1977 Chevrolet G20 Van: Shag Survivor


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If this van doesn’t catch your eye due to the exterior alone, then the interior will surely bowl you over. Listed here on eBay, this 1977 Chevy G20 is an artifact of the ’70s, complete with vivid exterior graphics and a shag-lined interior that would make the cast of Saturday Night Fever weak in the knees. These shorty vans were the best looking people haulers of their generation, and with bidding already over $10,000, the general public seems to agree. 


What’s ironic about shag carpeting is I’ve always found it pretty unsatisfying to touch. My dad worked in real estate growing up, so we’d spend Saturdays walking through foreclosed properties, and let me tell you: shag does not age well, especially where mildew and dampness are present. But you have to hand it to the seller of this G20 – he’s done a masterful job of keeping this van looking as good as it does, but with only 22,000 original miles, one would hope it would still be this fresh.


And there it is. The moment you’ve all been waiting for: a super-iffic ’70s couch clad in red fabric, shielded by red window curtains, and surrounded by red wall-to-wall shag carpeting. I’d feel bad for any ladies who stepped inside this van wearing a red cardigan or skirt, who would certainly find their eye-catching ensemble made immediately redundant by this awesome van.


This is an all-original Gladiator conversion with a matching numbers engine and barely any time on that incredible interior. If you’ve always wanted to own one of these but were put off by the aroma of previous inhabitants, I’d imagine this G20 still feels and smells showroom fresh. Of course, like all things in life, you have to pony up some dollars to own the best. Would it be worth it to you?

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  1. MountainMan

    These early bowtie shorty vans look so cool. Love the whole thing, five slot wheels, shagtastic interior and 70s paint scheme still intact and in impressive condition. I dont personally think I would choose this if I were dropping ten large on a vehicle today but I sure do like it.
    When I was a teenager in Atlanta my boss had a yellow Chevy van with the engine that came from his 60s Vette powering it. It was also graced with the wonderful shag carpet inside and Crager SS wheels with white lettered tires of course but no seats in the back as it was used as a work van and hauled pet food, bird cages and ass

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  2. Slim Chance

    No “blacklight” inspections.

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      Yeah, ick.

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    • Chris N

      That was my first though for this shaggin waggon

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  3. boxdin

    Love it ! I used to build these. This is tame compared to what we were asked to build. We made spy vans for govt, for Los Alamos we built the first two vans on site when russian space junk fell from the sky.

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  4. Benjamin

    I think it might have been inspired by Sammy Johns’ song, “Chevy Van.” It’s definitely a blast from the past. It would be fun to own–if I had $10k+ sitting around looking for something to do.

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  5. JW

    When I bought my first house in the early 80’s a neighbor kid had a 70’s Dodge van with the paint / shag carpet scheme on it. Talk about a party guy he drove it to Anchorage then flew up to Prudoe Bay to work in the oil fields. He was a Hippie type all the way but a fun guy to be around.

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  6. Kincer DaveMember

    I watched the video and I noticed a motor sound, sounds like a lifter tapping but hard to tell it might just be a slight exhaust leak.

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  7. Barzini

    This belongs in a museum dedicated to 1970s pop culture. It checks off a lot boxes for me.

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  8. Donnie

    missing the chrome side pipes / still love it

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  9. Chad

    I had a 70’s Dodge shorty that was kind of like this 15 years ago. When I totaled it insurance told me a bidding war to buy it ensued. Mine showed 88,000 miles on it but it had been flipped 3 times. Because it did not have a 6th digit everyone assumed because of the great condition it was 88k. I doubt people would have felt the same knowing it had 388,000 miles. It’s the only vehicle I came out ahead on.

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  10. jim s

    sold for $ 13100.

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  11. jim s

    nice that is a G20, has a short wheelbase, looks good and has low miles. but to nice for me as i would want to make a daily drive out of it. i hope the new owner has fun with this. great find.

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  12. Mark E

    Sold for $13,100. The flipper, uh, seller does not disclose that he apparently picked up the van in Minnesota which had WAY worse salt corrosion from the roads back in the ’70s. Maybe it was never driven in the winter? Seller doesn’t say, does he? That’s why I’d much rather pay the $13k to the original owner’s family and get some history, maybe period pictures, of this cool van…

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  13. Daytona

    So cool

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  14. krash

    perfect for the mobil tarot card reader…or hair stylist who does house calls…

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