Italian Blonde: 1961 Lancia Flavia 815 Sedan

The word “Flavia” dates back to ancient Roman times, and translates to “blonde” or “golden”. In this case, the “Italian Blonde” is, in fact, a first-production-year 1961 Lancia Flavia 815 sedan, up for sale here on eBay in Flanders,… more»

62k-Mile Survivor 1982 Dodge Challenger

In the beginning, there were Challengers like the white one in Vanishing Point. Today, there are modern-muscle Challengers based on that original design. In between the two, there were the ones like this amazing survivor 1982 Challenger, which just… more»

One-Of-A-Kind 1973 Corvette Wagon!

In 1973, Corvettes were starting to all look the same. A few people with the resources to modify their cars went… a little crazy – which brings us to this one-of-a-kind 1973 Corvette wagon, for sale here on eBay… more»

1-Of-133: 1964 Corvette Convertible L76 327

If you’re a C2 Corvette fan, you need to check this one out! It’s an unrestored 1964 convertible with 365 horsepower engine, air conditioning, and two-tone interior, and it’s available for sale right now here on craigslist in Mount… more»

Big Block Boat: 1969 Chevrolet Caprice 396

Any classic car enthusiast who is not a zillionaire knows that Hi-Po coupes and convertible models of famous marques when in good condition, are largely out of reach of the Average Jane or John Doe. Enter the sedans, in… more»

Believe In This! 36k-Mile 1972 Buick Skylark

Paul Burke was the voice-over actor for Buick commercials in the early ’70s, and the slogan was “Something To Believe In” Well, from the looks of this very-well-kept survivor, for sale here on eBay out of Hartsville, South Carolina,… more»

98k-Mile Survivor! 1985 Pontiac 6000

These cars, what few are left anyway, hold a special place in my memories. I had a beige one, which saw me through high school and my first few years in the United States military. This one, though, is… more»

IH Light Line: 1972 International 1210 Pickup

In the current vintage-automobile market, the hottest American classic trucks today come from the “Big Three” Chrysler, Ford, and GM. Not many people remember that International Harvester made some pretty capable pickup trucks like this 1972 1210, which is… more»

68k Mile Tri-Five! 1957 Chevrolet 210

First off, I want to thank Fred H for suggesting this car to us, because I personally like them. This one might be a four-door, but it appears to have potential as a great project or as a parts… more»

Crispy Fuelie: 1957 Chevrolet Corvette

What a horrific sight! This Fuelie Corvette was a beautiful car not that long ago, but it was struck by tragedy. As a matter of fact, take a look at what it once looked like below and it will… more»

Hidden 1930 Hudson Great Eight Sedan

Let me start out by saying that, before I wrote this, I knew virtually nothing about Hudson automobiles, let alone a wooden-wheeled 1930 sedan like this which AMXBrian brought to our attention. It just so happens that it’s for… more»

The Real Hot Hatch? 1975 Chevrolet Corvette

I’m sure your about to say, “The Corvette didn’t have opening hatches until 1982!” Well, yes, that’s correct – unless you had yours converted with the Eckler’s kit as this car does. This car clearly has other performance upgrades… more»

Overlander’s Dream: 1977 Chevrolet Blazer Chalet

Overlanding, for those unfamiliar, is all about getting out away from civilization with a vehicle capable of carrying you and everything you need to survive. It’s sort of like a Safari minus the Pith Helmets and British accents. Vehicles… more»

30-Year Slumber: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS

The Camaro is one of the quintessential vehicles from the Muscle Car era. Everyone who was alive when these debuted or has since developed an appreciation of vintage tin, knows what they are and maybe even wants to own… more»

74k Mile Survivor: 1939 Plymouth P7

Okay, so, we all know that pre-war cars and trucks are being discovered more and more by Barn Finders like you and I, right? And, most of them are in some level of rough shape, right? Well, not this… more»

Pete’s Place: Massive Stash In Pennsylvania

Right now, in the Eastern part of Pennsylvania, lies about 8 acres of vintage tin, some of which is being reclaimed by Mother Nature, most of which is still salvageable, but all can be for sale for the right… more»