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1971 MGB GT For $750

1971 MGB GT

After spending yesterday afternoon scouting for roads in Jesse’s MGB GT, I fell in love with these little British cars. Around Boise, it feels somewhat sedate, but the moment you hit some serious twisties it comes into its own! The chassis is very neutral and the engine provides just the right amount of torque to get you up hills without making the car tail happy coming out of the turns. If I didn’t already have several projects, I would jump on this MGB GT that Chuck F found here on craigslist, with an asking price of just $750, this seems like a great buy. Sure it will need lots of work, but parts are cheap and they are very easy to work on. If nothing else, it would be a great parts car. So would you make this Grand Tourer yours?


  1. Avatar photo Jon Tabor

    Oh man, good to know that your potential upcoming event is scouted by an MGB GT! This one here is the same year as mine, though (fortunately) mine’s in better shape.

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    • Avatar photo Josh Staff

      Well we figured we needed to get some shake down miles in, plus if it challenges the handling prowess of the GT it will be a good route for any car! We think we found a route that will give any level of driver or type of car a good workout and lots of thrills!

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  2. Avatar photo L.M.K.

    If not a rust bucket it might be a nice little restorable car. If very rusty , a parts car. The entry fee is reasonable either way…..

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  3. Avatar photo cory

    That’s a pretty good deal, parts or project.

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  4. Avatar photo jim s

    i to think this could be a good deal. other vehicles in background, one looks like a sports car. nice find. you will have to take the same route in your spitfire and see which car you like better.

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    • Avatar photo Josh Staff

      Oh I plan on it Jim! The MGB has more grunt, but the Spitfire is lighter! Once I have gone through the rest of the car we will find out which one is better!

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  5. Avatar photo Jesse Staff

    I don’t know Josh, this one looks pretty rusty! Still, the sum of the parts here has to be more than the asking price. I love my new MGB! It fits my tall frame better than any other sports car I have owned and that includes the Miatas!

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  6. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    I have been looking at lots of ‘Bs’ online lately and they are all over the place on price and condition. Some are in the sweet spot for both—-affordable, yet not too rusty or maybe not rusty at all but in need of interior work or something else that’s not terminal.

    This one is so cheap but in such tough condition that I’d agree with those who say ‘parts car’. I think that for less than it would take to buy this and then make it right you could buy a B that you could drive tomorrow. My problem is finding a B V8 that I can drive tomorrow and also afford.

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  7. Avatar photo Tom S.

    Once again, CL is like a contest for bad photos. You’d need to see this in person to know if there’s structural rust. It could be a solid car. In the limited views available, I don’t see any holes down low. What is parked next to it? At first I thought it was an MGB roadster, but not so sure…

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  8. Avatar photo Mark

    That looks like it could be an overdrive car ( judging by the shift lever shape and location plus the stalk mounted switch I think I can make out) Jesse, this could provide the parts you need to add OD. Its certainly cheap. If it was near me and had OD it’d be gone.


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