L-82 Pace Car: 1978 Corvette 25th Anniversary

Not just “another Corvette”, this 1978 25th Anniversary Edition is for sale here on craigslist in the humble town of Mt. Union, Pennsylvania near Altoona. Interested? Read… more»

250k Mile! 1969 Chevrolet Caprice

We here at Barn Finds, and many of you at home reading, see low-mileage this and rare-that all the time. How often do any of us see… more»

Reasonably Priced: 1976 Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne

This 1976 Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne looks to be in very nice shape and, based on the current market for Square Body goodness, priced reasonably in the… more»

Is That A GM “Old-Look” Transit Bus?

This is definitely something that we here don’t see often… it appears, to our untrained eyes, to be a public-transit bus from the 1940s and 1950s –… more»

S’Cool Bus: 1957 Chevrolet 4100

Okay, so, when we think of a school bus, we think of a long, yellow brick with flashing lights and young, impressionable minds inside, right? Let’s look… more»

Snowy Swede: 1962 Volvo 544

This, dear readers, is 1962 Volvo 544 that has been off the road since 1973 and doesn’t run, but it is available for $1,500 here on craigslist in… more»

Newport Pleasure: 1966 Chrysler Survivor

A true survivor, no two ways about it, This 1966 Chrysler Newport has just 60,000 original miles, just recently saw the light of day after 38 years… more»

Rare Shortbed: 1977 Power Wagon

This poor, unfortunate 1977 Dodge D150 Power Wagon had been sitting for about 20 years, and when found, it had moss growing on it. Now, it’s been… more»

Buford T. Justice: 1985 Pontiac Parisienne

Okay, so it’s not exactly the same, but it sure looks a lot like the one that Sheriff Buford T. Justice (Jackie Gleason) drove and The Bandit… more»

French Loaf: 1970 Citröen DS ID21F

If this style of car looks familiar to you, you’ve been paying attention in the vintage-automobile scene. That’s correct, it is indeed a Citroën DS platform station… more»

Merry Mel-O-Dee: 1959 Chevrolet Ice Cream Truck

Here’s another that you definitely don’t see every day: A 1959 Chevrolet 3100 pickup chassis under a Good Humor ice cream truck body. Sure, there were hundreds… more»

Lost In the Mail: 1963 Studebaker Postal Van

Wow, now THIS is seriously rare. Many of you will immediately recognize the exterior, but when was the last time you actually saw one? It’s real, it’s… more»

Cobra Fighter: 1970 DeTomaso Mangusta

“What’s that? Looks like an old Lamborghini”. Well, maybe a little bit… but no, this is something even more special. Like, 1-of-400 special. This is a 1970… more»

Rocket Wagon: 1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, General Motors pulled the plug on a now-iconic car in the same year that George Lucas debuted… more»

Conversation Starter: 18k Mile 1987 Yugo GV

Okay, so, there have been more than a few Yugo featured on here over the years, however, this one caught our eyes when the seller bravely combined… more»

Green Machine: 1934 Ford BB Dump Truck

No, not “green” as in eco-friendly… “green” as in painted green. This decent-condition 1934 Ford model BB dump truck has just been pulled from a barn after languishing… more»

White Lightning: 1947 Ford DeLuxe Custom

At first look, this beauty evokes memories of the ’50s and all the trappings that come along: Poodle skirts, Pompadour and Duck-Tail hairstyles, rolled-cuff jeans, Drive-Ins, and… more»

Will It Buff Out? 1985 Isuzu P’up Diesel

Admittedly, no, it probably won’t. The hood might, but that’s about it. It might still be fixable, though, and it definitely has some value. It’s currently available… more»

Big Blue Square Body: 1989 Chevrolet K3500 Utility

Square-body (1973-1991) Chevrolet C/K/R/V series trucks and SUVs have gained a major following in recent years, for many reasons. At present, the first- and second- generation C-series… more»

1971 Chevrolet Corvette For Under $10 Grand?

Amazingly enough, yes! And not just a pile of parts or a wrecked mess, either! For sale here on eBay and with a BIN price of $9,999, this… more»

61k Original Miles: 1986 Chyrsler LeBaron Convertible

While not exactly a “barn find”, you’d be hard-pressed to find one of these 1986 Chrysler LeBaron Convertibles anywhere anymore, particularly a turbo one, with the woody… more»

Rare Luxury: 1974 Buick LeSabre Luxus

When we think of the mid-1970s, what cars stand out in our minds? Is it the Big Three’s desperate attempts at compacts (Vega, Luv, Pinto, Courier, Colt,… more»

Rust Free 49K Mile 1981 Honda Civic

Yes, you read that correctly.  This amazing-looking 1981 Honda Civic, which started its American journey in Texas, is for sale here on craigslist by the second owner… more»

48k-Mile LHD: 1959 Hillman Minx Convertible

Talk about a TRUE barn-find! This left-hand-drive 1959 Hillman Minx convertible,  is for sale here on Craigslist in Delaware, and it definitely checks all the boxes!