Ready To Roll! 1949 International KB-2 Pickup

When we think of post-war pickups, the big names usually come to mind first. Ford, Chevy, Dodge…but International doesn’t usually roll off the tongue. This running, driving example is up for sale here on eBay out of Richmond, Minnesota…. more»

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Super-Low-Miles? 1958 Triumph TR3

Vintage British tin has emerged as collectible classics that don’t have as much of a ridiculously high cost of entry, as compared to many other genres. This particular example is up for sale right now, here on craigslist in… more»

One Of A Kind: Prototype 1999 Shelby Series 1

If you love supercars and have a dream to own something truly special, this car is for you! It’s a real-deal prototype of the Shelby Series 1 and it’s coming up soon here on the Mecum auction block. What’s… more»

Hallo Vrienden! 1967 Goggomobil Panel

If you speak Dutch, you know that “hallo vrienden” means “hello friends” in English, and this rather rare Goggomobil is for sale here on classic-trader in Terborg, Netherlands. Read on to learn more! (thanks to reader Jeff for the… more»

Vintage Racer: 1951 Bandini Crosley Devin

We at BarnFinds enjoy all sorts of vintage wheeled machines, from Avanti to Zamboni, and everything in-between. Every so often, something truly fascinating comes along, and we just have to tell you about it! In this case, it’s a… more»

Kei Convertible! 1992 Suzuki Cappuccino

The word “kei” in Japanese has multiple meanings and translations to English, but kei cars are synonymous with compact bodies and small engines, that get good fuel economy and fit into tight spaces. This particular one is up for… more»

Stored 25 Years! 1955 Cadillac Miller Ambulance

If you like vintage and antique Professional Cars or emergency vehicles, you need to see this! It’s a ’55 Caddy with Miller ambulance body, and it’s for sale here on eBay out of Illinois. Hurry, though, because time is… more»

Original Paint? 32k Mile 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air

Before the days of long fins and miles of chrome trim, cars had a more conservative look. This ’54 Bel Air is an excellent example of that post-war low-key look, and it’s available here on eBay. Thanks go to… more»

More Than Meets The Eye: 1979 Hurst/Olds W-30

The last of the 1970s W-machines were unlike many of their contemporaries, in that the moniker was more than just an appearance package. This one is up for sale right now, here on craigslist from Santa Rosa, California. Read… more»

1-Of-3? 1991 Ford Crown Victoria LTD LX Wagon

Family-hauler fans, you might want to check this out! It’s allegedly one of three produced with this color combo, and it’s up for sale here on eBay in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Let’s check it out!

No Reserve Driver: 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300D

If you appreciate or are in the market for a classic Benz, you’ll want to see this! It’s an ’84 300D that was brought to America from Germany, and it’s for sale right now here on eBay out of… more»

Bicentennial Boat: 1976 Lincoln Continental Mk IV Bill Blass

For the fans of big Lincoln personal-luxury cars from the ’70s, we present to you a ’76 Continental Mk IV Designer Edition, and this mostly-original example is available here on craigslist in Dayton, Ohio. Thank you to Roger for… more»

Rare Ride: 1963 Bill Thomas Cheetah

If you’ve never heard of this car, don’t worry: Neither had we. It’s currently up for sale through this craigslist posting near St. Louis, Missouri. If you’re intrigued, read on to find out more! Special thanks go to Ikey… more»

25k-Mile Garage Find! 1940 Buick Super

If you’re a fan of pre-war autos, you’ll want to take a gander at this dusty Texas tank! It’s available through this craigslist ad on the edge of Austin, Texas. Keep reading to see more about it!, and thank-you… more»

Road-Ready! 1978 Dodge Power Wagon W200 Crew Cab

At one time, this yellow crew-cab wore a blue outfit and aimed high in the United States Air Force. Now, after a stint in the Forest Service, it can be yours to drive away from this eBay auction in… more»

Stored 40 Years! 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV

For our readers who are fans of classic Italian sports cars, you’ll want to check this out! It’s a ’71 GTV and it only has a couple of days left on the eBay auction here. Let’s check it out… more»