1979 Ford Mustang Laser II Roller

The all-new 1979 Mustang left the Pinto-based Mustang II in the dust. The 1974-1978 Mustang II served the OPEC Era but by ’79 it was time to reclaim the dreams of drivers young and young at heart. This 1979 Mustang Laser II in Bay City, Michigan awaits a new owner here on eBay where four potential suitors have driven the bidding to a lofty $153.50. This is a No Reserve auction, folks, so now’s your chance to own this vinyl-festooned pony car for less than the cost of the windshield.

Based on Ford’s Fox Platform, which debuted in 1978 with the Fairmont / Zephyr and underpinned a number of models through 2004, the new Mustang’s MacPherson strut suspension modernized its handling and created more room in the engine bay. While Ford produced Cobra and Indianapolis 500 Pace Car replicas with factory graphics, this “Laser II” may have been a regional or dealer-installed package. Most references to the “Laser II” come from locations within a few hours of Chicago. However I remember seeing “Laser II” Mustangs in Pennsylvania in the ’80s.

Though the K-Mart steering wheel and hole in the console came later, those fabulous houndstooth seats are all Ford. The abundance of loose wires suggests an electrical project or two for the new buyer. The interior shows hope of resuscitation but that carpet is DOA. A possible Hurst shifter sticking up through the console of this manual transmission Mustang suggests this car’s last owner had performance on their mind.

Ford offered engines of 4, 6, or 8 cylinders in ’79, options that promised a Mustang for everyone. This car left the factory powered by a 2.3L four-cylinder and later swallowed a 302 cid (5.0 liter, actually 4.9) V8. Someone yoked out that powerplant, leaving this first year Fox undriven since 1990. The nifty five-slot mags and raised white letter tires testify to that time-frame, helping to confirm the long hiatus. The value of a “Laser II” being questionable, this Four-Eyed ‘Stang could make a cool period car with a built 302 or 347 stroker, though numerous other swaps are documented on the web. For someone looking to get into Mustang ownership on the cheap, it’s hard to beat a ’79 to ’93. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Fox Mustang expert, and the Internet is full of Mustang forums filled with great advice. What do you think of this Laser-ific ‘Stang?

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  1. Tom Member

    He needs Austin Powers to try and help him sell this LASER!

    Or get a girl in a skimpy bikini with the car and put it on Vinyl Graphics Gone Wild !!

  2. Jeffro

    I’d rather someone point a laser in my eye and blind me, than look at this poor Mustang.

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    • Jaygryph

      I bet you’re fun at parties.

    • glen

      I hope your not a pilot.

      • Jeffro

        In my spare time, I fly a private plane for a billionaire who throws huge parties mid flight.

        Nah…just kidding!

  3. 68 custom

    I think the Laser II font screams ” I AM FROM THE EIGHTIES! ” A friend had one of these, a 79 I think and it was equipped with a straight six which was becoming a rare find by then.


    I never heard of these but I am in the market for a trailer and have used these Uhaul ones several times.
    Does anyone know where I can purchase one?

    • JW

      Steve I used to live near a junkyard that sold old UHaul trucks, I was in the market for a trailer and liked UHauls because of the easy loading and low profile with surge brakes. Well the junkyard owner told me UHaul would not sell their old trailers due to liability concerns and that surge brakes are not legal to use on trailers in all 50 states. He also said don’t try renting one repainting it and not bringing it back as they have hidden numbers and paperwork in the frames. We just rented one to haul our 70 Mach1 from Kansas City area to Detroit for the Woodward Dream Cruise and it pulled great for a 1800 mile round trip, too bad we went from 23mpg on the 2016 F-150 Ecoboost to 16mpg.

      • AMXSTEVE

        I guess i will have to find out who the manufacturer is then. they are nice trailers.

  5. MikeG

    Somehow I don’t think it ever pulled up in front of Studio 54.

    The appearance packages rarely ever fooled me into thinking an otherwise boring, gutless car was anything more than that.

  6. Gearheaddropping

    I remember seeing these when they came out here in Detroit. Oh, that 80’s space font!

    • LAB3

      Not sure on the 80’s font, looks more like 70’s Atari to me.

