1971 Torino Cobra GT For $1,400!

1971 Torino Cobra GT

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Finding any Ford that was factory equipped with a 429 Cobra Jet is exciting. That’s why I got really excited when Barn Finds reader Mark H. emailed us a link to this Torino project. It’s a c-code car so that means it would have had the 429 without Ram Air. That’s fine by me because even without the functional hood scoop, that engine could put out some serious torque. The only problem here is that the big V8 has gone missing. The body is also very rusty. The seller will throw in some fresh sheetmetal, but you are basically paying for a VIN here. With that number you could source all the missing parts and build yourself one impressive muscle car. It wont be easy, but the $1,400 asking price does make it a tempting proposition. Find it here on craigslist out of Gainesville, Georgia. Thanks for the tip Mark!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. SoCal Car Guy

    Looks like a parts car, after it’s been stripped of everything usable. Pass!

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  2. jim s

    it is down to $1295 and i too think your paying for a good title/VIN plates. seems like a lot of title/VIN for sale right now. interesting find.

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  3. Michael

    Ah, no thank you! After fully restoring several 1st and 2nd generation Torino’s the money that would go into sourcing the correct parts alone for this skeleton would make the price too high for admission, even if the seller gave this car away. only a very small number of parts are shared with other models in the Ford line up and very few are being reproduced. Combine that with the LOW prices these are reaching on the market you would have to be doing it for the love of the car

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  4. grant

    I love it. Wish dad was around to ask details on the white one he traded on that accursed Pinto but I do remember this shape. Usual issues though wrong part of the country and it is pretty far gone.

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  5. JW

    Pass !!!

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