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1973 Chevelle SS 454 Wagon!


Yep, you read that right. This Chevelle wagon is fitted with the 454! It only happened for one year (1973) so we doubt you are going to find another one around. It may not be as “unmolested” as the seller has attempted to project in their listing, but because of its rarity, we will let that slide. We really wanted the Yenko inspired wagon that just sold, but this might do. Find it here on eBay with no reserve!


In 1973 Chevrolet redesigned the Chevelle and offered the SS package on the four-door wagon. The mighty 454 V8 was also an option. Unfortunately, emission laws had started to kick in and this version of the 454 was not as mighty as it once had been. Still, 245 horsepower and 375 foot pounds of torque is nothing to be ashamed of, especially in a wagon. The only thing that would make it better would be a four-speed manual on the floor with a Hurst shifter on top.


The seller does use the word “mostly” a lot in their description. That has us a little worried, but at least they were honest about the interior refresh. The seats have been reupholstered and the door panels have been painted. That would normally scare us, but it actually doesn’t look too bad in there.


I’m sure it could still use some sorting, but from the photos, it actually looks decent. The gas bill will be painful, but the combination of sport and utility here just might make up for that. More people would probably be into wagons if manufacturers would do crazy things like this today. The CTS-V comes close, but I’m going to hold out for the new SS in wagon form!


Look it even has the jump seat! Now you can have your muscle car while still thinking about the missus and kidos. It may be a little detuned and slightly homely, but just think of the look on people’s faces when you tell them you own a Chevelle SS 454… wagon!

Happy wagon Wednesday guys! I hope you enjoyed this one.


  1. stanley stalvey

    I Love it, the big engine, and the clean upholstery.. The turbine rims are great. I would really enjoy and have fun with this car.. I think it is set up for towing a boat, RV or something.

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  2. mike desteiguer

    Muscle era ended after 1972.
    Although the ’73 SS is rare….I’d rather have my GM never made ’72 SS454 Chevelle Wagon.
    I’ve designed it as Chevrolet would have.

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  3. Jim-Bob

    The only thing about it that I find really off putting is the beige interior. It’s not that I mind the color, it’s that GM’s beige plastics (and really, any color other than black) of the 1970’s were terrible. They would chalk within 3-5 years and turn to dust within 15-20. It’s likely why the parts were painted. There is a better solution though and that is to have Just Dashes vacuum form new textured vinyl over the old panels and dye them the correct color. It’s about the only way to get lasting results for interior plastics used in cars that do not have reproduction parts available.

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  4. Don Melcher

    In a world where cars no longer come with ashtrays it is contrast to see what appears to be an ashtray for the rear facing seat?

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  5. paul

    Hay this is a find of sorts I guess. By 73 you needed a big block just to hall those huge mandated 400 lbs apiece bumpers, loose the bumpers & you just start to make this a car again, sad but true, even the big blocks were down on power as well. But hay for the right price I guess this would be a cool home depot runner.

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  6. Somer

    I wonder if you replaced the carb. with one of the new EFI units if it would tame the mileage and wake it up a bit?

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    • Mitchell Gildea Member

      Nah swap on a Rochester Quadrajet or Holley and maybe a Gear Venders overdrive unit and you’re solid

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      We made them run pretty good just by re-curving the advance, adding dual exhaust and lifting the metering rods up. They were stifled so badly that they hardly ran. Allow them to breathe and they performed fairly well. I’ve seen lots of ’73 Chevelles chirp the tires after a good tuneup. And they still conformed to federal emissions limits. Go figure. I’ve heard it said many times: ‘if car maintenance was mandated and as stringent as aircraft, emission controls would’ve been 30 years later.’ Many vehicles came to our service department on the end of a hook.

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  7. jim s

    it is a no reserve auction that is still under $4000. this is worth watching to see how the bids go. make a fun family project/driver, hard on gas and rear tires, but still very interesting. great find.

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  8. jim s

    as for the yenko wagon, as i read the listing it is not a real yenko. there seems to a lot of not real yenkos in the world! but it would still be a fun car even without the name. thanks.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      I guess I should have mentioned that it was a Yenko inspired wagon. Still, very cool.

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      • jim s

        yes very cool station wagons. a way around the MPG is to fill all the seats with people who help pay the cost per mile. my biggest fear when i see wagons like these is that the buyer will tranfer all the good stuff to a more ” sporty car “. and in the process turning a very good SW into just a shell.

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  9. Rene

    wouldn’t mind owning this one

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  10. Andrew

    Re:yenko wagon. I think there are more Yenkos now then ever made.
    Re: This wagon. I dig it. I love the big wagons. My dad had a 1980 Impala/Caprice wagon. Carry the whole baseball team.

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  11. PRA4SNW

    My parents had a several year old (maybe a ’75) Malibu Wagon when I got my license. The power plant was more mundane than this, but it was the same color inside and out, except had face wood vinyl on the outside.
    It was fun to use the cruise control (don’t see it on this car’s turn signal stem) on back roads – it would surge when you didn’t want it to. Things a kid will do – LOL!
    Thanks for the memories.

