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1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino Garage Find

1975 Ferrari 308 Gt4 Dino Garage Find

We all dream of coming across a Ferrari barn find, but most of us could never afford it even if we did discover one. This 1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino garage find could be an affordable alternative for the right person. This car is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is listed for sale here on eBay with bidding at $10k with no reserve!

1975 Ferrari 308 Gt4 Dino Garage Find Interior

The Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino is a 2+2 design with a mid-mount V8. It may not be the most desirable Ferrari, but they are starting to look more appealing as other models have skyrocketed in value. This car has been sitting in a garage for many years so it is going to need a lot of work. The interior is rough, but looks to all be there.

1975 Ferrari 308 Gt4 Dino Garage Find Engine

This is where this project could get really expensive. The seller claims that it was running when parked and that it only has 49k miles, but it is going to need some major service and that will not be cheap. This could be a good entry into Ferrari ownership for someone though. We just hope people do not bid the car up too high because we wouldn’t want to pay much more than where it is now.


  1. Dave Turnbole

    Carburetion is gone or at least dismantled, interior is shot and would need complete replacment, if it sold for 10 grand, as stated, it would take another 60 – 75 grand, depending on the rest of the car which we can’t see, how much needs to be done.

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  2. Barn Finds

    Good points Dave. We wouldn’t recommend restoring this one though. Maybe just service the engine, clean it up, and drive it. With excellent cars selling for around $40k, a full restoration couldn’t be justified unless you really love this car.

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  3. Patrick G.

    Damn. Just lookin’ at that motor makes me wanna check my bank account and make sure my money’s still there.

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  4. dalton s

    hey man all the carbs are there there just missin the breathers just zoom in on the picture

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  5. Michael

    At 10 it would be a good buy if it runs… there is always a reason why something like this car get parked and forgotten. And usually it’s not a cheap reason.

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  6. dogbreath

    Buyer beware! You better have a heads up on this one. On the other hand could you part it out on ebay and make some money?

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  7. Bar_King

    My Geo Metro has 310,000 on it and it doesn’t look that rough on the inside. It will need carbs rebuilt, engine seals, water pump rebuilt, timing belts and breaks (clutch wouldn’t hurt)… if nothing else was wrong with it.

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  8. Mark W

    I remember that those 308s got motor rebuilds at around 30k miles as a matter of course, for around $20 large. And that was on a car that was running and in otherwise good shape. Who knows what other drivetrain surprises awaits for the buyer of a Ferrari with a partially dismantled motor that hasnt run in years.

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  9. tkd

    a very tempting presentation. I agree with Michael – the only reason this was garaged was lack of funds on the owners part. A twenty or thirty thousand dollar “tune up” was regular maintenance back in the day. A great dream, but hang on to your wallet!!!

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