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1972 Ford Mustang: Sprint Package


Here’s a survivor car where it appears the owner has attained the perfect balance of use and preservation! This 1972 Ford Mustang here on eBay is a rare Sprint package edition, of which there were a total of 9,383 made. This car is a touch rarer, thanks to its SportsRoof fastback configuration. The package mainly consisted of a patriotic color scheme, which thankfully the seller preserved when the car was repainted with correctly-matched Ford paint in the 1980s. The interior has always had covers kept on the uniquely-trimmed seats, so those are in excellent condition as well. No word if this car has the performance suspension package, but it does have the optional V8. It’s near impossible to find a Mustang being sold by the original owner, so this seems like a special find to me. The reserve is currently unmet and bidding is over $5,000 – it will be interesting to see what it hammers home for.


  1. Avatar photo redwagon

    im old enough to remember when these came out. i did not care for the new styling then and unlike some others it has not grown on me with time.

    i can remember hanging out in town with friends when one of these went by as new. we looked at each other and began to ask what the heck was ford up to.

    sorry. just not my cup of tea.

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    • Avatar photo Aidan F

      Lol, I was about to turn 21 in1972 and I hated the styling of those 72 mustangs, I personally Drove a Dark(ish) blue ’68 Mustang Coupe with one of my friends owning a ’69 Boss 302

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  2. Avatar photo JW

    I’m no fan of the 71 to 73 Mustangs BUT this one looks nice to me, I like it much better than the Mach1’s of that era, maybe it’s the paint scheme.

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  3. Avatar photo SoCal Car Guy

    The car appears to be very nicely preserved (I’ll pick a couple nits — the white overspray in the wheel wells that’s visible in some of the pics really detracts from the car, as does the filthy engine compartment) and is fairly unique. But, like “redwagon,” this vintage (1971-73″ does absolutely nothing for me. I’d be drooling over a Camaro or Firebird of the same vintage, and like just about any 1964 1/2-1970 Mustang. The only ’71-73 Mustang I’ve ever been interested in was the Boss 351, which was, overall, the best Boss Mustang, period. I wonder how ridiculous the reserve is on this ‘Stang?

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  4. Avatar photo Jim Marshall

    I was a sales manager at a Ford Store when these were new. They were not well received and didn’t sell well. When Ford came out with the GT in 82 they sold like hotcakes at sticker price I might add. It was basically the return of the performance Mustangs.

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  5. Avatar photo Thorsten Krüger

    Is a resprayed car a survivor?

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  6. Avatar photo Diane Andrade

    This reminds me of the Oldsmobile cutles supreme.

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  7. Avatar photo RicK

    Had a coupe one these in about ’85, think I paid like $6-800 for it thinking I could turn it for a few bucks, anyhow drove it for a couple of months and was finally able to get rid of I, think I broke even. Nobody wanted them used either; paint scheme would have made more sense on a ’76 model (i.e. Bicentennial edition)

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  8. Avatar photo Jose Delgadillo

    I guess that I’m in the minority, but these have grown on me over the years. The neighbor across the street had a ’69 Mach One when they were new, I was 13 years old and a car guy already. Yes, these are not as attractive but I still think that they reflect some of the styling trends of the times. These reflect the influence of the ’69 and ’70 Shelby models. Even European influences such as the Monteverdi and Aston Martin.

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  9. Avatar photo Jose Delgadillo

    Here’s a Monteverdi.

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