1973 Pontiac LeMans Sport Coupe Survivor

In 1973, Pontiac introduced a new body style for the LeMans on a 112-inch wheelbase.  The car came in several models including 4,806 optioned with the GTO package. This car is a 1973 Pontiac LeMans Sport Coupe located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Painted in white with a red interior, the car is listed here on Craigslist for $8,500. Almost 51,000 Pontiac LeMans Sport Coupes were sold in 1973.

The interior looks very presentable for a car that has spent much of its life in the Southwest United States. The dash is covered so we cannot tell whether the dash has any cracks in it. The body panels look good and the paint appears shiny. The seller states that the car has no rust. This LeMans is said to run and drive very nicely and this body style is finally appreciating in value. The seller states that he believes that the car has 192,000 total miles on it. Equipped with a column shift automatic transmission and bucket seats, there are no engine pictures but the badge on the front grill states that it has a Pontiac 350 cubic inch V8 engine.

I have always liked the looks of these cars but prefer the NACA scoops on the hood that came with the GTO. This car has the front bumperettes and appears to be in pretty good shape with no dents or major scratches. The 1973 LeMans came with the federally required 5 mph front bumper and it had single headlights compared to 1972 dual headlights. The base engine in 1973 for the Sport Coupe was the Pontiac 350 cubic inch V8 equipped with a 2 bbl carburetor. The engine only produced 150 horsepower compared to the optional 400 cubic inch engine which produced 170 horsepower with a 2 bbl carburetor and a 230-horsepower with a 4 bbl carburetor. The top motor option was a 455 cubic inch V8 that generated 230 horsepower.

With Rally II wheels and the swoopy lines, the 1973 LeMans was definitely a new design compared to the 1964-1967 year model and the 1968-1972 year model. The buyer states that the upholstery, tires and steering wheel are new. What do you think? Do you like this design or hate it? What would you do if you bought this car?


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  1. Moparman Member

    A VERY nice car and presentation! This car has a full complement of gauges; the front/rear bumper guards are aftermarket. GLWTS!! :-)

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  2. Jim in FL

    I love that steering wheel. I’ve never seen one of these, and I had a pair of 73 Grand Ams. Nice presentation and a solid car. If it’s as presented, win-win for the seller and buyer at that price. With the mileage, an engine rebuild will eventually come up.

    What would I do? Make sure it has ac and that it works, lose the whitewalls for more aggressive tires, get rid of the doofy bumper overriders. Oh, and re-shim the doors. I’m sure they are sagging, the things are huge. Then you’ve got a nice head turning daily driver for Miata money.

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    • JOHN Member

      The steering wheel is an aftermarket piece by Grant, called “Classic Nostalgia” Beautiful car, a wonderful survivor. I always thought about tubbing one of these, find one minus the drivetrain, rusty trunk, etc. I wouldn’t cut up a nice car. The rear view would have to be awesome with the huge tires and that flat fender/trunk design… then tuck that front bumper way in!

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      • Jim in FL

        Thanks John – I really like that wheel! The colonnade coupes get little love, but they are really well thought out. Think about one of these versus a 72 lemans. I may be in the minority, but better looking in my opinion. I love that rear 3/4 view. I had air shocks on one of my Grand Ams, but it looked odd jacked up. I like your idea. Tubbed with some wider wheels, but still keep the body low enough to look normal. I’m going to the google to see if I can find a pic of something like that.

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  3. Rosco

    Good looking car and seems to be priced right.

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  4. jerry z

    Always like this body style compared to the Grand Prix. It does need a Grand Am nose though.

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  5. art

    If 192,000 miles, I think the driver must have weighed 45 pounds.
    Those seats, if not re-upholstered, look great. The whole car looks great.

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  6. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Looks pretty good overall especially if it does have 192K on the odometer. The bumper guards may look dorky to many, right up to the point that someone tries to park by feel ahead of or behind it. About the only thing I never cared much for on these was the tail lights. IMO they never seemed to fit with the rest of the body.
    The a/c will need work but if the rest of the car is as good as it looks, someone could get into a good looking car for some reasonable $$ IMO.

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  7. Andrew Franks

    Love the design, hate the color.

  8. md

    92k miles would have been believable…change the column and add the console and you’re done!

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  9. John Oliveri

    Not to be a ass, but I’ve owned so many luxury and foreign cars since 1978, currently in my garage is a 2018 E43 AMG, but my favorite car of all time is my first, my 73 Pontiac Luxury Lemans, it was black w white interior full white top and every conceivable option available in 1973, it was a beautiful car, rode great and stood out amongst the Grand Prixs and Monte Carlos and Regals during NYC Disco days, I actually replaced it 15 yrs ago w the same colors 73 Grand Prix, cause I couldn’t find a loaded Luxury Lemans anywhere, if you have one let me know

  10. Joe Spinelli

    Love this car had one many years ago wish I kept it mine had a floor shifter with a full length this one I just don’t get

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    • Joe Spinelli

      Full length console

  11. David Ulrey

    Much better overall look than the Chevrolet of this generation.

  12. w9bag

    This was the very first car that my friend, John, owned. His was maroon, with the full console & floor mounted shifter. It had 33K miles on it. 350 QJ. He put some headers on it, and a nice muffler system. It was a really nice car that we went cruising with on a Saturday night down Wabash Avenue in the mid 70’s. Fond memories.

  13. local_sheriff

    Wow. This LeMans has been on BF a day and still no chorus singing Colonnade cars are ‘just ugly’, ‘lazy’ or ’64-72 A-bodies were SO much better’. Does that mean the tide has turned and they’re finally getting the attention they deserve…?

    Personally I’ve never understood what’s really bad about them. This LeMans seems so pampered and decently priced. If I were to pick it’d be a strong ‘BF of the year’ award contender

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  14. TimM

    Great looking car that’s been well cared for and a seller that tells the real mileage of his car!!! Someone telling the truth about there car!!!

  15. Wayne

    I worked at a Pontiac store when these came out. I liked the body style with the exception of the “shelf” bumpers. I saw one about a year ago where someone took the time to “tuck” both the front and rear bumpers in close to the body. What a huge difference it made. Working at a dealer I did have the chance to drive the ’73 and ’72 back to back. As much as I loved the ’72 the “73 rode nicer and handled better. The ’72 however was a stronger car. We sold a ’73 coupe to a gentleman who only made it 1/8 of a block away from the dealership before being rear ended at a fairly slow speed. The car was totaled. It has hit dead flat on the bumper with no real visible body damage. But the frame twisted and was rubbing the ground! Once the shop personnel saw that we put one of each up on lifts to inspect. No doubt about it, the ’72 had a better/stronger frame. You could see where GM relied on the body of the ’73 to cut down on frame flex. Where the ’72 frame had no such requirements. But still the ’73 cars and later were very nice driving machines. Make mine a Grand Am with a 455 4 speed thank you!

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