1977 Corvette: Four Speed Fun

1977 Corvette

I’m not the biggest fan of the color of this Corvette, but with an asking price of $5,495, I think I could live with it! Especially considering it has a 4 speed, which should make it that much more fun. The seller doesn’t provide the exact specs of the V8, but states it’s a performance 350. I’m guessing it’s a base 180 horsepower 350 with a Holley carburetor and headers strapped on, which should bring power up a bit. I would want to inspect it closely to see what all has been done to this Vette. You will also want to check the body for cracks and the chassis for rust. If you can get the seller to come down a bit, this could make for a fun rolling project! You can find it here on craigslist in Chatsworth, California. Thanks go to Robert R for this find! So could you live with this tan colored Corvette?


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  1. I want it

    I have been in the market for a Vette. Wife doesn’t know about that part but…….. This car looks like an OK car with normal wear tear. The good: the NON EMMISSIONS CHOKED engine! And 4spd!!!! The bad: either it is me or that pass side front tire looks very very shoved back towards the rear of the wheel well?!!!!!!!! Anybody see that or am I seeing double? It IS cocktail time! The Ugly: body is kind of rough but it just opens the door to a few updates/upgrades and maybe Ford Focus blue?

    • George L. Correa

      I would pass on this one my friend. You can do better. I picked up a 1976 automatic 350 cu. in. in great condition, matching numbers from Sevenhills auto in Cincinatti..asking $13.9, out the door for 12K. Same color scheme. Buckskin in 1976, only 2945 made that year. keep shopping, deals are out there and in better condition buddy.

      • Tirefriar

        This thread is ancient but I’ll entertain you. There are two major criteria which makes this a better car than a 1976 and Automatic. The first is more important to California owners, as car was a 1975, making it smog exempt under California DMV laws. Put whatever lump you want under the hood with whatever modifications to intake/exhaust and simply pay registration fees without having the car inspected bi-annually. Second is more universal in that its a 4 speed. In my opinion its more desirable for a sports car, especially something as anemic as a late generation C3, to have a manual rather than automatic transmission. Just my opinion…

  2. grant

    I like these cars. I know they aren’t very popular, but I just love the big swoopy lines of these, the earlier the better. They can stay the least popular as far as I care. One of these days, I will buy one, and it will be cheap fun like this.

  3. jim s

    seller has limited their market because it will not pass smog. if you can tag the car someplace that does not smog 1977 models this might make a fun driver. i too think it needs a PI then make an offer. nice find

  4. Tirefriar

    There is more than one way to skin a cat, and so it is with smogging a non-smoggable car in califonia. Question is: Is it worth it? True, there were few of C3 built with manual trans. However, this generation of Vettes, especially the later years are inexpensive still (the seller is correct though – they are beginning to firm up especially the first half of the C3 model years generation). A very clean, smog passing C3 of similar vintage with a manual and a working A/C can be had for $10k or less. Cleaning up this car cosmetically and mechanically may cost just as much and you will still have a non-original car. This one is priced at least $1500 too much, especially given the fact that it will not pass smog and it will take quite a bit of work to get there. BTW, my son is going to college and has fallen for my E39 Touring which means I am looking for a daily driver. C3 manual with working A/C and current tags would be one of the cars I’d consider so if anyone wants to reach out…. I am in southern cal, only 10 minutes away from the seller of this Vette

  5. krash

    A very slow banana that seats two….

    good buy for someone

  6. joeinthousandoaks

    I really like these and the 78 anniversary/pace car editions. One would have to think they are the bottom of the price trend. Could be the next collectible.

  7. Barzini

    I also like the mid-1970s Corvettes but it’s hard to believe my 2002 Toyota Highlander SE has almost 100 more horsepower than this Vette.

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