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1973 Dodge Dart Sport 340 Survivor

Everyone remembers the Dodge Demon, right? It was Dodge’s version of the successful Plymouth Duster. The Demon name was used for the 1971-72 model years but changed to Dart Sport in 1973 because of some supposed secular issues with the name. The Dart Sport 340 was the muscle car version of the former Demon and ’73 would be the last year of that small block in the little compacts. The seller’s 1973 Dart Sport 340 has spent its entire life in Montana, which is known for having the largest migratory elk herd in the nation. It’s in darn nice condition and owned by a collector who has to thin the herd from time to time (sorry, I couldn’t resist). It’s located in Mt. Helena, Montana and available here on eBay where the no reserve auction has climbed to $13,887.

Plymouth rolled out its fastback version of the two-door Valiant in 1970 and hit pay dirt. It was so successful that Dodge lobbied for and got their version of it that they named the Demon. It became the Dart Sport after two years and remained in the Dodge playbook until the retirement of the Dart after 1976. For whatever reason, the Duster always outsold the Dart Sport although they were essentially the same cars. The 340 version of both were sought after at the time by those who wanted speed but didn’t have a lot of money. For 1973, Plymouth sold 15,731 Duster 340s’ to the Dart Sport 340’s 11,315 units. Today, both cars are popular with collectors, due to their simplicity, power, and parts availability. Thanks, Swinger 340 Specials, for production data.

I love a car with a story and this 1973 Dart Sport 340 has one. As we understand it, the original owner was a wheat farmer in Montana who bought the car new. He traded in a 383 Dart GTS, so he wanted to get the most out of his new acquisition and made a few performance mods. This included headers, intake, carb, gearing, and mag wheels. The original parts were retained and will be passed along to the buyer. The seller acquired the car from this fellow a few years ago to add to his own collection. But, as collections go, they will turn over from time-to-time and now is the time for the Dart Sport to move on. This is a well-documented car for which the paperwork has survived and will go with the car, like the original window sticker, warranty papers, sales contract, original title card, brochures, owner’s manual, shop manuals, and original keys on the original fob.

The Dart Sport wears its original paint, Super Blue, which is akin to Petty Blue. It still shines in most places, no doubt being kept in a dry Quonset hut with a concrete floor. While the body is straight overall, it has the usual dings that accumulate over time. There is a big 340 decal on the hood that the seller added, but we’re told it will peel right off. We’re also told there is virtually no rust on the car or any bubbles under the half-vinyl top.  The Dart Sport stripes have some cracks, but the chrome and glass are all good.

Inside the car, things are about as nice as the outside. The car carries bucket seats with a console for the automatic shifter and an aftermarket tach mounted by the steering wheel. Also aftermarket is the radio, but the factory tune-maker is still around and goes with the car. The carpeting has a few small tears and there is one place on the rear seat that could need attention, but that’s about it after nearly 70,000 miles. Oh, the turn signals are acting up and the seller will be toying with them in the interim.

Under the hood is the numbers-matching 340 that the first owner beefed up a bit. It’s said to run strong and sound great with no noticeable smoke, noises, or leaks. The BFG T/A radials were new just a year ago. In addition to the original parts swapped out back then, the seller also has some NOS and reproduction parts that go with the car. If you’re into video clips over still photos, this is your lucky day. The seller has provided the following videos doing a walk around as well as driving the car. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3. But if you also dig photos and the few here don’t float your boat, the seller has uploaded a bunch to a FLICKR album that you can also enjoy.

Hagerty says that $20,000 is the high end for a nice ’73 Dart Sport 340. That sounds low to me. I’ve seen several go for that or more, including ones found here on Barn Finds. Wherever the bidding peaks on this car, more than likely the new owner will be getting his money’s worth.


  1. Moparman Member

    Someone is going to get a really nice buy with this one! GLWTA!! :-)

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    • PatrickM

      Took the words right out of my mouth. GLWTS&B. I really hope the new owner enjoys this. I’d like to have it. I just don’t have the place to keep it. It wouldn’t last the week, where I live, sitting outdoors. Plus, it costs more than this boy can afford. Good looking car!!

  2. DON

    Why did they sell more Dusters than Dart Sports ? Simple- Plymouths were a little cheaper than Dodges . Another reason which is my personal one is that the Plymouth had a much nicer front design.

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    • DrillnFill

      The Dusters also had nicer looking rear ends than the Demons/Dart Sports did IMO. Better stripe packages too

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    • Type R

      I agree 110℅℅℅℅

  3. Fahrvergnugen Farhvergnugen Member

    IMHO I’d rather have that 383 Dart GTS.

