2,800 Miles! Amazing 1970 Ford F-100

We at Barn Finds love to see a well-preserved example of vintage tin, and this F-100 fits that bill with an astonishing 2,800 original miles! It’s up for sale right now, here on eBay in Phoenix, Arizona. Let’s check… more»

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Holy Grail: 1971 Schwinn Sting-Ray “Grey Ghost”

Our faithful readers and fans know that we usually stick to motorized classics and antiques, however we saw this and just HAD to tell you about it! It’s up for sale right now here on eBay in Benton, Arkansas,… more»

1976 Chevrolet “Good Times” Custom Van

Our mission to bring you the weird, wild, and wonderful of not-quite-perfect automobiles has led us to this ’76 Chevy G20 van, a.k.a. the “Good Times Machine” and it’s up for sale here on eBay out of St. Charles,… more»

Oval Down Under: 1956 Volkswagen Beetle

Talk about a car you really don’t see every day, this one has to be in the top 10! It’s a right-hand drive, oval-window model and it hails from Sydney, Australia! It’s up for sale here on eBay Australia… more»

Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing: 1967 Fiberfab Avenger GT-12

We don’t usually think of kit cars when we discuss neglected classics, however one of our readers found one that’s worth a quick look. It’s a Beetle-based machine and it’s listed for sale here on craigslist in Hickory, North… more»

Hidden For 57 Years: Customized 1952 Henry J

In our continuing mission to bring you the weird, wild, and wonderful of the barn-found-automobile world, we present you with this extremely-customized piece of work. It’s been in hiding for a long time, but it’s out in the sunlight… more»

53 Years In Storage: 1957 Cadillac Biarritz Convertible

Talk about a car we don’t see every day, this is truly a rare find among rare finds! Only about 1,800 of these were ever made, and this one can be yours if you make a deal through this… more»

Shoebox Shorty: Custom 1956 Chevy 210

Barn Finds loves presenting oddballs and not-often-seen-anymore vehicles to you, alongside the more popular makes and models. Most times, they need help, but in this case, it seems to need very little to be enjoyed right away. Let’s look… more»

Mopar Motivated: 1968 Bristol 409 Barn Find

We at Barn Finds thoroughly enjoy finding old, obscure automobiles and telling you about them, and this Bristol is a perfect example. It’s currently up for sale here on craigslist near Encino, California, and its rarity warrants a closer… more»

Turbine-Powered Legend: Barris Kustom Turbo-Sonic

Every so often, we at Barn Finds get word of a one-of-a-kind vintage automobile up for sale. Oftentimes, they’re a niche-market vehicle known only to a handful of dedicated enthusiasts, but this one was (and still is in some… more»

Dirty Drop-Top: 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible

In the true spirit of barn-stored classic/vintage cars, we present to you this rather derelict ’69 Cutlass, for sale here on craigslist in rural Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Intrigued? Let’s look a bit closer!

Rare Find: 1960 Datsun Pickup

We at Barn Finds take pride in presenting to you the truly rare and special pieces of Automotive history. This particular vehicle just happens to be one of those, and it’s up for sale here on eBay from South… more»

Barn Fresh! 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 Convertible

  It’s not often that we see a ’57 Olds anymore, let alone a convertible, but this one is fresh out of the barn and up for sale here on eBay out of Maple Shade, New Jersey. The bid… more»

10k-Mile Survivor! 1979 Corvette L-82

C3 Corvettes, specifically the 1973-1982, represent a relative bargain in the classic-car market today. Yours truly owned a ’76 and later a ’79 a few years back. Our own Jesse Mortensen put his ’79 up for sale almost exactly… more»

Would You Drive It? 1985 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Brougham Diesel

We here at Barn Finds appreciate the out-of-the-ordinary classics – vehicles that were once commonplace but now occupy a small niche of the broad vintage-vehicle spectrum. This car is one of those machines, and it just so happens that… more»

Stored For 37 Years! Sunbeam Alpine

Every so often, we are presented with a barn find that makes us think and wonder what the previous owners were thinking, and this little British coupe is one of those. It’s up for bids here on eBay out… more»