Trick Trike: 1970s Alsport Tri-Sport Trike

052316 Barn Finds - 1970s Allsport Tri-Sport - 1

Scotty GilbertsonBy Scotty Gilbertson

This odd, “Rigidite Fiberglass” shell of a machine is a 1970s Alsport Tri-Sport Trike. It’s found in Winnebago, Illinois and is listed on eBay for $450; potentially a good deal. This would be a heck of a fun project! These trikes can easily go for $1,000-$2,000 or more in nice shape, and the market for these will never go down. Small, easy-to-store, relatively-inexpensive, and unusual vintage vehicles like this are about the most fun vehicles to collect, in my opinion. And, parts are still available; maybe not every, single part like a Mustang, but lots of parts. And, a “minutes-quick addition of a front ski makes Tri-Sport a snow bunny.”

052316 Barn Finds - 1970s Allsport Tri-Sport - 2

Lookin’ good so far! Well, other than obviously needing a full restoration; but come on, this Tri-Sport project will only take a month and then you’ll be the envy of your fellow vintage motorcycle groupies at every show you attend this summer and beyond. Alsport, Inc., out of Norwalk, Ohio, made five models of the Tri-Sport with four-cycle Tecumseh engines, and sometimes with other engines: the MTS-30 (Mini-Tri-Sport, for kids) with 3 hp, a TS-50 and a TS-100 with 5 hp, a TS-125 with 7 hp. They also made a TS-150 with a two-cycle 12 hp CCW engine that would have been the one to have, blue smoke trail not withstanding. The TS-150 was capable of “0 to 40 in a flash”. Of course, it doesn’t look like they have the world’s strongest underpinnings, and that’s where I’d be worried about putting too much power on this frame. Here’s one that a gentleman is restoring, you can see the frame painted in primer. Some Tri-Sports came with JLO 230cc and other engines, so I don’t know what model this particular one is or what engine it would have had.

052316 Barn Finds - 1970s Allsport Tri-Sport - 3

And, this one is good for either 0 mph or maybe 15-20 if you’re going downhill, coasting. Of course, there is no engine here. People have put all sorts of little engines on these things and as you can imagine, they’re super light so the bigger the engine, the faster you go, and the more you’ll need to wear a full, protective body suit and full-face helmet! I have an 11 hp Honda engine that I’m not using for anything.. hmm.. As always, I’d like to restore one back to original bone-stock spec, and there is no mention of anything else on the top four models of the Tri-Sport being different other than the engine, so I’d want to look for an OEM-type of engine if possible. This would be a fun project, how would you restore this one and what would you use for power?

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  1. Paul

    How funny is this, I’ve been a barn finds reader for years now and finally something shows up in my little town of Winnebago Illinois population 1900. If anyone needs me to look at this, I’m sure the owner is right down the road from me.

  2. George

    Helmet? Body suit? NAH! My scoutmaster had one of these back in the early 70s. He brought it along on a couple of our winter campouts. It was a blast in the woods. We were young, 11 or 12 up to 18. Did we need helmets and safety gear? Of course not! We were indestructible! So was this with 20 kids riding it in the woods.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty G Staff

      It’s good to hear from someone who has ridden one of these, George, thanks! I was thinking of the helmet and “body suit” if a person were to put a ridiculously-powerful engine on it.

  3. Jack

    I remember riding something like this in Westport, Mass. In the 1970’s, I wore a helmet, had too. It was on an outdoor track, I think the wheels were bigger too. It was a lot of fun!!

  4. Tony B.

    I’m in Illinois, and saw an _identical_ one, if not this one a few months ago on CL for $75. Of course, it was gone by the time I responded… 🙁

  5. Tom O

    Having grown up not too far from where these were made they were a common site,,especially at the county fair for sale. Fast forward 40 years to now and I own 4 of these trikes! I have a TS 125 8hp , 2-TS 130 2-stroke JLo and the coolest one ever made…RTS 290-SL SL for street legal,full suspension,292 Kohler 2-stroke. Mine is titled and 100% street legal top speed 65mph. If anyone ever wants to ride one….just let me know : )

  6. Trevor

    I have one that I restored in 2011 and I kept it all original and it has the JLO 2 stroke motor.

  7. Ralf Morgan

    Don’t forget about the Street legal version with the 340 and 440 Kohler 2 stroke engine

    • Moto Mike

      I just Picked up a 1974 alsport tri-sport For $350 it is the street legal version with the 340 Kohler motor on it .

  8. Geena

    I have a 1972 tri sport. Really bumpy ride, where can i find new tires and a seat?

  9. Tony

    I had a ts-150 when I was 12 or 13 years old it was great fun all year long, we fashioned a front ski out of an old water ski and attached to the tire some how and had a blast enjoying what use to be a good old Canadian winters. I once took the front tires of and old covair We had behind the barn and with a little help from a rat tail file I was able to bolt then right on. That was a scary ride I bet I could go 60mph. Well it felt like it then.


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