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1975 Porsche 911 Targa For $11k


Well this Porsche 911 here on craigslist in Florence, South Carolina went quick! But what could be the matter with this car to make it worth so little? He says the engine has been rebuilt and it was professionally painted. That 2.7L engine was the weakest of any Porsche engines, but if the cylinder studs were upgraded on the rebuild, the engine could be OK. It won’t start and the fuel injection could be expensive to repair. It’s old enough it is SMOG exempt in most states, so one could go to carbs instead. So, what could be so horrible about this car? It could have a bad rust issue or bad bodywork. It would be interesting to know why this was offered so cheaply, but at least it proves there are still a few relatively cheap 911s out there! Thanks to Jacob C. for finding this puzzling Porsche and sharing it.


  1. grant

    Can someone please explain “smog exempt” to me? When I asked my local DEQ, I was told that the idea of a vehicle being “exempt” after a certain time was an urban myth, and that in Oregon at least, the vehicle is held to the standards in place at the time of its manufacture, for the life of the vehicle. IE a 1980 vehicle must meet emission standards in place in 1980, etc.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Many States and Provinces require only cars newer than (for example) 25 years old to be smog tested. That means each new year we get another year’s worth of cars that fall under these mandates.

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    • MikeG

      I live 30 miles outside of Seattle and we are not required to be smog checked here.

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    • Dan h

      My Prius was “smog exempt” up until last year….then they decided hybrids were polluters too. Diesels also have to get smogged here. So, believe me, smog exempt is subject to change. Aarrgg damn you Kalifornia!!

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    • randyS

      I assume what he means is testing. Here is Georgia a car must always adhere to the emissions standards for it’s model year but state testing it to verify ends after 25 years.

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    • D. King

      Besides the comments others have posted, keep in mind that older cars have to meet older standards that are much less stringent. Our ’64 Porsche was never emission-tested in Texas at all, even though our other cars were. And our ’94 van test was much easier to pass than our newer cars. BTW, in some states smog requirements vary by county. The closer to a big city, the more likely there will be smog testing.

      Glory be, Arkansas doesn’t safety or smog test any cars at all! Funny thing is, I see much better older cars on the road here, at least in central Arkansas, than I ever did in the Houston area. Lots of classics on the road, but they generally look pretty good. In Houston you have to wonder who they paid off in order to pass. Ever see a “rent a tire” place? I have–there’s at least one in Houston.

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  2. RockabillyJay

    SMOG Exempt: Any car 1975 or older never needs to be tested for emissions in California.

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  3. Tom Hall

    Bosch K Jetronic – or variation – manual Fuel Injection, right? Expensive to repair now due to age/availability of parts or ??????

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  4. Dolphin Member

    I didn’t see the original CL listing, but the one cellphone photo above shows no real detail. The car could be a mess up close, and need bodywork and paint. That and the no-start say this car could need a lot of work. And then after all that you will still have a midyear 2.7, which are the least desirable of the early 911 cars. And Targas do appeal to a minority of 911 fans, but they are also notorious leakers in rain.

    $11K was probably all the money for this car in a CL ad, even in this market, and the seller might have known it.

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  5. Gary Hamilton

    Mass does not require smog testing after 15 years, My 200 Land Cruiser if free from smog test.

    I’m sure it would pass, even with 190k on it, the 4.7 V8 in that think is a great motor.
    Unless a cat clogs or goes bad she just runs & runs.

    I think the 75’s had the thermal reactors and magnesium cases which are prone to some issues.

    For years people shyed away from them, but with the PCar bubble everything is game.

    My 82SC 3.0 is likely to go 250-200 k with little but maybe some top end work.

    A friend of mine has a 3.2 Carrera with 260k, never had the motor open!

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  6. Three Pedal Steve

    1975 was the last non-galvanized body for the 911. Rust could an issue. This 2.7 L engine is a known problem child with its mixed metallurgy. 1974 2.7 L is a better engine. 1976 on bodies are better. So 1975 is the bad year for 911’s- bad motor and bad body.

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