*Dog Not Included: 1979 Bombardier Bombi Snowcat

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Thanks to Barn Finds fan, Olaf E., for sending in the tip for this beautiful and rugged machine! This is a 1979 Bombardier Bombi Snowcat and it’s located in equally beautiful and rugged Centennial, Wyoming. It can be found on Craigslist when it’s not out on the trail. The seller is asking $12,500 for this tough tracker. *Dog Not Included…

052416 Barn Finds - 1979 Bombardier Bombi Snowcat - 2

Bombardier knows a thing or two about tracked vehicles of all sorts. Their tag line for this machine is “The Little Tough One With The Big Reputation” Well, ok, I guess they could maybe use a little work on their marketing pieces, but there is probably nobody who knows these unique tracked vehicles better than Bombardier does, at least in my opinion. I know that there may be a few opposing views on that. The Bombi will seat three in the cab with the driver in the center and a passenger, either human or canine, on each side on seats that fold up when not in use for extra cargo space. Even though the Bombi weighs an even ton it has low ground pressure because of the vast area of the tracks, up to 2,812 sq. in. with the winter tracks. The winter tracks have 23″ wide aluminum crosslinks as opposed to the 18″ wide steel summer tracks.

052416 Barn Finds - 1979 Bombardier Bombi Snowcat - 3

This one comes with a nice, custom trailer and a Warn winch. It only has 270 hours on it and it had a new exhaust system installed in 2015. The seller says that it “runs STRONG.” The strong-running part is a 1,600 cc industrial Ford 4-cylinder with 57 hp. There are 4 forward speeds and reverse and the Bombi is good for about 20 mph through just about any terrain that you can throw at it. It has a 4-foot turning radius which will come in handy when you’re breaking your own trail through the woods or steering around that yellow snow. The Bombi is 60″ wide and 102″ long so it’ll fit in the back of your full-sized pickup if you didn’t want to pull it on the trailer that comes with it.

052416 Barn Finds - 1979 Bombardier Bombi Snowcat - 4

Here’s a section drawing showing the unusual drivetrain layout of the Bombi, it’s probably similar to several other makes and models of these tracked vehicles. These machines have eight 4.8 x 10 inflatable tires and the seller says that these are filled with foam; you wouldn’t want to get a flat tire on a mountain top in Wyoming. Even though I can’t think of one reason why I would need one of these, that doesn’t mean that I can’t think of a hundred reasons why I want one! Could you find a use for this Bombi?

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  1. OA5599

    I could take a Shining to this.

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    • Pete

      Anyone know if this Bombi ever sold? Im looking for one. Thanks

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  2. Blindmarc

    Here’s Johnny!

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    • The Chucker

      Dang….you guys beat me to it. :-)

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      • Chebby

        Damn me too! I was gonna say, just the thing to head up to the old Overlook Hotel and check on those winter caretakers….

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  3. HoA Howard AMember

    IDK, give me the vintage Tucker any day with the Chrysler V-8. I’d think this would take all it’s got just to move itself, much less pulling a drag. New ones are diesel now in N.Woods of Wis. Neat find, though. ( btw, sure am glad THAT miserable season is over for a while, I’m going for a motorcycle ride in the Catskills this afternoon)

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    • JW

      I hear you Howard, the Mach1 is coming out from it’s long winter rest this Saturday for a veterans charity car show then I’m going to a White Sox vs Royals game Sunday. If I had this tracker and still lived in my country home I would throw a plow on it and clean my 1/2 mile driveway.

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    • Dave Wright

      Tucker’s are nice vehicles until you need to go around a corner. They are very limited in turning radius. This little guy will turn in it’s own length.

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  4. Olaf E

    I confess, I’m a fan.

    Scotty, this one had your name all over it!

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  5. redwagon

    Yes it’s cool. Yes it’s in pretty good shape. But it is very slow – even at 20 mph. No I could not walk that fast in deep snow. And as a late 70s machine, and having been around a few of them, my guess is that the cab is quite uncomfortable for anyone over 5’8″. It will take you just about anywhere but you had better have time, money and a flexible coccyx.

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  6. Francisco

    If you draw a circle around that dog’s right eye, he’ll look like Pete.

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  7. Jim

    Can anyone help me with information on a Bombi BR-100? I live in the great state of WY and can’t find anyone with information on this creature. To start off with I believe the Hydrolic tank is dry. but can’t figure out where to fill it.

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  8. Jim65

    Is it sold?

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