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1976 Mustang II Mach 1: Must Go


Barn Finds reader Frederick M spotted this bargain-basement 1976 Ford Mustang II Mach 1 here on craigslist, with a $300 asking price under the condition the car leaves immediately; otherwise, it has a date with the junkyard. What’s worth noting about this particular example is that it has the factory 4-speed, which might make it an attractive engine swap candidate depending on the tolerances of the transmission. Since the Mach I package on the Mustang II only offered 105 bhp, you wouldn’t be losing much if you chose to remove the standard V6. If the rust is truly surface only, this could be a dirt-cheap project for someone with the stomach for sourcing a new motor and doing a general refresh of all major mechanical systems. What surprises me the most is how decent the interior appears for a car this old and haggard – maybe it led a sheltered life until recently? For $300, I’d be willing to roll the dice and find out. Thanks to Frederick for this find!


  1. VeryVerySad

    This thing was a travesty, and still is. Mach 1? It won’t even go Mach .1.

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  2. Josh Staff

    It looks like someone wanted it! The listing has been pulled down. Hopefully it went to a good home!

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  3. JW

    Yep it’s gone, without even looking at it but by Barn Finds complete description just the parts would be worth the $300 if not more, they do have a hardcore following who would pay good money for original parts.

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  4. JW454

    I always thought of these as the cousin to the Pinto and could never get too excited about them… then or now.

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  5. Mark E

    A car that’s actually worth what it’s priced. That is if the scrapyard is offering $300 for it. The logical side of me says ‘careless’ – as in care less. Still the emotional side is hoping that a crappy old car has been saved…(sniff)

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  6. blindmarc

    Was in a car club in SoCal in the 80’s, and someone had one with a 351. It was a fun car to drive.

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  7. John

    These were not great cars on day 1, let alone today. It should be allowed to go to the great Mustang Club in the sky. $300 is charitable. Ease its pain.

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