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1977 Porsche 911s: Cheap Runner?

Porscheleft rear

This listing here on craigslist is, well, unusual. At $15,900 it’s the cheapest running Porsche I’ve seen in a long time. But it was at $11,000 when I first spotted it and everytime I refresh the price goes up a little more. It was a Targa that’s been turned into a Cabrio. The speedo shows only 31,974 and it said to have been in storage since 1996.

Porscheright front

The paint is awful, but there’s no rust showing. Brakes are stuck and there’s reportedly a vacuum leak. Could this be a Porsche that is actually priced closer to what it’s worth?


  1. Avatar photo Allen Jenkins

    They should have left it a Targa that top is awful!

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    • Avatar photo Piloto Jim

      Possibly the Targa roll bar was damaged in a rollover.

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      • Avatar photo John

        No rollover, I suspect the Targa hoop ran away from embarrassment.

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  2. Avatar photo rusty

    Just subscribing to find out how a craiglist price goes up

    i am assuming he has relisted the advert a few times adjusting the price up

    or is there something new on Craigslist ( we don’t have Craigslist in general use due to Gumtree hold in our country so just curious )

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  3. Avatar photo hhaleblian

    Yellow turd. If the seller waits long enough he may get half asking price. They have barns in Naples Florida? I’d love to see one. Best barn is owned by Miles Collier. And that is one helluva barn.

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  4. Avatar photo Dave at OldSchool Restorastions

    Rusty…you can “edit” the C/L listing and just change the price

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    • Avatar photo rusty

      thanks Dave…unusual price going up. At least your craigslist is useful. Just getting a handle on overseas stuff we read on here.

      Just checked out our own Craigslist which does exist..only one page of cars in my city with less than 30 cars showing compared to nearly 25,000 on our Gumtree

      ironically half of those 30 cars here on Craigslist are listed located in America or japan and the other half are local and of those local ones i can see half of them are scams..including a car listed half price of the original seller from another site…within half an hour or less drive thats bold scamming.

      now I remember why I hadnt bothered using our Craigslist..Infact I had even not considered it a viable advertising medium here when I first got online in mid 2000’s. It definately never made it in Australia though Cracker was big here before Gumtree wiped it out and all others damn ebay take overs..wish Craigslist was a viable alternative here.


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  5. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    This one is far from original, has bad paint, plus an unusual way to annoy potential buyers: a price that keeps increasing. Maybe the seller thinks that someone will buy it before the price goes even higher. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    OTOH, the video of the engine running is good to have in a listing. Problem is, I can’t tell whether the engine is running right because these engines all sound bad to me. I guess I’m just not cut out for air cooled engines.

    Definitely agree with hhaleblain—the best ‘barn’ in Naples is the Collier museum. I was able to spend most of a day there and saw some of the most famous P-cars. I don’t know if it’s still open to the public, but it’s the best show of its kind this side of Stuttgart.

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    • Avatar photo Charles H.

      I agree with you Dolphin, on sounding bad, I think all boxer or flat engines sound like they have a miss or something.

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  6. Avatar photo rancho bella

    I’m sure some moron will come along and buy it. There is always a sap somewhere.

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  7. Avatar photo Mark S

    The top on this car looks like patch work you would find on a pair of work pant, and a 50 yard paint job.

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  8. Avatar photo gunningbar

    Not a fan of the Pee cars or the worship of them.

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  9. Avatar photo John

    There are so many things wrong with what you CAN see that I’d be scared to death of what you can’t see. The 1/4 thick yellow blanket can cover some pretty good nightmares. Too bad they didn’t finish it off with some pictures of its underside.

    Someone will buy it. It’s a Porsche. Maybe they could trade it for a Maserati Biturbo. We know where to find one of those.

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  10. Avatar photo Jasper

    Yeah, should’ve just been left a Targa. Wonder if there’s enough meat left to weld it back in and install the glass. Crap, then you gotta get all those damned seals! Truthfully, the top isn’t that bad but the RS looking bumpers and the 944 phone dial wheels all clash. And that door jamb paint!!! Might be passable with a decent set of bumpers and a cheap set of cookie cutters. Really piss the purists off and backdate it to a long nose cab with chrome steelies and hubcaps.

    These cars sound wicked when running well, which mine always did. I’m ticked because I sold it before the gold rush and will probably never be able to afford another. Great cars, built to have the livin’ s#it driven out of them.

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  11. Avatar photo Dougm

    yeah it’s butt ugly but it’s only 3 miles away so I’ve gotta get a 1st hand look at this one if he replies to my request.
    Will report back, send help if I don’t LOL
    and yes some of us do have barns here, Miles’s is the best anywhere!

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    • Avatar photo Brian

      maybe we should send help, he didn’t report back. LOL

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