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1971 Porsche 914 for $2,500


Wyoming is not a place you would expect to find many sports cars, but there are a few lurking around. The cold winters keep most rear wheel drive cars in their garages for the better part of the year so when they do appear, they usually have low mileage and clean bodies. This 1971 Porsche 914 is far from perfect, but is claimed to still be wearing its original paint and to have only covered 67k miles. Of course this will all need to be verified, but the $2,500 asking price does make it tempting. Find it here on eBay in Laramie, Wyoming.


The seller mentions that this is a two owner car and that it has not been driven since 1998. The engine does run, but understandably could use a tune up. Hopefully the next owner will be able to get that fuel-injection system cleaned up because carb conversions are not always the best option here. I would prefer a later 2.0 because of the extra power and improved shift mechanism, but this 914 could still prove to be a fun little driver.


There is mention of rust in the rockers and trunk so you will want to get some photos of the area under the battery box to see if there is any permanent damage. The interior also shows lots of wear and tear so it might be a good idea to get some more shots of things in there too. These were simple cars, but that Porsche badge can make some parts expensive. I do have my doubts about some of the claims, but if they turn out to be true, this could be a bargain. Just be sure to check on that rust though because it could be the deal breaker here.


  1. Avatar photo Alan Northcott

    So why would you start the auction bidding at $2500, when you can Buy It Now for $2500? Seems confusing.

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  2. Avatar photo Brian

    I’m wondering about the original paint. It appears to have alittle orange peel in it, kinda like resale red. I wonder if the seller means its still the original color rather than original paint? All in all, it’s probably a reasonable B-I-N for $2500.00; unless its more bondo that Porsche. Hold the honor of owning the cheapest Porsche model to keep on the road.

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  3. Avatar photo scot

    ~ About five years ago I found a white ’70 [’69 built] 914 Porsche on craigslist, in the free section less than 5 miles from home. But better yet the fellow delivered it. Sadly, on inspection it wasn’t restorable, but parts of it have been sent across the world to help Porsche owners freshen their projects.

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  4. Avatar photo jim s

    need more and better pictures but i think i see $2500 worth of parts plus a clear title. you could also make the seller an offer. nice find

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  5. Avatar photo MikeH

    Interesting the approach to unsophisticated american buyers. In the US, there was the 914, with the 4 cyl VW engine, and the 914/6 with the Porsche engine–both branded as Porsches. In Germany, the car was a Porsche only if it had the the Porsche engine–otherwise, it was a VW. You can fool American buyers, but don’t try that on the Germans.

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  6. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    Looks like it could be a decent car at a pretty good price, but the marketing could be a lot better, which surprises me when the seller has something that says ‘Porsche’ on it that a lot of people might want.

    More and better photos all taken outside would help a lot. Call your friends to help roll it out of the garage, then back in. Then everyone gets one or two of the beers you bought to reward them while you all shoot the breeze.

    Take the photos with an actual camera, not a cellphone.

    Show pics of the driver’s side rocker and trunk, which the seller mentioned have some rust. And especially the floors, hellhole, and engine compartment, which anyone who knows 914s will want to see before taking things any further.

    And revise the ebay listing to raise the B-I-N price. If people see that the trunk, floors, hellhole, and engine compartment are good, and that it runs with no bad noises, I think it will sell for more than $2.5K. Ebay says that 19 people are viewing this auction per hour.

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  7. Avatar photo Chris

    @MikeH, in Germany the 914/4 was badged as a Volkswagen-Porsche. The badge read “914-VW-Porsche” where “VW” was the famous circle logo.

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  8. Avatar photo Paul B

    I’m curious. Can anyone explain to me the appeal of these cars? I ask because as a distant appreciator of some Porsches such as the 356B & C and 912, I’ve never been able to figure it out. A friend owned one many years ago and when I drove it I found myself most underwhelmed. It was OK but nothing great at all. The VW engine putted away like a little sewing machine behind me, the steering and handling were OK if not great, and same with the shifter. It was adequately but not impressively trimmed or comfortable, and I found the styling odd, un-sexy and unfinished-seeming. I may be missing something, and if so, I vaguely wonder what that might be. Yesterday I drove a friend’s beater 1990 Miata and found it ever so much more inviting and just plain fun than I recall that 914 to be. Somebody fill me in on the desirability of these if you have the time.

