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1971 Ford Maverick: Does it Grab You?


A few years ago, I came across a Ford Maverick Grabber for sale by the side of the road. While I understood it to be purely an appearance package, I still thought it hopped up an otherwise ordinary car to a respectable level. Often, stickers and spoilers only dilute the experience, but this 1971 Grabber on found here on eBay seems like it could be a fun project. The automatic is a let-down and some rust repair is needed, but if you can get it for below the $1,500 Buy-it-Now, it could be cheap enough to justify the bodywork. Since there wasn’t much in the way of added performance, I don’t see these becoming collectors’ items any time soon, but with a slight suspension drop, wider wheels, and a free-flow exhaust, this could be a great choice for cruise night. Anyone agree?


  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    I like the basic shape of the Maverick a lot. Does contemporary Mustang stuff fit if you want to upgrade suspension/brakes/etc.?

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    • John

      For the most part, yes. These were plain, but not really bad cars. We had one with bucket seats and a V8 (302 I think). Every one I’ve ever seen needed floor work. Thse came from close to home for me at the time, Claycomo, MO.

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  2. MH

    No thanks. It’s ugly with no power. Not desirable at all. Worst of all its a ford!!!

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  3. DON

    I’D have to take a pass on this one! :/

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  4. Dan D

    I had a ’73 Mav in my youth. Really liked that car. Had JC Whitney ’65 Mustang wheel covers, mini driving lights, and I flipped the top of the air cleaner on the 200 ci 6 for extra power and sound. Also had cassette deck ‘mounted’ under the front seat with wooden box speakers sliding around the package shelf. Bench seat too!

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  5. Bobsmyuncle

    “Drivers floor has a hole big enough to throw a car through” LOL at least the seller has a sense of humour.

    As for the car… It has little to offer in this condition in my opinion and not much more in good condition.

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  6. JB

    Too bad for the common man that ran the common run of the mill Maverick in 71….its seems to you it was a vehicle that wasnt worthy of respect?

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  7. JW

    I like the style of the grabber Mavericks just needs a V8, but unfortunately this one is way too far gone for my taste.

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  8. Karl

    The upside of a Maverick is that, just like the original Mustang, it’s a prettier version of the basic Falcon. All the mechanicals are the same, and you can hop it up just like a Mustang. Years ago a friend of mine used a V8 Maverick as a donor car to convert a six-cylinder Mustang to V8 power. It was a very easy conversion.
    The downside of a Maverick is that you spend just as much money to bring it back as you would a Mustang, and when you’re done, it’s still a Maverick. It might even be harder and more expensive a restoration because, while probably every last part of a Mustang is readily available, you might find yourself hunting long and hard for Maverick-specific parts.
    A better use for this car–it pains me to say it–would be to do like my friend did, and use it as a parts source to update a six-cylinder Mustang or early Falcon or Ranchero. Any one of those would be more interesting–and more valuable–than a poor old Maverick.

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  9. Mark in Medford

    Ford could have changed the image of the Maverick if they had made a ‘J ‘ Code 302 available and maybe a Boss 302. I do remember that Ford placed the Maverick as an import fighter against Toyotas and Datsuns so its no wonder no real muscle car guy likes Mavericks.

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    • Karl

      Ford didn’t want to do that because they had one eye on Mustang sales while they were marketing the Maverick. Dropping a hot 302 in the lightweight Maverick would have made it a rocket ship that could outrun the bigger, heavier (and way more profitable) Mustang. Want a V8 in your Maverick? Take a 2-barrel and like it.

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  10. randy

    I have seen many of these with 4 wheel discs and hot 302’s. I’d have one if it was NICE!

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  11. grant

    Haha I saw this after I had commented on the mustang, with that said I have had two mavericks a 73 with a 302 4 speed and a 75 six cylinder automatic car. The V8 w door was fun and the 4 door 6 was boring but dead reliable. The 75 drove through a road washout with water pouring in the bottoms of the doors on night in 1996. I have no idea how but it soldiered right through it. Sold it because my girlfriend at the time thought it was going to break down. No joke I see it a few times a month rolling around my little town. Don’t have the girl anymore either but I don’t miss her…

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    • JW

      grant you can always get another girl, classic cars are hard to come by.

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      • grant

        Lol right? As I said I don’t miss her but there’s been more than a few times I was walking and missed that old Mav. Its been 15 years. Saw it this morning….

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  12. Tirefriar

    There’s an ass for every seat…

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  13. vertol

    Had one with a worked 302…..ultimate sleeper car….blew the doors off of new corvettes…

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  14. dordud

    A friend in highschoolhad a four door. Nasty brown with primer spots. The front suspension was shot and it ate front tires like tictacs.
    302 2 barrell.would run like a raped ape!
    I’d love to have a 302 grabber.

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