1972 Datsun 240Z Barn Find

1972 Datsun 240z

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This 240Z looks tempting with a claimed 18k miles on the clock and plenty of dust on top. The seller doesn’t provide much information about the condition of the car and the photos don’t help much either. Too bad because the eBay auction ends tomorrow. If you are anywhere near Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania you may still have enough time to go take a look in person before bidding. Obviously a few people want it because bidding is already up to $8k!

Datsun Inline Six

Datsun’s 2.4 liter inline-six was enough to make it competitive against much more expensive machinery and that got people’s attention when these were new. These were fun, affordable, and functional sports cars!

Rear Hatch

The main concern with one of these early Zs is rust. Usually there’s a lot of the nasty stuff hiding under the surface and I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case here too. It doesn’t look too bad in the photos though…

240Z Interior

The biggest problem with this car, in my opinion, could be the automatic transmission. Luckily, they aren’t hard to swap out for a 4-speed though so it’s not necessarily a deal breaker. Prices seem to just keep going up, so it might be worth picking up if you’ve always wanted a Z-car.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Scotty G

    I agree on the automatic, but, I keep hearing about folks who can’t operate a clutch pedal anymore so I’m starting to be more lenient on manual vs. automatic in my old age.. (low-50s) It’s like the crowd of folks who are dead set against three-wheel motorcycles, but, if it gives an older rider another few years of open motoring, what’s wrong with that?

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  2. JeffStaff

    Truthfully, the automatic could work in someone’s favor if you’ve got a lead on a cheap 4-speed sitting around. Might hold the bidders back who aren’t as inclined to invest in the labor of the swap.

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  3. Alan (Michigan)

    I am constantly amazed that someone would offer out a car on an international stage, asking what for most people is “real” money…..
    And publish so few photos. And a minimal description.
    Equally surprising is that so many gut it out and bid anyway!

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    • jim s

      yet provide the exact address where it and the Chris Craft the zero feedback seller has listed on ebay are located. will both get stolen or sold?

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  4. HoA Howard AMember

    Man, if someone actually thinks this has 18K miles, they’d be hugely mistaken. Seems when odometer’s go over 100K, ( or when they’re turned back) they do that numbers not quite lined up thing. I’m sorry, this is one tired Z car. I happen to know someone that recently bought a low mileage Z car like this, and you could eat off the engine. Big project. What happens to these high mileage, worn out classics, that a nice one could be had for half the restoration cost here?

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  5. SocalJoe

    I agree with Howard, This car was on the road until 1982 that leaves 10 hard years of driving to put it over 100k

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  6. Woodie Man


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  7. francisco

    The whole world’s gone slushbox. There aren’t may of us heel and toe double clutchers around. We’re a dying breed like true conservatives.

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  8. MurrayMember

    Looking at the wear on the right side of that brake pedal sure tells me that is not 18k original miles. Hope the seller can live with himself for representing it that way.

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  9. Luke Fitzgerald

    bollocks its 18K

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  10. racer99

    Agree with some of the other comments about the miles. The more I look the more the miles don’t look correct (the odometer clue is a good one but also look closely at the brake pedal cover — it’s worn through on the right side — and the smattering of aftermarket parts in the engine compartment). The driver’s side fender has been repainted at the bottom and there are no pictures at all of the passenger’s side or underneath the car. Seems like way too much money BUT there are a couple fully restored examples for sale on-line over $100K.

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  11. Bob Salter

    I couldn’t care less the mileage. It has a Trillion mold spores. Gross. Every inch of this car will need attention.

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  12. Jim Norman

    Sold. With 59 bids, it brought $10,451.51. Too bad, that 51 cents was the deal breaker for me. Hah!

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  13. DolphinMember

    Yes this could be converted to manual transmission. There are used cut-out pedal boxes for sale now and then on Ebay or on the Z car groups that someone who wanted to do the cutting/welding could use to turn it into a manual car.

    But the rear of the hatch opening just above the license plate and tail lights has been sprayed black, which should be body color. That’s one of the first topside places to rust, so this car could have been fixed back there. If so, then it will have had rust take hold underneath. The seller says nothing about rust.

    For a ’72 in this condition and an auto transmission, as presented it’s way overbid. If, and only if, it is essentially rust free underneath is this one worth anything close to the winning bid to anyone, since all the systems and the interior will need to be R&R’d, and doesn’t even get to anything the engine needs.

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    • Dean

      Check out the Wheeler Dealers episode on YouTube. They do a conversion putting a manual in to an auto Z like this one

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  14. Brian

    The 4 speed or 5 speed swap is easily done if you have the parts from a donor. But the car was way overpriced.

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