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1977 Datsun F10 For $750!

'77 F10

Sometimes, for some reason, a designer/stylist feels or is directed to oversize components on a car. At some point, what one might have referred to as “unsightly” when new, becomes interesting just because it is so out of the ordinary. Has the Datsun F10 reached that point? Listed here on craigslist in Tucson, Arizona is this 1977 Datsun F10 for $750 or trade for another project. That does open the door to possibilities, now doesn’t it?

'77 F10 int.

According to the seller, there is virtually no rust on this car which is parked in Arizona. Is that (the rust) an imported item in Arizona? The seller says that this car is “super straight” and the glass and lights are “good”. Someone, it appears, has pulled one, if not both of the door speakers. We have posted all the images (3) that are with the ad. If you wish to see other images please contact the seller.

'77 F10 rear

Are you loving the over-sized taillights that complement the oversized front turn signals? Now, for what appears to be the reason for the low price point for this F10: “Needs rebuild, got moisture in cylinders, and hydraulic work.” Do I hear someone saying “blown head gasket”? The seller will take the $750 or trade for another project. Do you have another project you would like to “trade out”? Would you ain’t up the $750 for the F10 and drop some other power plant in? If so what, or would you just replace the blown head gasket?



  1. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Such a funky time for Datsun. Being a rear drive with manual transmission it will likely find a home. Lots of options for a different engine or repair the little 4 cyl it was born with. it would be fun to have just for the reason that you would not see another very often at all

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    • Avatar photo Blueprint

      The F10 was Datsun’s first fwd car over here, so not a rwd like the B210.

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  2. Avatar photo grant

    It would be dirt simple to fix the engine in this little car, and a shame not to. I love datsuns and they are mostly rusted away at this point. Nice to see one in nice shape. With that said the f10 is probably the ugliest datsun ever made.

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  3. Avatar photo Mark Wilson

    These cars were front wheel drive….just a side note: The clutch assembly could changed in about 30 minutes.

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  4. Avatar photo Mark E

    Ah, Datsun’s late-70s spaceship design phase! I really like these but if you want me to haul a car half-way across the country, it would have to be a nice, rust free 200sx! ^_^

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    • Avatar photo Scotty G

      That’s a beauty! It would be almost impossible to find a car like that now, maybe even in Japan, and then you’d be hauling it the whole-way across the ocean first before hauling it half-way across the country..

      It seems oddly coincidental that a car that’s located in one of the driest places on earth got “moisture” inside the cylinders.. when there isn’t even any rust on the body caused from moisture! (I know, but it just seems odd)

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  5. Avatar photo ron tyrrell

    The F 10 was an advanced design for Datsun he in North American, the power plant was pretty much a copy of a Austin Mini. You could do a clutch in less than 15 minutes as long as the fly wheel was marginal. It was all preformed from the top after removing the clutch cover and throw out bearing , take the clutch out of the top and replace it.m These little cars could be made into a mini performance car and handled quite well. Very few were sold so the people that are starting to collect 70 model Nippon autos this would be a great buy.

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  6. Avatar photo Jasper

    I’m one of the only people who will admit to liking the way these look. The little center stack cassette-clock combo is quite groovy looking. Very Weltron 8 Track player like. I think I referenced those about a Toyota Crown on another site. It may be more fitting here. All that said, I hope someone will be kind to this one and make it right.

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  7. Avatar photo Tyler

    That is sweet! And a steal for $750! Too bad it’s so far away from me…

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  8. Avatar photo Car Guy

    I remember my buddy driving to the ski hill, in this thing. Then I thought they were ugly, Jap scrap as I used to call it. But that car ran and ran and ran> we would beat on it and it never broke.
    The only weakness, was to never let them over heat!! with the cast block and aluminum head overheating was a good way to warp the head.

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  9. Avatar photo RoughDiamond

    I owned one of these in a blue color. It looked odd style wise with that rear hatch design, but was one of the best vehicles I ever owned. It was quick, very economical and a hoot to drive with that 5 speed and uniquely curved shift handle. This post brought back some great memories of a car I had totally forgotten about.

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  10. Avatar photo Brendon

    My parents bought one of these new in 1978. Like this, it was white, and theirs was a 4 speed manual with a brown interior. I still remember riding home in the back seat of this from Hoselton Datsun and its clunky rear seat lap belt. It was slow, yet my dad had to replace the brakes on it frequently. It had a hard life as it was subjected to upstate NY winters and got rusty.

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  11. Avatar photo Jim A

    My Dad bought a 76 F10 in White with 4 speed and sold it to me when I came out of the USMC. I drove it for a couple of years and had a blast with it. At that time gas prices were rising and this small car handled all my needs even though it looked funky. One 5:00am morning on the way to work after an ice storm on a back road a big car came across his lane into mine and I had to put it into a snowbank. At 45mph the car was airborne and flipped with a 180 degree front to rear twist and landed in between two huge oak trees. The fenders were fine and the only apparent damage was a dent or two in the door panels. How wrong this turned out to be. The frame was totally twisted and wrecked since it was a uni-frame design. The car although it had only 20k miles on it was junked. The insurance value bought me 1/2 of a 1979 Dodge Omni 4 speed no nothing except a radio.

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  12. Avatar photo Don

    My first car was a ’77 F10 that my parents bought new. Best car I’d owned until my Tundra. Virtually indestructible! Clutch replacement in 30 minutes without a floor jack! $10 to fill the tank every couple weeks, very useful in high school and college. Walked like a duck, quacked like a duck, drove like a Porsche. Poor thing just rusted itself to dust. The guy I sold it too literally dropped the engine and tranny on the ground when he bottomed it out in an alley. https://goo.gl/images/D33JX3

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  13. Avatar photo Mike

    My very first new car was a 1978 Datsun F-10! I paid $4,200 for it. I was 20 years old, in the Air Force. Loved it even though it had no a/c. Was light in the tail end,so it would hop if you took corners too hard! Great car though.

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