1970 Mustang Convertible For $750!

1970 Mustang Convertible

From EJB – I’ve always loved Mustangs. My Mom had one when I was kid and I remember being fascinated by the running horse on the gas cap. I bought my first Mustang at age 23 (73′ convertible) and have had one ever since. I was born in ’70 so I’ve always wanted a 70′ convertible, Mach, or dare to dream, a Boss! Ironically, the first Mustang I ever looked at to buy was a 70′ convertible. I passed because it was a 6 cylinder… I saw this 70′ vert here on craigslist. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I could resto mod it without feeling guilty.


  1. Mark

    Just another VIN tag for $750. So wrong.

  2. JrCollector

    Been surfing Barnfinds forever! Figured my 1st post would be about this one. This car is literally less than a minute down the road from me. He also has a ton of other cars in the background and in his 3 car garage. Believe when I say this, he has taken everything of value off this! Either way great to car to butcher and not feel ashamed!

  3. George

    More than a VIN tag here. Granted there is a lot missing, and lots to do. However what there is here looks to be a strong starting point. Everything that you need is now reproduced for all the other elements. Granted you can’t see the floor or frame to see if the rest is solid too. They could have at least used a leaf blower to remove the leaves.

    • nighttrainx03

      What I wander is as rust free is this car looks why was it stripped? I agree with you George. This would be a great starting point to make what you want. maybe a Shelby resto mod or anything your heart desires with all the bolt on parts available. Usually these things are complete rust buckets and a lot of your money is spent doing rust repair. Doesn’t look like this on this one.

  4. George

    With modern Mustang underpinnings, this could be a monster!

  5. Rob

    I don’t see any mention of a title in the short description, likely explains the cheap price. It does look better then most starts, rustwise. Looks downright good!

    A great deal for a ‘stang project. 👍

  6. Jason Houston

    A 70′ convertible? I never saw any Mustang that long! Are you SURE you measured correctly?

  7. JW

    Lots of this car is missing but reproduced, if floorboards and framerails are good this could make a nice car for someone with some time & money of course.

  8. Jason Houston

    Anybody who claims to love 1970 Mustang convertibles, but would sacrifice one for some street rod, needs another hobby. Why not a butcher up a rare Yugo, or some disposable car no one would miss?

  9. Frankie Paige

    I agree.with George, basically a good starting point, sure the seller could have cleaned off the leaves, etc, this project is a good starting point, the title can be had for a few hundred bucks. Old cars should be saved, every part set aside for this hobby.

  10. Stang1968

    The pictures leaf a lot to be desired (get it?) but it looks solid. Interesting color too. Pretty much anything missing is available reproduction or from good used stock.

  11. Brian

    Appears to me to have the wrong body lines to be a 70.

  12. DREW V.

    Find a decent 6 cyl coupe and use it as a donor for the body and put what ever engine you want in it…

    • Jason Houston


  13. Jim

    I’ve seen worse go for far more. Considering it’s outside and in the NE it looks pretty good. It really has potential.

  14. John H.

    Looks like the seller has done all the work to make this the ultimate convertible. Saves me the time of taking out all the glass, removing the doors, trunk lid and all that extraneous stuff that just gets in the way of the open air experience! And it is a lot more spacious without the engine hogging up the room in front of the firewall.

  15. Gary I

    You will at least know exactly what you are getting for your money on this one. I have probably seen people save worse! Take it on and you will be one hell of a body man and fabricator afterwards!

  16. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Speaking of VIN tags, I came across a scenario this week where it seems OK to me to switch a VIN tag. Here’s the story:

    A friend of mine bought two Porsche 914s. One had engine and transmission, and title, but the body was a basket case with all the usual rust nightmares of that model. The second car had no engine or transmission, and didn’t come with a title. However, the body of the second car was really good, especially for a 914.

    So, my understanding was that he planned to cut out the VIN stamp from the rusty car, and transplant it to the better body. Engine and trans from rusty car will also go into the better body. This seemed to me to be a harmless solution to the lack of title/engine/trans for the better car. No misrepresentation of model or sub-model, and he plans to keep the finished car once it’s done.

    • Mork from Ork

      Generally I think you can take both titles and VINs to the DMV to have a new title created. They may have to have someone inspect the finished car though.

      • Jason Houston

        Not in California, can you walk in with only a paper title and a VIN plate! The rate clerk will innocently sneak away to a back phone somewhere and call in the local CHP, then keep you waiting until they get there.

      • George

        Not the VIN plate, the numbers. They will run both to verify the two cars to make sure that neither is stolen or has a lien. I can’t comment on California though, that’s another planet when it comes to requirements.

  17. Vince Habel

    VIN swapping is illegal.

  18. James

    Well, it’s a far sight better than what I started with! My 68 Mustang convertible to one day be a monster 68 Shelby replica. Modified without an once of guilt.

  19. Gnrdude

    Sheeesh Nothing Left, Not even a Good Parts Car. The sheet Metal Looks good though.

  20. joeinthousandoaks

    If it were on the left cast this would be a perfect car to place all of my coupe parts on.
    And if anyone wants to buy this I have nice solid ’70 coupe to make it an almost complete car (without the top of course)

  21. MountainMan

    Ya know it seems that some people who repeatedly spew negativity forget that the car hobby is not governed by rules. If you own it you can do whatever the hell you want with it. Restomod? sure…why not. Want to own ugly Saabs? go for it! Have a 1986 Tbird and want to place a crazy $40,000 price tag on it? whatever floats your boat. Customization is fun for some folks, others prefer to restore to an original showroom condition. Whatever you own and drive is cool with me even if its not something I would buy. Car folks are ok in my book no matter what you do with your cars.
    The variety of vehicles featured on BF is great. I find myself checking the site several times a day to see whats out there for sale. I dont understand what draws some people to the site when almost every comment is negative and puts down the featured vehicles or the owners of vehicles….sorry to rant but I just think cars are fun so its a bummer to see people put down everthing they dont personally like.

    • Jason Houston

      Good thoughts…. that’s why we have “Speak You Mind” forums!

  22. MikeW

    Looks like a very ambitious project on one of the more less desireable convertibles. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/classicmustang/info

  23. George

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