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1971 Chevrolet Camaro: 1 Owner

1971 Chevrolet Camaro

When I attended college in Massachusetts, I heard this phrase: “Maine has some pretty good girls.” I took it to mean this northern New England state wasn’t exactly South Beach with fashion models sipping on daiquiris, but rather where you could find a reasonable, honest woman to become a trusted partner. That’s where I go with this 1971 Chevy Camaro listed on eBay that is a genuine, 1-owner example from Maine: a pretty good car.


It’s not the highest-spec model or the one you’ll take to the track, but rather a minimalistic example that was bought for the original owner by her father. The car has been used for cruising from Day 1, and appears to have been used gently. Options are limited to things like floor mats, wheel covers and power brakes, but that likely ensured it never became a drag-strip beater.


The 200 b.h.p. 307 isn’t anything that will set you hair on fire, but it’ll provide a pleasant-enough driving experience if you’re content with cruising. Said to run well with no leaks, the engine is less of a concern than the body which does have several areas of rust to contend with. Maine isn’t known for being kind to vintage metal, so that Burnt Orange exterior will likely need some metal work to keep this Camaro on the road.


One of my favorite things about collector cars is when they retain their original paperwork. All of the documentation comes with this Camaro, which says to me the owners maintained some attention to detail. The woman who has held onto it since high school has a new Corvette in the garage, so she finally let the car of her youth go. The seller here is upfront that he’s simply looking to make a profit on this survivor-grade Chevy, which is at least better than making up some yarn about needing to finance a new business endeavor. Does anyone else think this is a pretty good car?


  1. Vince Habel

    I had a 73 6yl. auto. It was a nice driver.

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  2. Rick

    Icky color and sluggish engine. With 141 K miles, it’s ready to be refreshed, swap in a crate performance small block from GM and 700R4 auto, at least you can go fast even if it doesn’t look that great.

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  3. John H.

    Much poof canning to cover up body patches. Look closely and the “rust is even rusting”. Much better examples around at current price of over $5K. The bodywork will be extensive and costly.

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  4. Luke Fitzgerald

    Love everything but the rot – somebody will lose themselves chasing it round this girl – nice model tho’

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  5. joeinthousandoaks

    Luckily the girls in college didn’t rust like the Camaros.

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  6. JW454

    In my opinion, at $5100.00 it’s already over it’s real value. The amount of rust on this car is staggering. Even the frame section under the oil pan has a big patch welded in.
    I got to say though the seller took enough pictures of the rust areas the new owner should have no surprises.

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  7. JW

    And they call Mustangs Rustangs, so I guess this would be a Rustmaro.

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  8. hhaleblian

    What’s with the girl with the water balloons? An ad for converting a beemer to air suspension?

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  9. jimbosidecar

    Growing up in NH we had a saying about Maine girls too. What is the nicest compliment you can give a Maine girl? Nice tooth.

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    • Jeff Staff

      That’s wrong but oh-so-right. ;-)

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  10. Mike R

    Well, it would be fun trying to burn some of the rubber off of the snow tires.

    Get out the extra-large economy size can of PB Blaster for this one…

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  11. Dennis

    Actually Maine has a bunch of rusty cars.

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  12. the chucker

    If this were a more desirable model (i.e. Z28 or SS) it might be worth it. But not this one.

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  13. 64 bonneville

    The wonderful 307 C.I. engine. The power of a 6 cylinder and the thirst of the 454. Probably one of the worst engines G.M. ever made.

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  14. PRA4SNW

    Back when I was in High School in the late 70s, these were very numerous in the parking lot. And they all seemed to be this color.

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  15. Mark

    It’s a crispy critter!

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