Special Driver: 1973 Barracuda 340

1973 Plymouth Barracuda 340

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While a Hemi Cuda might be the more desirable muscle car, I would be perfectly happy to own this Barracuda 340. The 340 was definitely an improvement over the 318 and offered a reasonable 240 horsepower. This example has been in storage for the past 18 years. The seller has it back on the road, but has decided to part ways with it. Find it here on eBay in Marlboro, New Jersey.

1973 Plymouth Barracuda

This car isn’t perfect, it has a non-original transmission but is otherwise in good shape. It’s had an older respray, but the paint looks good. They claim they were able to drive it from Staten Island to New Jersey without any issues, so hopefully it is still running this well.

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  1. Rando

    The ebay ad says 360 and auto. 340 is gone. Original value gone. Looks kinda rough in places. engine room has been painted black. Wonder what the original color was? Protourers could have a field day with this one.

    Core support looks a little wavy near the hood striker – damaged? Some messy wiring – looks like electronic ignition – could be the lean burn 360? I honestly don’t know.

    Antenna missing. disconnected puke can on pass side. Lots of questions for me if I were going to drop almost 25 large on a “driver” – looks like a “fixer upper” to me. It may be straight but going to be some rust abatement required.

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  2. Rob

    The neighbor sure likes white Cadillac Eldo convertibles.

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  3. Bob Semrad

    There is a reddish color under the hood on top of the firewall area and the driver’s side fender, both under hood.

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  4. Steven C

    Staten island to marlboro, nj is a 25 mile drive. Not really something I’d call a reliability endurance run.

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  5. George

    Some of the pictures in the eBay ad show some pretty wavy body work for being “Laser Straight” At least one area of visible bondo.

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    Magnet required

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  7. DolphinMember

    Nice body design. I like these at least as much as Camaro bodies. Now that I think about it, maybe more because they are a clean, aggressive design that’s less common.

    But I disagree with the seller (“there is no major rot on the car”) and agree with George—there is bondo and lots of bubbles / small paint glitches that tell me that the body will need some work to be right, and then a repaint. It would not be worth the $25K entry cost + the body / paint cost to me.

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  8. Blindmarc

    I personally have owned more mopars in. The last 40 years than anything else. This could be a decent car, but not at the asking price. 12k TOPS! And still would need media blast to find the hidden damage. It isn’t worth crap without the original 340.

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  9. M B

    The 340 V-8 was replaced by the 360 by 1973, I believe. Same basic cam and such, just emissions controls and a little lower compression ratio. One thing Chrysler did was to keep putting the premium “guts” in their HO 4bbl motors right up until the end. After all, they still had the police market to deal with!

    “Rust” has different definitions depending in which part of the country you are in. In some regions, if you can’t put your fist through the hole, it’s not too rusty. I suspect that any major body panels are now in repro, if needed.

    Obviously, this car doesn’t have the “history” to make it worth top money. It could still be a neat “first car” for somebody, though. Otherwise, it MIGHT be cost-effective to redo it correctly. Numbers Match might not be that important, all things considered, for this emissions-era pony muscle car, but as long as what’s on the data plate matches what’s in the car, that’s a start. Just not quite the “fast flip”some might desire.

    Being it’s history is from “up north”, might need an aftermarket integrated a/c system.

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    • Furyrestored

      The 340 was still a option in 1973 1974 it went bye bye and the 360 was the replacement ..all e bodies bring good money but I would say this one is a little overpriced at the shape it is in presently

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  10. BillB

    A common poor body work cover up for pics—> Spraying water over it…

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