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  12. erikj

    fun looking wagon. I have a gmc 2wd stepside, 1973 also with the 454 stock. These two would have been brothers on the showroom floor then. My truck is well optioned with factory tach,tilt wheel and 12 bolt pozi with option 2- 4-11 gears. GM offered a package called sport coupe with similar set-ups so I always wondered if it was a test to see if anyone would have ordered something like this. They sold very few starting in 1976 I think since the sticker price was a staggering 9-11 grand. Any body know much about these and a value as I would like to find a good home for it? I wonder what this wagon would have sold for back then!

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  13. Mitchell Gildea Member

    Swap out the wheels for some Rallys and add some period-correct tires, bam! I’d take that baby to cruise nights and muscle car shows. These mid-seventies muscle cars and Colonnade GM mid-sizers need more love. I have a a 1974 Buick Regal and whenI drive or ride in it I get thumbs up from passersby. Cool, rare, unique SS!

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  14. Bill

    A truck comparo is good for gas mileage.

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  15. FRED

    i’m not a fan of the color of the interior or exterior color. i love black cars and this would look great black with deep dish crager ss wheels and bigger wider tires in the back and reg.ss’ up front.the motor could be rebuilt to get more hp outta it and somebody mentioned overdrive, that would be great with a b+m tranny and some new posi gears to help with the burnouts…i think it is a great father/son or daughter project if the price doesn’t sky rocket.

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  16. Barzini

    I had no idea this combination was even available in 1973. It makes me wish I had room for another car.

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  17. Joe

    Bidding now at $6800 with a significat transmission leak, rust, needs paint, brakes, probably springs, shocks, ball joints, AC out of car, etc. etc. Who knows what else? Been sitting for 20 yrs and not pampered before that. Probably used as a boat or trailer towing machine! What is it really worth? I don’t think restoration would make sense at this price. In it for $14K before you blink an eye!

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  18. jim s

    sold for $7400. both the buyer and seller should be happy on this one. i sure hope it is not parted out.

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  19. Mitchell Murphy

    To all who have made comments about this car-Thank you, I just bought it. I have heard about these cars all my life but have never seen one. i plan to do a re-paint later on in the stock color. Do it like GM did it and you attract more interest in the long run. I have known about this car last September and almost worked a deal out on a trade. It is a unique piece of GM history being the only real SS wagon ever produced-all others are fakes, whether it be a “tribute, “Clone” or “Re-creation”. Besides, I bought it to compliment my other car-The final produced 1973 Chevelle SS 454 4 speed car at the Kansas City Plant-It is a “COPO” car-built so late that GM put a ’74 block in the car. These are great cars! Ones that you won’t see at all the car shows. Again, thank you for all the comments, good and bad-Mitch

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Congrats Mitchell! Please keep us updated on your progress. Just email a few photos and a description of work done every so often and we will post it to the site. We all love to read these sorts of things and it helps motivate us all to get out in garage. Thanks!

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    • Kyle

      Mitchell, I tried to buy this wagon several times, but the shipping was just too much to Kansas City! Any update on your wagon?

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      • Mitchell murphy

        Kyle- I just checked the website and saw you had left a comment on the wagon. Yes the shipping was expensive but had to do it to achieve the end goal. The only thing that I have done to the wagon is re-build the transmission, it doesn’t leak and shifts smoothly as it should. I really enjoy driving this car! it isn’t a “Chick magnet” but a magnet. I pulled in to our local convenient store and 8 guys walked up to it and started with all kinds of questions. No doubt it is an odd ball piece of GM history. I have always loved the 1973 Chevelle SS cars. I just bought a ’73 El Camino SS 454/400 turbo all matching number car (47,000 actual miles) from the second owner. It has the swivel buckets and console. My favorite car is the Final produced 1973 chevelle SS from the Kansas City Plant! it is one of 600 a 454/4 speed. It was a COPO car with build sheet. It was built so late in the year that GM put a 1974 block in the car. It has 68,000 actual miles on it. So I now have the complete collection of the 1973 cars-coupe, wagon and el camino -all 454 matching number cars. God has been good to me-after all, HE owns it all-i am just a steward of what he has given me to enjoy! Thank You for your interest in the wagon,the ONLY year a true Super Sport was offered by GM.- have a good day my friend, Mitchell

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      • Mitchell Murphy

        Kyle- Contact me when you get a chance regarding the SS wagon at bb1973ss@yahoo.com– Thank you- Mitchell

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    • Utes

      @ Mitchell murphy…
      I’m so pleased to find out I’m not the only soul on the planet who appreciates ’73-’77 GM A-bodied Colonnade coupes.

      Might you be willing to share some pics of your ’73 SS?


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      • Mitchell Murphy

        Yes, I will be glad to…send me your address and I will send you a copy of the article and Cover picture of The Chevelle Report where it was featured. My e-mail is bb1973ss@yahoo.com -Thanks for your interest, Mitchell

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  20. John

    We had a black one of these when I was a kid. Someone had put glasspack mufflers on it but they kept going out. My folks got rid of it while I was off at summer camp. I was heartbroken when I found out.

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  21. robert s

    my dad bought the 1973 chevy malibu wagon, 350 hp new. ended up trading it in for a 1981 chevy chevette… UGH!

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