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  4. Troy

    I believe the 340 hood decal was on ’71 Dusters with a flat black hood. 340 Wedge if memory serves.

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  5. lc

    Love the car… The seller says the original owner upgraded from a 8 1/4 to a 8 3/4 with 3.91 Sure-Grip… yet the window sticker states the car was ordered with the “A33” Severe service package which is a 9 3/4 inch 3.54:1 Dana 60 and the “D91” Sure Grip. You aren’t going break that.

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    • petemcgee

      A33 was not a Dana 60 in 1973, only in earlier years. In 73 it was HD cooling and suspension on A body cars.
      A33 – Track Pak, Dana-60 Axle Package 3.54 Ratio 1969-71
      A33 – Heavy Duty Package Cooling and Suspension – 1973

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      • lc

        Whew… good to know and thanks.

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  6. K Gun Offense

    Awesome car! So far very reasonably priced. Would not change a thing on this beauty!!!!

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  7. Troy s

    A turn key machine that looks like a lot of fun. The mods to the engine are just right including the aftermarket cam, yet it retains a fairly stock appearance. Most impressive, at least for me, is the sporty interior. I’m thinking these cost more than the 340 Duster just by a little, and cheap muscle was Plymouth’s territory.
    Nice ride.

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  8. Chris

    I could drive this beauty all day long . My friend had one in steel blue

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  9. CJinSD

    I’m very interested to see what this sells for. It seems like a majority of surviving Valiants and Darts are now 340 powered and on the market for prices that would make their austerity hard to enjoy. It is great to see such a fantastic example selling for no reserve. Maybe it will inform the people that have been holding out a year trying to get thirty-five grand for their home made clones.

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  10. Greg

    My buddy and I ‘shared’ a 1970 Duster 340 that he bought at my suggestion for 2,000.00 with only 20,000 miles on it in 1972..3.55 rears and automatic that would run very low 14’s at the track. It was the most fun you could have on a budget IMO and like so many others, we should have kept it :).

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  11. George Louis

    The car is missing the front bumper guards should be with chrome base and rubber biscuit. The steering wheel mounted tach has to go!!!!. What happened to the original factory wheels? I put them back on as well.

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    • petemcgee

      It says right in the ad that the original wheels and hubcaps are included and it shows a pic of them in the ebay ad pics. If you look at the Flickr album, the front bumper guards are pictured, and I assume included.

  12. erikj

    Nice car!!! Wish i had room for it. It would look nice next to my 71 fc7 340 Duster.(Well clashing,I just love clean a-bodys). I really like the history and the slight,but well executed changes.

  13. martinsane

    Clean mopar. I prefer the horizontal taillights of the 1970 versions over the big squares but thats a small preference.

    After removing that silly 340 from the hood before it does damage to the paint and my karma id be happy to own it and drive it.

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  14. Phil D

    Most wouldn’t recognize is as such, since so few were sold with the option, but that “340 Wedge” decal is actually a factory part, but not original to a Dart. It was a part of a appearance option available for the ’71 Duster 340, which was comprised of a satin black painted hood and that decal.

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    • petemcgee

      I’d leave the 340 decal! Looks killer IMHO

  15. FrankY Member

    Had a 1974 Dart Convertripple ( factory crank sun roof and folding rear seats) Column shift 318 ( wanted a 360 Cuda but dad said no)
    Car was Maroon with the exact same white striping and white vinyl roof. I added a new manifold , 4 bbl, and duel exhaust and a set of hood scoops off of a 73. It was a fun car for the years I had it. Got me thru college then real life kicked in and sold it so I could buy a Ford Fiesta since I was now in the real working world and wasn’t t getting any gas money from my Thanks for the memories…

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  16. George Louis

    Yes your comment is correct about the 340 hood decal.

  17. Lowell Peterson

    Did I miss something??manual 4 speed or automatic??

  18. Wanger

    70-71 340s were the best. 72 and up sucked unless you changed the heads to the earlier ones.

  19. George Louis

    AUTOMATIC on the floor inside console with bucket seats.


    My first new car was a 1973 Dodge Dart Sport 340 with a 4 barrel, dual exhaust, buckets, auto on floor, fold down back seat and a sun roof. $3800 with tax! Same color outside with the same stripe only with white buckets. I believe it was the first “convertriple” in Syracuse, N.Y. Wish I still had it. I have owned a 1974 Dodge Dart Sport Hang 10 for 13 years now and enjoy it very much. The car featured looks very nice.

  21. Kevin

    I was the lucky one who purchased this beauty. Both owners took great care of this car. Great driver and has me believing in 340’s now.

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    • Richard Hauk

      Kevin, I was bidding on this car also.. Let me know if and when you sell it please.

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