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Super Rare Spaniard: 1973 Dodge Serra Boulevard

At first look, most people think “old Italian car” and they’re 1/3 correct. It’s a little more complicated than that, but I’ll tell you more below This super-rare 1973 Dodge Serra Boulevard is up for sale here on eBay out of Embrun, Ontario, Canada, at a bid of $4,100 but the reserve is not met, at the time this article is written. Big thanks to Patrick S. and Javier R. for directing our attention to it. Read on to learn more about this fascinating creation!

I’ll admit, I also thought “Italian” – having never actually heard of nor seen one before. My research found that it is basically a Dodge Dart drivetrain underneath an Italian-designed fiberglass body, assembled in Spain from 1972 to 1974.  To be more precise, this one is a Dodge Serra 3700 GT 2+2 Boulevard, based somewhat on the Spanish-market Dodge 3700 sedans that were built by a company called Barrieros. It gets its motivation from a 225-ci Chrysler slant-six “leaning tower of power”, through a four-speed gearbox, driving the rear wheels to an approximate top speed of 175 km/h (109 mph). There were supposed to be at least 50, but only about 18 were completed. I’d love to tell you the rest of the complicated story, but since my space is limited, allow me to direct you to the Serra Boulevard fan page, an article on Drive Tribe, this Wikipedia article on Barrieros, and this one on Bang Shift.

This particular car is one of only about 15 known to exist! As we can see in the pictures, it’s in decent condition. The seller tells us that it’s got 33,000 original miles on it, but the engine was rebuilt recently.  It’s apparently turn-key ready, and we see pictures of all but the engine and undercarriage.

It’s definitely unique, and any of you who have read my previous works on lesser-known cars like the ’72 Suzuki Jimny or the ’61 Lancia Flavia, or the ‘78 Buick LeSabre know that I appreciate the underdogs, oddballs, and “What kind of thing is THAT?” of the Automotive world, and go to lengths to learn, understand, and communicate them to you. That said, I really dig this car. If I had the resources to get and keep it properly, it’s a sure bet that I would have it in my garage. What about you, have you ever heard of or seen one of these?


  1. brettucks

    Never heard of it!

    Would love to see in person- it looks so wide and so short.

    I like it a lot – and the wheels are fantastic!

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  2. Wayne

    First time for me. If looking at the design kind of squinty/cross eyed it starts out Stratos, ends kind of 1st generation Fieroish and in the middle it just gets lost. Looks mean from the front and kind of interesting/cool from the rear. The midsection design just destroys the overall design to me. I like the Mopar mechanicals. So it would be a fun reliable runner. Maybe if they made it a fastback design it would help. We had a guy on here that was good with
    Photo Shop. How about a redesign? It could be an interesting little project.

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  3. Scott Marquis

    Got a vaguely Lancia Stratos vibe going on. I wouldn’t kick it out of my garage.

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  4. mallthus

    As a serious car guy, I’m always happily surprised to learn about a car I hadn’t previously known existed. Not sure a slant six powered 70s coupe is going to ever make it to my dream garage, but it’s not bad looking, especially for the era and pedigree.

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    Interesting. Styling closely resembles the 71-74 Toyota Celica. What a home run there. Had Chryco concentrated on downsizing in the early 1970’s instead of making the luxobarges and bland Aspens in America while making something totally different in another country. Lighter sporty it’s no wonder why they are no longer their own company anymore. Fiat! Who would ever thought

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    • racer-x

      The profile has an AMC look to it. (AMCFan)

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  6. Josh Hughes

    I like it, especially windshield forward. The rear end is also inspired as is the instrument cluster. But for some unknown reason, and I hate to bring this up, the side of the rear roofline gives me a Maverick flashback. I can’t explain why, but I keep visualizing a Maverick. What a curse. I just hope it is restored to its proper glory, as it is a unique and lovely piece of history.

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    • ptcheshire

      Pinto Roof line.

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  7. healeydays

    Guaranteed to be the only one at a auto show.

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    • Will Fox

      Probably the only one on earth! And thankfully so. Uglier than a mud fence.

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  8. nick HOCKMAN Member

    never seen but totally awesome. Amazing never heard of it. Check out the clean version.


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    • John

      That one’s ten times uglier than the one for sale!

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  9. Clipper

    Seems like “Lanca Stratos-meets-AMX” to me. At least styling-wise. Very interesting find…

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  10. Skorzeny

    Completely disagree with Will Fox. I think it looks great! But that slanturkey-6 would have to go.

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  11. angliagt angliagt Member

    The front end reminds me of the old Dart show car.

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  12. Cncbny

    Very rare and cool car… but. Ok, take a brown pinto, put a trunk on it, and stretch the nose long enough for a slant 6. Engineering done! Most amazing part of the post is the slant 6 was rebuilt. You could fill the crankcase with kerosene and run those things on bourbon and not kill em!