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  7. F.A.G.

    It looks like there is a box of pop tarts on the front drivers seat. I wonder how fresh they are. I need to know to make an appropriate bid.

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  8. Paul

    I grew up in Chicagoland. Definitely remember that LASER II logo. Takes me back. Didn’t realize it was just a regional thing.

  9. Milt


  10. CCFisher

    Why “II”? Was there a “I”?

  11. Mike

    I can remeber seeing some kind of kit, you could buy, to dump a 460/C6 into these cars….many moons ago

  12. Mike

    I can remember seeing some kind of kit, you could buy, to dump a 460/C6 into these cars….many moons ago

  13. whmracer99

    A decently straight and rust free body that’s old enough to be emissions exempt — the world is your oyster. As mentioned, there are huge numbers of options open to the next owner for everything from suspensions to drivetrains to body mods. Don’t see the Laser II styling being a keeper but you could have a really nice daily driver for under $5K if the price remains below $1K on the chassis even with a pretty minimal skill set. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not plug-and-play but pretty minimal work required vs. most of the others we see here.

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  14. Steve

    Coming from someone with profound love for all things foxbody, this is hideous.

  15. EJB

    Transplant a Coyote and a 6 spd.

    I know…. that’s my answer to everything

    • whmracer99

      Don’t think the taller/wider Coyote will fit without major mods to the strut towers, etc.. IIRC there’s a complete bolt-in suspension package for those who want to mount a Coyote or insert an older big block that allows you to cut out or smooth the towers for the added clearance. Would be one hell of a package with a Coyote mounted in it.

  16. Charles H.

    The ’79 was actually available with the 5.0 V8, it was the next year, 1980, that the V8 choice became the even less powerful 4.9 V8. I’m thinking that the 5.0 was not available again, until ’82, and with a bit more horsepower.

    • Steve

      Actually, it was a 4.2. 4.9/5.0 same thing.

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      • Rocco

        You are correct. I think the 4.2 was a 255ci. that has it’s own eng. bolt pattern. 289, 302, 351W & C have the same block bolt pattern. A 255 is all by itself. The bell housing in this car has the 302 style bolt pattern.

    • Mike H. Mike H

      People often lose track of the conversion from metric to imperial values, with the rounding and whatnot. 302 in³ converts to 4948.89 cm³. Properly rounded, that would be 4.9L and not 5.0L, but the marketing types at FoMoCo either liked the sound of “Five-Point-Oh” better, or they hoped to remove confusion between this and their inline six-cylinder truck engine of 300 in³ (4.9L).

      See, here’s the interesting part:

      Ford’s development of the 302 coincided with their desire to compete in the SCCA’s Trans-Am racing series, and came in at this size specifically for the express purpose of meeting the homologation guidelines to compete in the SCCA Trans-Am series, which limited engine displacement to 305 C.I.D. (5.0L) in order to compete (similarly, Chevrolet developed a 302 for the Z/28 Camaro for this very same reason). This motor was INTENDED to be <5.0L, so it's always been amusing to me that Ford would come along later and tout it as a 5.0L.

      • Rocco

        Ford was competing in SCCA Trans-Am racing with the 289HP in the B-Production and A-Sedan classes ’63-’67. And kicking ass as I remember.
        I can’t ever remember GM referring to the Z-28 302ci eng. as a 5.0L in a badge or advertising(maybe in ’82). I think Ford first used the 5.0 badge on the ’79 Mustang.

  17. SSPBill

    What I really like about this site is it gives my little search projects on the interesting or obscure. So with no further ado…


    I will leave it to each of you wheather or not you believe the story but it’s a good leason to always look past the strip package. Even the Mach I was just an appearance package. A lot of other boxes need to be checked on the order form to get a fast car.

  18. Mr.B

    @whmracer99–not emissions exempt in the peoples republic of california!

    • whmracer99

      My condolences. Think everyplace else is emissions exempt after 25 years.

      • Cattoo Member

        I think in Oregon 1974 or prior is exempt from emission controls but 1975 through present day motor has to pass the D.E.Q. (Emissions alaphbet agency).

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