1970 Oldsmobile 442: Rare Sports Coupe

1970 Oldsmobile 442 Sports Coupe

I have to be honest with you guys, this find from Charles H is hard for me to post. Not because I don’t like it or don’t think it’s a good buy, quite the opposite actually! I want this 1970 Olds 442 Sports Coupe so badly and with an asking price of $10,500, it’s something I could almost afford (well I would have to let go of my daily driver to do it). This sure seems like a lot of muscle car for not a lot of money, although I will admit there are some issues that might make it less of a stellar deal in the end. There appears to be a lot of rust on the underside of this 442, of course it might look better in person, but if I were going to spend every penny I have, I would want to inspect it in person or at least have someone I trust take a look at it. Olds only built 1,688 of these Sports Coupes (aka post car) and very few are left. It seems so far they have flown under the radar, but values have begun to climb. Since I doubt I’d have time to get the money together before this one sales, I thought I’d let one of you have a chance. You can find it here on Hemmings in Cheshire, Connecticut. If someone is nearby and could take a look at it in person, I for one would be very appreciative! Special thanks to Charles for tempting me into spending my savings, plus money I don’t have! So does this Olds tempt you as much as it does me?


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  1. TexasWarlord

    I really like this as well. Finding parts shouldn’t be a problem. Would really like to get this one back out on the road and open it up!

    It would be a really FUN project.

    • Chris N

      Many parts are pretty easy to find, but not all. For example, the interior “post” plastic covers (between the door and rear quarter glass) is VERY difficult to find because they are not made by anyone in the repro world. Same with the exterior stainless window bits on the outside. That aside $10.5K is a pretty good price, and yes the post coupes are rare. I have a ’71 Cutlass S Post Coupe, 1 of 4399, bet there are less than a couple hundred left.

      I HATE the aftermarket hood-mounted tach though…

      • Barzini

        I agree with you about the hood tach. But everything else about this car appeals to me. I would remove the tach, put it underneath the rear tire, and back over several times.

  2. jeff6599

    Y’know, so many cars would get away if it weren’t for a bank note. For years I have been getting a note at my local bank for 30, 90 or 180 days of for 12 months. normally you don’t have to pay ANYTHING until the note is due. Then you pay it off, partially pay it off and renew the balance for another 6 months or so or just pay the interest and renew it all. It is so simple. There should be no reason to pass on an underpriced car ever or a great project where you can do the work and sell it ( or something) else before the due date of the note. That’s why we have banks. They sell and rent money. Do this once or twice and put your labor in and pretty quickly you’re money ahead. Do it 10 or 15 times and you’re almost wealthy. Noone has money sitting around doing nothing. It is all at work for you somewhere. Just don’t blow it on cigarettes, drugs or avoidable taxes and you won’t have to “wish I had the money”.

    • Jason

      I’ll be honest, jeff6599: I don’t know what you’re saying.

  3. Bill Gillooly

    I had a neighbor who was a mechanical engineer in the Picatinny Arsenal who had one of these. It didn’t seem to have any W30 call-outs on the front fenders and I never looked to see what the transmission was. His was a metallic teal blue with a black vinyl top. I loved that car as a kid and always wanted it. I rarely saw it driven, though.

  4. Jim

    Reminds me of the 70 Olds Cutlass I restored for my ex-wife, it got totaled by a Alt. City Bus. Dam I miss that car!! : (

  5. Jim

    Reminds me of the 70 Olds Cutlass I restored for my ex-wife, Dam I miss that car!! : (

  6. redwagon

    i had no idea they existed with and w/o a post! go to google images and search ‘1970 oldsmobile cutlass’ and viola! post and postless cutlasses. i you would have asked me i would have said no post. i wonder how many people buying them new realized there was a difference?

  7. Jim

    Reminds me of the 70 Olds Cutlass I restored for my ex-wife. Dam I miss that car!! : (

  8. Jim Marshall

    Found this bad boy on ebay about 12 years ago. Paid about the same and it was a hardtop, with buckets, consuel automatic Hurst shifter, factory air, original 455 modified putting out about 400 plus hp. I tweaked it spending an additional 2500.00 and sold it after 4 years for a tidy profit.

  9. A.J.

    Does not look like a bad deal. Unfortunately I made a rule a long time ago to not buy a musclecar without a manual transmission.

  10. Blindmarc

    Good price for the car

  11. olds442sport

    doing an olds 442 search and found my old car on this string/site! appreciate the comments and saying it was priced reasonable. after posting for sale to olds clubs and Hemmings, someone from 20 minutes away eventually bought it and restored it. Had it running (after sitting for 15 years) in no time and little effort. He went through it in detail, kept nearly all original and it came out really nice. since owning the car for 20+ years, I knew what I did with it. New owner did right thing, took care of issues (yes, some but manageable rust) and even found evidence to support car’s origins story I received from Norfolk VA area owner. All numbers matched, not W30, auto, bucket seats and the rest, but, yes, it does get up and go! I miss it, but it went to good hands. And, yes, the hood tach IS gone as it was a carry over from last owner’s drag strip days. Just not sure if it was run over a few times though…..

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