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READER AD: 1974 AMC Gremlin X Survivor

What Makes It Special? It’s a true survivor Gremlin X in rare Mellow Yellow/Orange combo with 14″ rally wheels. The paint is factory original as is the interior. All of the rubber seals are soft. The front windshield is brand new but all other glass is factory. Has original space saver spare and inflator.

Body Condition: Original paint in very good condition. The driver’s side front fender and the hood has a little damage. There are a few small rust spots on the passenger rear wheel well and a spot behind it. The underside is solid with factory paint, some surface rust, and undercoating.

Mechanical Condition: Runs and drives. The transmission has been rebuilt (seals leaked from non-use). The carburetor is rebuilt but temperamental from sitting. Brakes are drum and stop fair. Powerbooster is new. AC does not currently work as it needs a new condenser. The radiator could use a clean out. Otherwise, it’s a nice driving car.

Seller’s Listing: Here on eBay

What a sweet looking machine! The paint scheme is killer and looks great considering it’s all original. It’s a bummer about the rust spots and the fender bender, but it’s still one cool ride. So, would you cruise around in this Gremlin?

  • Asking Price: $7,000 reserve
  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri
  • Mileage: 41550
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: A4A465E441652

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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Nice ride! For you AMC people, this looks like fun. https://www.visitkenosha.com/events/simmons-summer-kickoff-block-party

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi Mike, looks like fun, but not to be confused with the AMC homecoming, the next one slated for late July, 2020. I was at one of them,( 2014, I think) and was in AMC heaven. You name it, it was there. I was especially impressed with the SC/Rambler and “Machine” entries ( even though some may have been clones). If you are in the area next year, I highly recommend it.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Thanks for the Homecoming heads up Howard. I looked and no date yet, but I am going to keep an eye open for it. Years ago we worked near the old plant. Had lunch at a tavern near there that the back bar was plastered with AMC emblems on the wall. Pretty cool, wish I could remember the taverns name. I’d like to stop back. Take care, Mike.

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      • Stillrunners

        Nice !

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  2. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Younger brother had one of these. It was a 6 cylinder with a manual tranny IIRC. He drove it a lot of years and from what I remember he did not have many if any issues with it.

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  3. Miguel

    No mention on what engine it has?

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  4. Howard A Member

    If you lived in the midwest, and this car doesn’t bring a smile to your face, something’s wrong. The Gremlin was the pride and joy of Milwaukenosha, we beat them all to the US economy car era. They were so popular ( handed them out as graduation presents, for heavens sake) either you had one or knew someone that did.
    This one is simply fantastic, little pricey, but try and find another, as most led a rough life. The “X” was really a pretty nice car, but you could get a pretty basic Gremlin, like no back seat or arm rests, etc. I believe they even undercut the VW, the cheapest car at the time. AMC cranked them out by the jillions, as this picture shows. What happened to them all?

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  5. Urquiola

    Nice car!
    But I’d say the most interesting of Gremlins is that with an Audi 2 litres four cylinder engine, just this takes out over 100 kg total weight; fuel economy, performances, is very much improved

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    • Robert F Lays

      The Audi engine in this car made it a dog, had no torque. The gas mileage- was not good because the engine had to try so hard to do what the smaller 232 (3.8 liter) 6 cylinder accomplished. The larger 258 (4.2) actually made the car feel fairly sprightly for the time… until the 304 (5 liter) engine came along!

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      • Urquiola

        Thanks. I’m a bit surprised by your comment, as the 1’100 kg of Gremlin with 2 litres, 70 to 75 HP, Audi engine is in the line of weight and power of many European cars whose owners did not complain.
        If you drove a Gremlin with the 4 cylinder Audi engine, I won’t discuss you, it would be as one of the Marx brothers said, I guess in ‘Duck soup’: ‘Who are you going to believe, me or what you’ve seen?’

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    • Jude

      Mine was purple/blue. Wish I had it now.

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  6. Karl

    With the V8 these homely little ducks were reasonably fast especially with the manual tranny.

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  7. Tom

    If you lived in SE Michigan in the 70’s, you were on the lookout for a blue Gremlin which the Oakland County serial child killer was believed to have driven;

    I like this one – no stories.

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  8. Butchb

    I’ve heard there were about 660,000 built. Had a Gremlin X 6cyl manual in High School. Drove it hard, sold to a classmate who drove it for many years. Have a 73 now. Bought in CA for $450, JB welded the cracked 6cyl block and it runs great. The drum brakes are scary and front drums scarce. Put disc’s on mine and Planning on putting a SBC 700R4 in it.

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    • Urquiola

      Again, the AMC Gremlin is the type of car I’d like having installed a Mazda RX-7 or RX-8 Wankel Rotary Engine with its own Mazda transmission (I’d prefer an automatic), just to watch it run, and make comparative tests.
      Salut +

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    I owned a 74 Gremlin X with 258 three speed trans with floor shifter. It was a great little car. I added power steering from a junk yard hornet. Put a lot of miles on that car. Drove from Seattle down through Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma , Colorado, and to Provo, Utah before trading for 77 Hornet station wagon.
    I wish they would have given more information about running gear and options on this one. If I knew for sure the size of engine( I want a 304 v8) transmission ( must be stick) and I want a/c and power steering. If I find one with these options and the price is right I will buy it.
    God bless America

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  10. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Nice, but the 232 engine with automatic is just not enough. Plus a dent in left front fender, I don’t think so.
    God bless America

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  11. Wayne

    I first saw one of these at the Chicago Auto Show. (Annual trip for my Dad and myself) My Dad really wanted one of the original style AMXs to replace the Corvette that he sold when I turned 16. (If he had only known how many times I had taken the Vett out on a run when I was 15) But I really fell in love with the Gremlin. I told my buddy about it and since he was getting married and wanted to start fresh. He traded in his SS396 that was not laid for yet and even got money back. He got a Silver Gremlin X, that they named Malcom. If I remember correctly it had a 258 with a manual transmission. (Possible to have a 4 speed from the factory?) Anyway they had a blast with that car. I never owned one but have always wanted one. The larger bumper cars really killed the looks for me.

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  12. Jack Hammer

    I almost bought one of these (304) brand new. The reason I didn’t buy it was because it understeered so bad you had to pick your line 5 minutes before a corner.

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  13. Michael J Eads

    I had a 1973 Gremlin in 1977. It was an ugly green. My brother had to help push it up a snow covered hill in front of a police station in Bloomington. Traction on any road that was not dry was a problem. I have no warm fuzzy memories of this AMC pos.

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