early 20’s by the time i had a fast car “and i had several” for a year or more when i got thru with it the car was usually a wore out, dented up heap with blown engine that wound up in some scrappers yard.. i guess i should be shot..ha ha ha ha … take care of the car there are not many left all original and in good condition

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