Stored 33 Years: 1972 Chevrolet Corvette 454/4-Speed

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After languishing in a shed since 1986, this 1972 Corvette has been brought back out into the light of day, revived, and returned to the road. It features a pretty desirable package of optional equipment and could either be restored or driven and enjoyed exactly as it currently stands. Located in San Antonio, Texas, you will find the Corvette listed for sale here on eBay. The bidding on this muscular classic has reached $15,700, but the reserve hasn’t been met.

With 1972 marking the final year that the Corvette was offered with chrome bumpers at both ends, they have become a firm favorite amongst C3 Corvette enthusiasts. This car was parked in a shed in 1986, and when it was finally revived recently, it was found to be structurally solid. The owner claims that there are no rust issues anywhere, and a specialist inspection is said to have confirmed this. The original Classic White paint is looking tired and marked in a few spots, and it will be the next owner’s decision as to whether they subject the car to a repaint, or whether they choose to retain the Corvette’s originality. As part of the effort to return the car to active duty, it has been fitted with new wheels and tires. However, the original items are included in the sale.

Popping the hood on the Corvette reveals a pleasant surprise. Here you find the original 454ci LS5 engine, producing a healthy 270hp. It sends its power to the rear wheels via a 4-speed manual transmission, although it isn’t clear which version this actually is. The engine is numbers-matching, but the owner doesn’t mention whether the transmission and rear end share this quality. After its long hibernation, the car has been kicked back into life. The fuel system has been cleaned, the original carburetor has been rebuilt, as have the brakes. The car is said to now run and drive perfectly, and the owner uses it on a very regular basis. He also claims that the car has 81,000 original miles on the odometer, but doesn’t mention whether he has any documentary evidence to verify this. The engine has been fitted with aftermarket valve covers, but the originals are included with the car, so it will be pretty easy to return the engine bay to its original appearance.

The original black interior of the Corvette presents quite well for a car of this age, and the only obvious problem is with the armrest on the driver’s door. It appears to be damaged, so a replacement door trim might be in order if the original can’t be repaired. The shifter ball has been replaced, but the original is included with the car. One slightly unusual option fitted to this car, especially for a Corvette Convertible sporting a 454, is factory air conditioning. This currently doesn’t function, and the compressor has been removed. However, it is included with the car, and it will be up to the buyer to get this up and working properly.

In 1972, finding an LS5 under the hood was about as good as it got with a Corvette. That this one still has its original engine and is equipped with both a 4-speed manual transmission and factory A/C makes it that bit better. This is a car that would be a potent performer, but I wonder whether you would restore it, or would you leave it essentially as it is?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    The way I’ve lived my car life I’d love to have something I didn’t have to rebuild to get on the street. Buy it, get the keys, drive it.

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    • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

      Agree, Bob, but I’d fix the AC😅

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      • RayT


        And I’d want to source a new deck lid to lose the luggage rack.

        After that, it’s all about racking up some quality miles!

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        Source a new decklid?

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      • Bob McK

        They don’t have deck lids. This is a 70’s Corvette

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      • Andre

        You’d be sourcing quite a large hunk of fiberglass to get rid of the luggage rack that way….

        I would guess a lot of those who hate on the luggage rack have never owned/lived with a Corvette of that era. Storage is limited to a small area behind the seat, and a couple little hinged compartments… One of which is useless as it houses the battery.

        If you want to bring anything with you other than a case of beer (and a small case) the luggage rack is necessary.

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      • SeaKnight

        It’s a convertible! Don’t care about AC…

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      • PRA4SNW

        Used the luggage rack on my ’70 convertible to go camping. Great addition!
        To me, they don’t look right without it.

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  2. george mattar

    In 1976, I bought a 71 big block Corvette coupe. Low and behold it had the same Mickey Thompson rocker covers. Being an OEM guy, I ordered a set of chrome covers from the Chevy dealer where I worked as the assistant service manager. Yeah, yeah, I know the correct covers for the LS5 were steel jobs painted Chevy orange, but they looked so good. I think I threw the MT covers away. Today, they are bringing decent money. These cars are great cruisers, but they are total gas hogs and that 454 is a ton of weight over the front wheels. I sold the car in 1978 for $6,000. Today, I have a small block 73 4 speed coupe that handles much better than the 71. I still miss the car because 454s are rare. Mine was Brands Hatch Green with matching interior, 4 speed, factory air, ps, but manual brakes. Nice car. I would just finish the mechanical restoration, you know it needs upper and lower front control arm bushings, the ps systems on these cars are terrible, LEAK. The ps control valve in particular and the original copper radiators eventually rot to shreds. Probably needs the rear wheel bearings gone over. GM recommended repacking them every 12,000 miles. Yeah, like it’s easy. Plan on a big job and special tools needed. Don’t forget the emergency brake. They all went bad and again, a pain in the butt job.

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  3. whmracer99

    Had a 74 big block coupe that we added a little horsepower to the 454/automatic drivetrain. Mine also had a/c. I have had several different ‘vettes and this was probably my least favorite. Other than the “Ahhh” factor when folks recognized the cowl induct hood and the little 454 badges it was a rough riding/only fair handling SOB. BUT …… point that thing in a straight line and press the go pedal and the force pushing you into the seat and the noise it made were a great things to behold. This car is worth some major money and, as a basically un-modified big block/4 speed/convertible it certainly wouldn’t be something I’d turn down but probably not something I’d pay major $$ for.

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  4. Srt8

    I had a ’73 with the 454 and auto. While not a horsepower monster it still had plenty of torque and was a blast to drive. It didn’t take me long to discover that I wasn’t a Vette guy so I sold it to a Vette guy.

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  5. Al

    I’d leave it as is. I’d rebuild the engine to 1970 specs for the higher HP to make it more fun. I had a 70 conv 350/350 M22 for 19 yrs, sold in ’99 when moved out of state, with orig Marlboro maroon paint. Could have used a new paint but was orig, great driver w/ 52k orig miles. Used to get a kick out of the vacuum leaks when going full open thru all the gears, the headlights would pop up then go down each shift. Sometimes the wiper door, like this pic shows it raised, would do the same thing in harmony with the headlights, pretty comical when friends saw it happen from the seat 1st time watching lol

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  6. A.J.

    Best laugh, 270 HP from the 454! tons of torque, but my ’71 base 350 also had 270 HP. This had to be a dealer’s personal car because he would be the only guy to order an LS5 with A/C. Everybody else just wanted to beat every other guy from the light.

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  7. John Oliveri

    If my wife would let me, I’d want to buy this 454 factory a/c convertible, best of all worlds, but divorced and living in it is not a option

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  8. TimM

    I hat when they put luggage racks on Vetts too!! However there is no trunk space so if you want to take it on a long journey it’s a means to and end!! Great car though and one of the last years before the government regulation cut horsepower to reduce emissions!!!

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  9. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Ended: Aug 04, 2019 , 8:00PM
    Current bid:US $18,100.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 41 bids ]

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