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    • Avatar photo jim s

      the way they handled was the draw for me. in the mid 1990s they were in CS (stock) for SCCA autocrossing along with miatas, fieros ( V6, i think ) and a bmw sedan, not sure which 3 series model. the 914 was very fast and sometimes able to win the class.

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    • Avatar photo Dolphin Member

      At the risk of starting on what might be a controversial topic…..but what the heck.

      Top 4 reasons I think people like the 914:
      4. mid engine placement
      3. targa top
      2. says Porsche on it
      1. a fraction of the cost of a 911/912 in similar condition

      Driving dynamics might be the number one reason for owning & driving any optional (non-commuter/grocery getter/family) car that’s bought for fun and kept long-term by someone like you or me Paul, but I think there are a lot of other people out there who buy for very different reasons than driving dynamics. And what with the poor handling of so many cars out there, I’m guessing that from their experience driving bad cars that quite a few people don’t really know what good driving dynamics is, or maybe don’t care as much as they do about the looks, status, or cost of what they drive. Then again, the 914 handles better than most cars out there, which can only help sales.

      I think a 914 like this will always appeal to some young guys for a few reasons, which is probably why ebay now says that 24 people/hour are viewing this auction, with 64 watchers after 2 days, so it’s a little surprising that this 914 isn’t sold yet. Maybe it’s the Wyoming location, or the repaint that Dr. D mentioned, or the not-so-good marketing in this ebay listing, but in the end I’m betting that this 914 will sell.

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      • Avatar photo Paul B

        Thanks for helping me understand this.

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    • Avatar photo Brian

      I can’t speak for those in Porsche circles, but the VW guys have long loved them because they sort of bridge the legendary gap between VW and Porsche that, I’m sure, the VW guys love alot more than the Porsche guys do! They have an element of being fun to drive while still being cheap to run. For the VW guys, its almost an affirmation of how well the VW engine can perform, providing proof that they really were Porsche class! Sorta of like the favored son that works his way out of the slums all the way to Harvard Law School, the family back home couldn’t be more proud and pleased, while his fellow classmates might look down their nose at him as being a wannabe outsider. Having looked over a few of them, I’ve always felt that the bodies were a bit fragile; especially when it comes to rust. Styling was definately 1970s dated but not so swooping as to offend. Personally, I neither love nor hate them. My money would be better spent on a Karman Ghia, but where to find a Ghia that looks as nice as this (even full of bondo) for this kind of money?

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      • Avatar photo Paul B

        Thanks guys. Thoughtful responses. I understand better, and this helps me gain appreciation for the 914.

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  9. Avatar photo Dr. D

    I really doubt this is the original paint since the sail panels are painted, as well as the lower front and rear bumper, which they would not have been originally.

    I agree with JIm S., though, I think there’s more than $2,500 in parts here and it could be a good buy at this price.

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  10. Avatar photo Paul B

    Seems like this could be a good value for a 914 lover.

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  11. Avatar photo Josh Staff

    Having lived in Laramie for 4 years, I wanted to point out a few things. First of all, I drove all over town looking for cars and never spotted this one. I hope that means it’s been in a garage for all these years. The climate in Wyoming is actually quite dry, for getting as much snow as we typically do, but Laramie isn’t like most of the state. Humidity is all over the place. It can be 100% one minute and drop down to 20% the next. If it were kept in doors and out of the parts of town that typically see flooding during the summer than it should be very solid, but if it were left out for a winter or two than I would guess its got rust hiding underneath. Also, the extreme cold can play havoc on electrical components, so be sure to check for electrical issues. If it really was kept in doors and I was still in Laramie, I’d be all over it. The fact that someone from WyoTech hasn’t already bought it is a bit surprising though.

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  12. Avatar photo Jesse Staff

    The listing ended without any bids.

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