1970 Porsche 914-6: Benchmark Car?

1970 Porsche 914-6

There’s been a fair amount of chatter lately among VW/Porsche fanatics that now’s the time to buy a 914 if you want a reasonably priced project. Of course, the six-cylinder versions have always been desirable, but I suspect this barn-fresh example here on eBay found by Barn Finds reader Peter Rettig will set a new standard for the 914-6 variety. Why? Because it seems typical of when cars get “hot” that buyers either start to believe there will never be a find as good as this one, or speculators get caught up in the auction hysteria and start pushing the number higher, always believing there’s still room for a profitable flip. This car will need new floors in addition to a full mechanical reconditioning, and who knows what else. But as 914s continue to appreciate like the 911s before them, I doubt the unknowns are scaring bidders all that much.


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  1. Mark E

    (Sigh!) And the 914s start their ascent into the “Rotted out 356 Cab pulled out of a 40 year sleep in the garden sells for $125k” territory… >_<

  2. Andrew Minney

    Sorry but I do NOT like German cars with the sole exception of the original Beetle and the original vans.
    Yes they are reliable, even fast but DULL DULL DULL. Over here the drivers of these cars tend to be arrogant. Remember, Mercedes are Stuttgart taxis and Beemers & Audis tend to be drug dealers’ cars!
    I also don’t like Japanese cars too as for the same reasons (except for the drugs). Again over here Japanese cars are driven by pensioners, Asian shopkeepers going to the cash & carry or boy racers who spend their time doing donuts or drifting!
    Generalistions, of course and life would be boring if we all drove/liked the same cars!

    • Horse Radish

      I don’t like… ..either.

      And it sounds like I wouldn’t like much of anything where-ever you are and whatever surrounds you.

      Thank you for cheering us all up.

    • Patrick McC.

      As my grandma used to say, “Good thing we’re not all the same, else there wouldn’t be enough Brussels sprouts to go around!”

  3. stuart

    Well as my mom used to say, this is ‘appropox of nothing’, but I recently bought a 1987 Porsche 924s. Flawless body, VG interior, just a few projects to make it 100%. When I had a 911 cab (which I spent 10X as much for) I’d get dirty looks and have people cut me off all the time. The 924 is a fun car, much like the 914/6 was and is. Porsche snobs can poo poo them all day long, I’m just glad to not be mistaken for one of them any longer. Oh yeah and the 924s has a 2.5l Audi engine, and it pulls nicely.

  4. Anastos

    $27.5k (so far) for this thing? I remember when I first started driving you could get a decent runner for a couple of grand. Those were also the days when people were literally giving away VW busses that are now selling for crazy money…

  5. Dolphin Member

    From what you can see of the body, and by the location of the car in NY, with at least one snow tire mounted, and maybe more, there will be a lot of work in it besides the new floors the seller says the car needs. And it’s already had paintwork, so bring a paint thickness guage or at least a magnet in a handkerchief because there might be some unwanted surprises.

    With a 911T engine that hasn’t been touched for a quarter century, or even turned over recently, it will need to be rebuilt for the car to be worth enough to recoup much of the resto costs. Maybe the transmission too. Certainly all the systems will need renewing.

    It’s a good thing the 914-6 is a low production vehicle that received the Porsche name because this will be very expensive with the bidding already at $27.5K plus all the resto costs. I’m guessing the high costs will make sure it goes to someone who can handle that and turn out a nicely restored 914-6.

  6. don

    27.5k and needs full restoration? NO WAY! don’t care how rare it might be. to many other cars for that kind of money that have ” wow” factor than this.

  7. jim s

    how much time/money will it take to get this rebuilt on top of the purchase price? it was not that long ago that the 914s were unloved. will the 924/944/928 be next to take off?

    • Stuart

      Jim S-see my note earlier, regarding your comment about 924/944/928. The 924s is a great car. Now I’m not sure what a 968, but they are in this realm as far as I understand.

      • jim s

        i did see your post which made me thing about 924/944/928. forgot about the 968. sound like your having fun with your 924s, please post a photo or two. thanks

  8. Glen

    So, what would have happened if Porsche, was in East Germany?

  9. velotopia

    Having been afforded the opportunity to work crew for a vintage racing team the past couple years, I’ve watched these 914/6s make minced meat of their 911 brothers on the track. Better C of G, weight balance. A total revelation to see.

  10. stuart

    Sure the engine is in the front, but she’s fun and a cheap date. You know, how Jim likes his women!!

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