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1978 Porsche 911 Targa: Garaged For Three Years, But…

Some cars just live a rough life. Maybe they were appreciated by some point by a past owner, and in the case of a “find,” they may be appreciated in the present, but in between — well, let’s just say that this Porsche isn’t the only car that has been abused, but it’s a prime example! You can find the auction where it’s being sold here on eBay and right now bidding has just passed $10,000. Yes, that’s right, $10k for this less than pristine piece of Stuttgart stuff. If you want to look it over in person, you’ll need to head to Brentwood, Tennessee.

The seller is one of those persons of few words. All we know is that they have owned the car for three years with the intention of restoring it, and that the previous owner kept it in their yard for 10 years. Needless to say, the car shows more than a bit of weathering. There are also some missing parts, at least from the pictures.

We can tell that it’s a Targa model, which for the .01% of you that don’t know means the car has a removable roof panel and a fixed rear window. The other thing we can tell from this picture is that the interior needs a lot of work! I’m hoping things like the door handles are with the car somewhere.

Here are some of the missing parts. No real details are given, though, so we’re not sure if all the parts needed are included.

At least one wheel is included! Since the car is on jacks or jack stands, I hope the other three wheels are included as well.

We’re told the engine turns over. Okay. I see a lot that concerns me, like the amount of corrosion on the air conditioning compressor and the duct tape on the ducts. I know that is the name of the tape, but I’d rather not see it on a Porsche–or any other car, for that matter.


  1. Classic Steel

    Oh boy another precious Porsche for sale!

    Anyone have a piece of bread shaped like Jesus or a Porsche to sale next?

    Remember when a project was actually a project car 😇

    • Pa Tina

      When I saw the first photo I assumed a $900,000 asking price. It is in pristine condition when compared to the others normally shown on BF

  2. Christopher Wenz

    Crack pipe.

  3. giorgtd

    Not only has the bidding exceeded $10k, but is – so far – RNM. Some things I just cannot understand.

  4. Phil

    Brentwood IS a VERY expensive neighborhood…….

    • Dolphin Member

      Steve McQueen lived there…a while ago. There’s a great photo of him and his cars in the very large ‘parking lot’ on his property in a book edited by his son.

  5. Dan

    Has anyone on BF actually bought one of these dilpidated porsches and brought it back to life? Was it worth it?

    • Pa Tina

      Two guys tried it. One starved to death and the other was poisoned by his wife. Stick with the mid-80’s Camaros.

  6. Mike juneau

    Tar gas are deceptively rust buckets. Water seeks its level and rotsout the unibody below so
    Usually requires extensive surgery. So that attractive stainless steel is covering the rather extensive rot below. Theunibody roy ensuing around the front of of where heart of the beast lurks. Hard to see the deterioration with motor in. To get any serious $$ the pinch weld on the perimeter of the floor pan must be whole

    • Simon

      Water seeks its level?

  7. Mike juneau

    Yes, flows down hill so unibody around unhinge front vounerable. 914’s suffered the same fate so closely inspectstraight down from Targa cover. I’m just trying to save a major rust replacement exercise. Look before you leap.

    • Pa Tina

      Mike- anybody who buys one of these Teutonic Iron Oxide piles deserves whatever they run into. I have always wondered about the technology Porsche used to form a giant pile of rust into the shape of a 914 or 911. Amazing stuff.

      • Loco Mikado

        Well I don’t think it was good old Krupp steel. That stuff is virtually indestructible. The Chrysler building in Chicago is built from it and it is far from a pile of rust.

      • Bullethead

        Ummm… the Chrysler Building is in NYC, not Chicago. But yes, clad in stainless sourced from Krupp.

      • Loco Mikado

        Oops, you are correct what was I thinking. Must have been a senior moment. Thanks for the correction.

      • Pa Tina

        Well that was pretty easy! Stainless steel doesn’t rust, hence the moniker “STAINLESS” steel. The building in Chicago formerly known as the John Hancock Tower has the exterior “X” bracing made from Cor-Ten steel. Cor-Ten is designed to rust to a certain point where it forms a protective layer thus preventing further corrosion and eliminating the need for painting the surface. That is also why Cor-Ten is used for many bridges.

  8. Jack Quantrill

    That one wheel is off a 2001 Boxster!

  9. Dick Johnson

    I saw a 911 like this one being used as a dog kennel once. Didn’t last long, and the dog usually refused to go inside the cab unless it was raining. He still got wet.

    • Pa Tina

      Good dog!

  10. Jubjub

    I brought one back from the dead. Albeit not as dead as this. It didn’t break me and it was worth it. Wish I hadn’t sold it just before it became a thing to have!

    • Pa Tina

      I have heard timing is everything. This is a target-rich environment should you decide to hop back in.

  11. skloon

    One careful owner from new, six really careless ones too

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