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1978 Dodge Power Wagon: Adventurer-Equipped


This lovely 1978 Dodge Power Wagon survivor here on eBay comes from the dry, desert-like climate of Montana, and its seller proclaims the older couple that owned it treated the rig to a hoon-free existence. What he means by this is that the truck just served light duty throughout its life, not becoming a rock crawler or mudder in its 35+ years on the road. The Power Wagon is also equipped with the desirable Adventurer package, which is largely contained to cosmetic enhancements in the interior – which has survived well, save for a in-op radio, tear in the seat cushion and a collapsed seat spring. Easy fixes, for sure. There are some neat optional features, too, like the heavy-duty suspension, tool storage box and enhanced cooling equipment. The nearly $10K price in 1978 would equal approximately $37K in 2015, adjusted for inflation – which is still a bargain compared to the list price of high-end trucks today. Sign me up for a vintage Power Wagon!


  1. Avatar photo randy

    I’m gonna guess $7500.00, very nice truck. I’d prefer the 440 though.

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  2. Avatar photo dj

    I’m amazed at how you guys pick things to post on here.

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    • Avatar photo randy

      Really? This is a great find. Keep up the good work.

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      • Avatar photo dj

        Yeah, really. I’ve sent in several that were rare and never get posted. The number of these trucks sold in the South must have been high. I see them on the road all the time.

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  3. Avatar photo JW

    I’ve been looking for the right pickup and if this was closer it would be the one. My father-inlaw gave me his 78 powerwagon to use as a plow truck for our farm. It was a rusted POS but it plowed for 5 years before the springs went through the bed of the truck.

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  4. Avatar photo Tundra/BMW Guy

    Not sure what the second poster was referring to?!?! We have been down this road as to what is posted on this site. You can’t please everyone, all of the time.
    That is an awesome truck! Those things will pull mountains and then turn around and climb right over them!! As I remember them, they were absolutely bullet proof! Nothing like the tinker toys being made today. I would if I had reason to, purchase this in a heart beat. Fortunately my Tundra is 11+ years old and still going trouble free. So I cannot even think of a rational to put to the “Purchasing Department” (aka THE Wife) to make a move on it!

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  5. Avatar photo randy

    Hey dj, post a pic on one of your comments, we can all chime in on it. I am sure these guys get 100’s of these daily. I have never sent one in, but I am getting ready to, I found an ’85 Indy Pace Car in my dads garage!

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  6. Avatar photo Steve

    Awesome truck, well maintained. The cast crank 360 isn’t a high revver but gobs of low end torque. Their Achilles heel is the ammeter, like all old Mopars. Easy fix though. Just over $4k right now, a super good deal.

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    • Avatar photo Russ

      I owned a 1979 Trail Duster (Plymouth) mechanically much the same as this truck – and the same 2-way 2-tone colors. Bought it brand new in ’79, pretty well loaded, $11,220 was the sticker. 360 and a 4 speed manual. 10mpg in town, about 15 tops on the highway, and really not very much power for an engine that size. You mentioned the ammeter…

      In my truck the ammeter wasn’t working when I got it. Took it back to the dealer to fix. When I picked it up there was a big question mark on the work order. They claimed it WAS working, didn’t know what I was talking about. Well it was NOT working and I asked the dealer to just give me an ammeter and I’d put it in when I installed the stereo I was putting in. They gave me one. I put it in and still it didn’t work. That’s when I looked under the hood of my truck, and another like it. Under MY truck’s hood were a heavy red and black wire with male & female connectors. In my truck they were just connected together. In the other truck they went through the firewall! And under my dash were the same two kinds of wires, just hanging. Apparently somehow my firewall missed getting punched for the ammeter wiring (all Mopars came with ammeters then) so since they couldn’t connect ’em they just hooked the wires together under the hood to close the circuit and passed the truck down the assembly line. I fixed it myself, but talk about careless assembly…

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  7. Avatar photo Ed P

    Nice truck. No rust is evident in this old truck. Bring it back east to the salt belt and we can fix that!!

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  8. Avatar photo Blindmarc

    My best friend drives an 85′ 4×4 one of these. Even with only a 318, 14 mpg is the best he gets. This truck is very nice.

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  9. Avatar photo randy

    Sold cheap, $5100.00!!!

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  10. Avatar photo W9BAG

    Funny that you use the word “hoon” in the description. Being a lover of the English language, even I had never heard the word, so I looked it up on Webster’s web site. It is of Hindi origin, meaning “pagoda”. What, exactly, were you trying to say ?

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