1976 Camaro Type LT–What If?

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This 1976 Chevrolet Camaro Type LT, a tip sent to us by Pat L, would be the perfect car if only. If only what? Look below for that. In the meantime, know that this car is a 44,655-mile original. Of course, there’s lots we don’t know, but if all is as it looks, this is a bargain at under ten grand for a car that’s a dry-climate queen, being in San Diego. That’s where you’ll pick it up should you come up with the $9800 asking price here on craigslist, or find a way to work the seller down from where it currently sits. So what are the “if only’s”?

If only the history were known. The odo, as we all know, doesn’t have the extra digit that today’s cars do. Thus are we sure it’s 44K? How about 144? And what’s the story with the paint? It looks really good, but is it factory? There’s maybe a little bit too much shine for that. What’s the maintenance history, further? The seller mentions a new alternator, power steering pump, and tires. He or she doesn’t say anything about originality, or what might have done to recommission the car from sitting aside from those parts mentioned. Fuel system maintenance? Brake hoses? Was the car driven, if even a little, or has it been sitting? We know nothing on those topics. Add to that an AC belt that appears to be missing, and you’ve got a bit of a mechanical mystery on your hands. Is the seller’s assertion “runs great” enough for you?

If only the car were a year older. As a 1976, this Camaro is subject to California’s smog rules. I get it that those  controls have allowed people in LA to breathe unlike in the 1970s, but with this car, the new owner will have to smog check it every two years, and that could be an expensive hassle, and, really, unnecessary if the mileage is correct and the next owner tries to keep it in the low range by  putting only a few hundred a year more on. Surely there are enough Teslas out here to more than make up for this low-mileage carbon output?

If only its interior were as attractive as its outside. The exterior color is classy and compelling. The interior is cheap-vinyl-couch ugly. The shape of the front buckets, all squared off as they are, don’t even seem right for the car. And all of the interior shades are a dull fawn rather than the stunning bronze of the outside. But that aside, the car is worth at least a look because it’s so apparently unmolested. The carpet, steering wheel, and dash/gauges look nearly new. I do wonder why the trunk mat has to be installed for the trunk photo. What’s under there? If some of these “what ifs” turn out to be no-worry questions, this car is a heck of a bargain.

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  1. Stan

    5.3 & 6spd GM autoloader, leave the rest a stock look. 😎

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  2. Jimbo

    How about telling us what engine and trans is in this car, instead of a lot of what ifs.
    Thank you

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  3. BoatmanMember

    Are you having a bad day, Brian?

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    • SD Ulrey

      Sort of seems like it.

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  4. jrhmobile

    Looks like it’s gone. Didn’t last long.

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  5. JimmyinTEXAS

    Brian bought it… 👍

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    • Brian KAuthor

      No, he didn’t.

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      • JimmyinTEXAS


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  6. AceInSpace

    Not the original seat material.
    I don’t get the What if? I get What, like what is the mileage, but the word If is never in a sentence to get your point across. What if what???

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  7. 2015 2SS

    Outside, a nice looking vehicle.

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