1972 Mustang Convertible: Peek Show

1972 Mustang Convertible Barn Find

I love a good tease and the seller of this ’72 Mustang Convertible did a good job at taking photos that show just enough of the car to leave us wanting to see more! They bought this car a couple years after it was built and drove it until ’85, when they had to go overseas for work. It went into storage in this barn and that is where it has remained ever since. In the 11 years of actually being used, the seller did a lot of work to this car. They installed a bored out short block engine, with upgraded intake and cam to replace the aging and weak original 351-2V. They also installed some Mach 1 components and a few cosmetic upgrades to give it a more aggressive appearance. Over the past 30 years, they have purchased some parts for it with the plan of fixing it back up. Since they haven’t ever gotten around to fixing it and the barn needs to be cleared out, they have decided to part ways with their Mustang. You can find this project here on eBay in Sale Creek, Tennessee with bidding just over $2,500. While it isn’t original, this one could be a neat project. Since it isn’t original you could modify it without having to feel bad and in the end you would have a sweet convertible!


  1. Furriner

    Too many ‘murrican cars on here recently, Josh…

  2. Mark E

    Hmph! Good example of a project I’d be interested in if it weren’t for one or two things. Both are thousands of miles between here and there…

  3. Mike D

    all along I have liked the aggressive look of the front end work of the 71-73 Mach I , and a convertible Mach I would be awesome (. even if it is a wannabe) . I don’t know what is in the sellers head with the sneaky peek views unless he is hiding something . he states simply that it is a .10 overbore small block.. I am knowledgeable, but that leaves me in the dark .. he also emphasizes what it WAS, not what it IS EVen if the body is in shambles the parts alone are worth more than 2500 also would debate leaving it as an automatic or switch it to a 4 speed .. but.. if I were to buy it.. I would have plenty of time to toss that around

  4. MikeW

    Without better pictures and a good description he won’t meet his reserve or sell the car.

  5. Glen

    I see what appears to be a white powder by the drivers door. I had that happen to my 85 Monty after it sat for several years. I know it doesn’t rust, but Is the powder from the aluminum trim? (just a six, but it was a beautiful car).

  6. jim s

    seller needs to put more work into selling this. pull the cover off and move car to where good photos of whole car can be taken.

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  7. RoughDiamond

    I live in Chattanooga (yes, we are slowly healing and coming together as a city) and am very familiar with Sale Creek, TN. It sits between Chattanooga and Dayton, TN (Darwin and Scopes Trial location) and is about a 30-40 minute drive North. Sale Creek is still a fairly small rural community with a lot of farm land and multi-generations of families. It’s the type of community that you just don’t go knocking on doors unless you have a reason to be there. I cannot speak for this car (who can as you cannot see it), but in my years traveling to and from Dayton I have seen more pieces of junk there than any respectable classic cars. I cannot believe the bidding with the “teaser” photos. Caveat Emptor if someone on here is seriously bidding on it.

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  8. RoughDiamond

    If that car is sitting on a dirt floor as it appears that it is, those floorboards are probably going to be rusted due to moisture. Look at the last pic showing the transmission and shifter (by the way seller from the Q and A section the shifter does “not” have a handle. That white is mold. I would bet that car smells inside as one would expect. I don’t think it qualifies as a Barn Find if you are the one who drove it into the Barn to begin with.

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  9. Dolphin Member

    I’m with those who don’t get the gimmick of teaser photos. You’ve got to want a ’72 convertible an awful lot to buy it unless you live close and can view it. Too many unanswered questions pop up about the car.

    OTOH, with bidding at only $2700 and only inching up, maybe it will be cheap enough for someone to buy ‘on spec’. However, life’s too short, so that person would not be me.

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