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1977 Cadillac Fleetwood: Loaded Survivor


The rate of rapid depreciation among American luxury vehicles has always startled me. It doesn’t matter how good they get – after a certain point, the once-$50,000 Cadillac is suddenly cast to the back of the lot at a seedy car auction downtown, used-up by owners of increasingly lower means. Every now and again, however, a survivor emerges that shows just how good they can be if they’re loved. This 1977 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham here on eBay has only 18,919 miles and is available for $20,995 or best offer.


I can’t remember the last time I spotted a Cadillac of this era with the original hubcaps still intact. The color-matched centers really show just how detailed you could spec out your Fleetwood, and fans of “parking-by-touch” would have a hard time dinging the chrome on the rear bumper. Interestingly, it was originally titled to a father and son, with the younger owner just recently deciding it was time to send the Cadillac on to a new home.


Among the options they chose were the leather seating surfaces, recliner front seat, tilt/telescoping wheel and an “illuminated tachometer” – boy, GM sure did find ways to increase the price incrementally! With such low mileage, the wood trim (likely fake, but I can’t say for sure) and seating areas still appear as-new. No matter what your opinion is of domestic luxury brands, that interior looks seriously comfortable.


I have to say, for a car that cost big money when new, that is a wretched engine bay. Maybe I’m just used to the modern-day engine cover which actually hides too much, but this looks like a messy assortment of hoses, wires, cheap plastic trim and performance-strangling emissions equipment. I’m sure it runs like oiled silk, but the Cadillacs of today have (thankfully) moved the performance needle forward in a big way. Do you agree that this specimen is worth $20K?


  1. Avatar photo randy

    If this goes for 20K, I’ll know for sure the buying public has lost it’s ever loving mind.

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  2. Avatar photo francisco

    A hefty hunk of steamin’ junk.

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  3. Avatar photo Paul P

    Maybe the owner thinks its a Porsche…

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  4. Avatar photo Chebby

    A nice driver for $4,500.

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  5. Avatar photo Dan h

    Seems to be little respect for these cruise ships of asphalt seas. Nothing, I mean nothing’s as comfortable as these mid-70’s Caddi’s & Lincoln’s!
    Seriously, just look at that interior. You could just lay down on that front seat and sleep like a baby.
    Hit a speed bump at 35, can’t even feel it. It’s time for these Queen Mary’s of the road to get some recognition!!

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  6. Avatar photo Duffy

    It’s a beauty. Not worth the $20,000 dollar mark. If the seller had a more realistic price I probably buy it myself.

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  7. Avatar photo DENIS

    Abolutely gorgeous vehicle…not a Cad fan but the condition is amazing…it would have to be under $10,000 to tip me over. Deserves a loving home.

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  8. Avatar photo Mike S

    When you see the often insane prices being paid at the televised auctions, nothing surprises me. Someone will step up with $20k and love their purchase. Take a look at new car prices, $20k will get you a Nissan Sentra.

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  9. Avatar photo randy

    I like the Caddy, I had one a lot like it my dad bought new in ’85, a Fleetwood Brougham. The price is the insane part.

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  10. Avatar photo Mya

    The ’77s had the last good Caddy engine– the 425, basically a destroked 500/472. good build quality, the TH-409 (I think!) and surprisingly decent mileage as the engine was understressed. I would buy one in a heartbeat, but I agree the price is too high for today’s market. But someone will pick it up for sure. Also, iirc, the wood trim on these WAS actual wood…Caddy stepped up its game in the 77-79s.

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  11. Avatar photo jim s

    seller also has some other very interesting listings/vehicles for sale. great looking car that might make a good daily driver. but there are a lot of other interesting cars at the current asking price. great find.

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  12. Avatar photo Jim Marshall

    I was actually given a 1977 Coupe Deville that belonged to an old woman who could no longer drive. It hadn’t been driven in several years and she just wanted it gone. I had it towed to my friends rental property and decided to just part it out. I sold most of the interior parts, mats, trunk lid, front fenders, engine accessories, wheels, hub caps, brake parts and even had someone interested in the 425 but ran out of time as the landlord wanted it gone from his property. I sold what was left of it including the engine for $150.00 and all told got about 2 K for the parts I sold off of it. Not a bad find for just towing charges.

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  13. Avatar photo sparkster

    I work in construction and one day at work I had to move (slide ) a 5 ft x 10 ft. x 1 1/4″ thick steel pavement plate off of a trench going across a street. I hooked my Toyota “work” truck up to the steel plate and let the clutch out to slide the plate a few feet. Toasted the clutch and nothing moved. I asked my boss who was in 80’s if I could borrow his 74′ caddy for a minute. Hooked the chain up to the frame got in and stabbed the gas pedal on the 500 cu. in. V-8. And damn, that steel plate moved like it was sitting on rollers. No problem. I never told my boss what I used his Caddy for.

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  14. Avatar photo Ricko

    Yeah, sure, it’s pricey. But I reckon it would be awesome to go cruisin’ in.

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  15. Avatar photo Tom S.

    Is this car worth the $20,995.00 asking price? I dunno. But offering it on a no-reserve auction would show everyone the true value.

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  16. Avatar photo Donnie

    Put some of them cool 26 inch wheels and jack it up like a monster truck and paint a cartoon on the side of it and be cool. P.S. I think the wheels have to cost more than the car is worth /almost forgot the stereo / it needs to cost more than the wheels

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  17. Avatar photo randy

    It also needs to cost more than the house it’s parked in front of.

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  18. Avatar photo Ralph H.

    While it may not be a $20k car, it is certainly not a $5k car either..low mileage, impeccable condition, well optioned, a lot of car for the money…I’m not quick to jump all over a fine example that has survived all these years..to me, the care bestowed on this vehicle is worth something in my book..

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