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    • Skorzeny

      My fathers slant six let go at 96000 miles. He bought it new and maintained it. Never liked those motors. Never!

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  13. local_sheriff

    OK, I’ve heard of Barrieros but this was completely unknown for me. Not too sure I like the design, but it sure is an ultra rare car well worth preserving! Considering it’s still on Euro plates I’d like to know how it got to Canada and who owned it across the pond?

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  14. coronet

    440 six pack yeah that I ll do it

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  15. John

    Well, I have to joint those who had never heard of it. Interesting car, kinda busy design, though. At least with the slant six, you’d never have to worry about exotic engine parts. You would also have a better than average chance if it bringing you back home from where it took you to (as opposed to certain super-light weight British cars).

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  16. boxdin

    The new looking one showed the same gas pedal as my parents 58 plymouth wagon, my 73 dodge truck, my 76 dodge van and the list goes on. That’s one widely traveled gas pedal design.
    But its a really attractive car.

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  17. Cruiser

    Looks like a X-19 with a Celica grill, Pinto back window, and a rear end from a Lotus. The wheels are pretty sweet though!

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  18. 1902Canoe

    Seller hoping to get $20k USD for it. I live 45 minutes from where it is and was going to look at it until they told me the ask.

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  19. Little_Cars

    I had a Hasbro Amaz-A-Matic toy in the 1970s the emulated this look pretty closely. I always thought the design was imaginary. So what’s the actual production?–“There were supposed to be at least 50, only about 18 were completed. This particular car is one of only about 15 known to exist.” Seems odd that there is a whole fan webpage for a car only a dozen people have in their garage.

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  20. Steve Miller

    Screams Lancia Beta. Bertone infuence?

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  21. Adam

    Looks like an old Italian sports car had a baby with a ford pinto!

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    • Mountainwoodie

      It was a threesome. The other Dad might have been a Dodge Charger…..

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  22. Cattoo

    I like it. Too bad they weren’t put into production and imported to America. The slant six can be hopped up to move a car right quick too.

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  23. Dennis Thompson

    The slant sixes were nice enough engines but I was anticipating a triple Weber setup. Wonder if anyone makes a manifold for them?

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      Mopar had a hop-up kit for the slant 6 cars that included a 4 barrel intake manifold and 2-piece cast iron “headers”, you could buy it from any Dodge or Chrysler-Plymouth dealer’s parts department.

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    • chrlsful

      guys Down Under

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  24. Martin Horrocks

    I live in Spain so know that Serra is the only Spanish coachbuilder of any merit. Based in Bercelona, Serra had a long career, mainly bodying one-offs and small series entirely for the local market.

    His work is good, some better-resolved than others, similar level to a 2nd level Italian house like Moretti or Vignale (post Micholetti). Apparently he worked by eye, so didn´t draw much, and was trusted to work on Pegaso, Rolls, Facel, Iso chassis, as well as the more mundane local Seat and Renault chassis. There´s even a nice swoopy fastback based on a Citroën Dyane!

    If you are in Salamanca, Spain there is a good car museum with several Serra-bodied cars on display. That´s as many as you´ll ever see in one place….

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  25. Frozenibrd

    Cool car and as far as powertrain would be easy to keep on the road. However what would happen if you need a windshield, good luck finding that! Windows sweeps, bumper moldings, weatherstripping along with any other bits and pieces one might need to make it presentable will be impossible to source. It would look really good painted black though.

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  26. Frozenbird

    Btw if you really want to sell this thing open the hood and take some pictures of the rebuilt engine. Also get down really low if you don’t have access to a lift and take some undercarriage shots!!

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  27. robbert


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  28. Bill W

    Barreiros was a subsidiary of Chrysler from the 1960’s to 1979, which would explain the Chrysler parts. It became part of Peugeot when Peugeot purchased Chrysler’s European operations (Barreiros, Simca, Rootes).

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    • Martin Horrocks

      Barreiros was a Spanish industrialist who built various vehicles (trucks, tractors, buses) under license in Franco´s Spain (which was closed to imports) long before becoming a Chrysler subsidiary in 69

      One of the licenses was to build Simca, which only became a Chrysler brand in the late 60s. Barreiros´s activity pre-dates the Chrysler takeover.

      Barreiros also built the Dodge Dart under license form mid 60s onward, but not a subsidary until later.

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      • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

        When Chrysler and Ghia stopped producing the Imperial LeBaron limousines after the 1965 Model run, Barreiros acquired the dies from Ghia and modified another 10 or so Imperial Limousines before they got tired of losing money, as the cars required more hand finishing than expected. I’ve been told the Spanish limousines had major build and finish problems.

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  29. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    I’ve never heard of this car. I’ve never seen one in person, or in pics. I find it more attractive looking at the front, than from the rest of the car.

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  30. boxdin

    The front has a hint of 67 Tbird in the overall shape. I think it looks great.

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