1976 Mercury Capri: Hotted Up

1976 Mercury Capri Ghia

We’ve featured a few Capris in the past, and the general consensus is they were decent driving cars in their day. Today, these European-market Fords are tough to find in good shape, with many having rusted away years ago. This 1976 Mercury Capri Ghia is here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $5,500 (and the option to submit a best offer). Interestingly, its list of options includes several modifications and upgrades – starting with a 6-cylinder engine from a Mustang, along with disc brakes, limited slip rear end, upgraded sway bars and a Capri-specific body kit from Zakspeed, a German racing team and specialist in aftermarket parts. Supposedly, the aero components originally cost £1,500, so you could always sell it to recoup some of the purchase price. I don’t think this car is without its secrets, as heavily modified vehicles always tend to hide a few. I’d like to keep the kit and the wheels and convert the transmission to a manual for more of back-road carver than a straight-line racer, but that’s me. What would you do?


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  1. Mark E

    At first I thought this was a fox-body Capri but then I looked a bit closer. Wow, this is a really cool car! Depending on how it’s geared, I’d want to restore it and keep the auto for a long distance freeway trip cruiser.

  2. jimbosidecar

    Appears to have the 5.0 V8 from what I guess

    • Jeff Staff

      Thanks for the clarification – couldn’t tell from the ad which was correct.

  3. Bobsmyuncle

    I’m not familiar with these cars but I like what I see, sharp looking car.

  4. James

    Im wondering if number of cylinders has came up 6 due to it having been a 2.8 from factory. as jimbosidecar states he has it listed as a 5.0 302 which would be the v8.

    I would defo fit a manual and return the dash to standard with a original center console and Im sure I could get a nicer set of seats to fit. the 2.8s came with a nice set of recaro’s these would look much better in there.

  5. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    My love for Zakspeed-type Capris comes from living in the UK in the 70’s and watching them tear up racing tracks, then having Aurora G-Plus and AFX Capri slot cars like this one as my favorite cars to race. Other than the automatic and being on the wrong coast, this pushes all my buttons. Oh well. Can’t wait for this move to be over so that I can follow up on this sort of thing!

    • Jeff Staff

      Jamie, I still have a few of these AFX slot cars around my parents’ house. I loved those things.

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        So do I…and several Capri’s. In the “eventual garage” there will be a four-lane setup :-)

  6. blindmarc

    Wish I had the money for this one. 302 with a overdrive auto & a locker, no questions that this is a runner. Add a descent cage and let it rip. Just be careful with that locker, corners under any speed will send you drifting badly. Only one to top this is a scarab “Z” car. This is an easy low 13 second car, even with the little tires on it.

  7. blindmarc


  8. rustylink

    no thanks. He’s kinda ruined it as to what the Capri’s were all about. The front ends were already a weak point on these cars as it was and he’s tired of fabricating crap to fix it hence the sale.

    Adding a V8 changes the handling quite a bit over a nice tweaked Kent or modern 6. The fun was thrashing these things around with a light 6 upfront..not a beasty V8
    This thing will probably plow through a turn – but I am sure straight line it’s a hoot.

  9. Grant

    All the plastic more than likely hides rusted sills and or accident damaged front end!!! Over-powered front heavy with poor handling to boot. The original factory V8s were upgraded to take the extra power suspension-wise, to still give neutral to under-steering road manners. The auto box pretty much takes the fun out of it too!!! The rear end mounts may need careful checking out too, since the rear end may be showing cracks if the driver(s) abused it. The interior was not at all bad originally…..simple functional elegance for the period.
    Not at all bad cars….sporting cars at a budget price. I would be careful when thinking about buying it. Most of them were thrashed when new and then tarted up by boy racers in older age. Very few really good ones left that have not passed their sell by dates by miles. (Just looking at the interior wear I would say it falls into the thrashed and tarted up end of the market!!) I had a Cortina 3l V6….much the same car as my first car, so I know what I am taking about!!!!

  10. RickyM

    If this was in Europe I think that this would have been snapped up !

  11. blindmarc

    You guys are too anal. This a car to drive at a cheap price. If it breaks, you fix it then.

  12. Ian

    I have owned a stock 2.0s here in the UK for just over 20 yrs now and will never part with it. It’s a 1983 Mk III with the 5 speed box and easily bowls along ‘at legal speed limits’ all day long and with the great number of speed cameras and timed camera sections you don’t much more power generally . I got a lot of grief when I bought it as was derided big time but now a whole different view. No power steering but once rolling is sheer pleasure. This one is deffo tampered with as 3.0 was the biggest factory engine.

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